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On a cold Friday afternoon, I had come home from school. I had been thinking of the gym all day. I was hungry, didn't have any lunch. In fact, I didn't eat because I spent the money. For the past month I was saving up for something. Something special which I bought at GNC. I was surprised they didn't ask for ID; I was pretty sure the cashier noticed how nervous I was. Anyways, my mom asked my how my day was when I got home, but I ignored her. I have more important things to do. I run to the bathroom and unpack my bag. In my school bag is a white plastic bag from GNC. I open the bag, first removing the receipt and flushing it down the toilet to get rid of the evidence. My heart was racing now.I unpack the creatine monster from the bag.I wonder what people will be asking me when they see that I will be 50lbs heavier. Should I say I was just eating a lot? I remove the label from the tub and tear it into a thousand small pieces. I flush that down the toilet, too. It is time now. I run up to my room when my mom ask me what I am holding. I panic, sweat drips down my forehead and my teeth chatter. "Mom, it's just for a school project". "What project?" "I don't know mom I just started it!". A tear runs down my cheek. I run upstairs and open the creatine, scooping upservings into a clear water bottle. What have I gotten myself into? I fill it with water and drink it. There is no turning back now. The creatine monster is inside me now, it will control me. What should I do if I die? I cant let my family know about this.I open the creatine tub and throw it all out the window; a white cloud of mysterious dust sparkles into the wind so graciously. I feel the substance taking control of me; I am now the monster. I walk downstairs, its time to work out; time to get big. Now I worry, I don't want to get too big; people will think I use steroids. I do use steroids. No I don't. Creatine. All I see is the weights now, I am almost downstairs when I hear "Do you want a cookie I just baked". I know I do not have time for this **** now. "No mom I do not want a cookie" I walk in the basement and drop to my knees before the weights, tears running down my cheeks. I turn to the right and look at myself in the mirror. Oh god, what have I done?
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Based on the taste the water melon is really refreshing, for the last year I have been training with a personal trainer, doing weight training twice a week and cardio sessions at the gym 3 times a week. Over the 1st 10 months I lost 5st, now the weight loss is slowing down but I'm still getting smaller in size. I have been advised by my personal trainer to buy this being that I am now in the next phase of my training, this will help my muscles. I've only been using it just over a week so too early to tell what difference it makes, I have 2 scoops in my water whist weight training and 1 scoop in my water when doing my cardio.Everything else my personal trainer has advised has worked and been better for me so thought I would try this.
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I do shift work for long hours, and workout 3-4 times a week; so - lifes a little stressful (Hench high cortisol production). We all know glutamine and protein are good for the immune system and muscle building. So I read-up and discovered BCAA, fell for the hype and started taking this stuff........and not feeling the power guys. So try if you like - I'm still taking it as it has some effect; but I'm still looking for a protein power that is going to allow me to workout regularly - year round - without my immune system collapsing with colds and flus; this is not it!


nice! very good drink to have with you when working out, i usually use a 1litre shaker and keep 1 scoop of this, they are a good value compared to others which i have seen on here. Bought them many times and i would again. helps speed up recoverytime, i think i have been using bcaas for close to a year nonstop now. they are a staple to my nutrition especially being in a deficit. retain what muscle you do have, dont let it get eaten by your body


I'm not an expert in how good BCAA is, my coach recommended it and so I bought it. I wish I knew if it was having some super effect on my muscles but I have no clue if it's that, my diet, the protein or a mixture. However, the watermelon one surprised me and I like the taste of it. It isn't too artificial tasting or sickly. It mixes well and I would buy it again.


Great product by USPLabs I used this product during and after my workouts. Their is a lot of crappy BCAA's supplements out their but this is defo NOT one of them. The only problem with this product its comes in a big container with only half of it full with BCAA's so that's the only problem with this product but overall great product....


Always delivered quickly, good quality BCAA's.The taste is sweet but that is defnitely preferential to the taste of BCAA's!Have been using for about 6 months and have seen overall gains in strength but the main beauty of BCAA's is the reduction of muscle soreness the next day, these work a treat.


Great product! Used many others but the quality of this product is awesome! Blue raspberry is the best tasting in my opinion however watermelon isn't too bad. Use this pre workout and throughout the day when I'm busy. Will be buying again that's for sure!


Very tasty unlike other really bad taste products like Sci-MX range! This is an Excellent Product, indeed!. Prevents Muscle breakdown! Happy with the product. Definitely recommend it as I have been taking it for more than a year.


Awesome intra workout drink taste good well priced per servings only down side is it's a little disobedient when it comes to mixing but does mix eventually! But dos t put me off one little bit


I will definitely be purchasing this product again! It seems to do the job and even tastes nice too! It mixes pretty well in a shaker bottle which is handy if you mix it whilst at the gym.


This is simply the best BCAA you can buy. I take this during training and you can notice the difference. Recovery time is improved, more stamina when training, lift heavier & get bigger!


Perfect product been using for 3 years on and off, helped me a lot bought this at gnc at first then found it on Amazon amazing flavour bought this because it's caffeine free


Great tasting and if you read enough of the reviews of Branch Chain Amino Acids you will understand the benefit of taking it.A great supplement but maybe a bit overpriced.


The watermelon flavour is AMAZING. If you love watermelon PLEASE get it! I'm a swimmer and i get brilliant results from these BCAA's. cannot fault it :)
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