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This SIM is brilliant. I didn’t expect much from 5cm but it’s more than enough. It provides enough support so you don’t sink through it.In retrospect, I might have gone for the 3cm version and I’m sure I’d be as happy. However, the difference in size when rolled up is insignificant so might as well get the extra 2cm of padding.Speaking of size, these are pretty big when rolled up, but I don’t know what I expected when the dimensions are clearly stated on the Vango website. It’s 66cm by 22cm.


Bought this for our campervan, its slightly too wide but it tucks down the side with a push. Its very easy to inflate infact we end up squeezing some air out. The valves work a treat and found it very easy to deflate, first by folding it to remove air before finally rolling it up, again the valves working brilliantly after reversing them. Used it for 2 weeks so far . Would recommend


I used this in a campervan, I put it flat on the bed, opened the two valves and left it to inflate, after a very comfy night I opened the valves and rolled it up.


Bought as a secondary mattress for rock and roll bed in our T5 camper. Super comfy and takes up little space when deflated and rolled.


Very warm and comfy as can be considering it’s depth and size. Please overall


I'm 130kg, sleeping comfortably on it. Thumbs up ?


Great product, very affordable and fast delivery


First one I used and major difference.


Litlle bit to small,but good


Very comfy
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