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This is the second type of protein shake that I have every purchased, after previously using Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey. At the same price of £25, with USN's Muscle Fuel Anabolic I get twice the quantity of powder I used to get, for the same price, which in my opinion is great when you're buying this stuff regularly. However, one may think that being twice the quantity for the same price, something must be wrong with it, or it must be 'cheaply' made in some way. I'll be honest, this is not the greatest protein shake out there, but I think for the price you pay, it is very good value. To save you reading through a bunch of text, I've listed all the pros and cons below:Pros:- Large quantity for a low price,meaning people on low budgets like me can afford to buy it regularly.- The Chocolate flavour which I bought tastes quite good, not too sweet, not too bland.- Includes Creatine, and a mixture of good mass gaining ingredients, good for people trying to gain weight. I have gained 2.1 pounds in just over a week which is great.Cons:- The powder's refinement isn't very good. Unlike my previous protein shake, the powder in this tub is VERY fine, like icing sugar. When making a scoop it gets everywhere, all over my hands, around the rim of the tub and often over the surface I'm using it on. You have to be very steady when using it, and even breathing on the powder makes it blow everywhere.- Mixing with liquid is not good either. The tub recommends to use three scoops, but a standard protein shaker cannot hold this amount. I use two scoops myself with 600ml of water (my shaker's max limit) and I still get lots of little bits that don't mix in well at all. Three scoops in my opinion is way too much and would leave you with a thick, clumpy mixture. Or, you would end up having to use so much water that you'd feel too bloated. I'd recommend using a bit more water than you normally do, and/or taking half a portion before a workout and half a portion afterwards (to complement for the creatine and to reduce bloatedness). The clumps left in the mixture where it doesn't mix well aren't too bad however, they are very small and don't require anything to the extent of 'chewing' the shake :POne thing I'd just like to point out to anyone reading is that this is a mass gainer, not a standard protein shake. You should only use this product if you intend on gaining weight and muscle mass, not if you are trying to lose weight and put on muscle for example. It has not been designed to be specifically low fat or low calorie, and should be taken with care. Personally, I think three scoops is a bit too much, and I only go with two. Unless you are really trying to pack on the pounds, then you don't want to be taking too much. Also, taking this product without doing the workouts will make you put on weight without muscle, so do stick to your workouts and you'll be fine!
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I have tried numerous shakes/ supplements so i'm not a 'noob' when it comes to these things and the gym.First off im going to break this product down into three categories; value for money, presentation and effectiveness.Value for money- there are alot of mass gainers and standard issue whey shakes on the market, most of which are alot cheaper on amazon than in retail stores. So when spoiled for choice sometimes its easy to get caught up in hyped up labels or exaggerated statements made by companies trying to stand out of the crowd for consumers. Enter muscle fuel anabolic. Its a 4kg tub (been reviewed, does come in smaller size) and inside are three bags and a muscle fuel bar nicely thrown in by usn.The bags themselves are relatively full however here is the catch, for this product to be effective you need 3 scoops (150g) of the product as one serving. The container states 2-3 in some cases but its still highly effectivw if you follow the 31 day challenge on the tub and take it at least once daily. Still in doing this even as an easier alternative to the 2-3 servings a day, the product does run out quite quickly, i think the most i lasted with one a day was about 2 weeks and a bit. For the price it is relatively not worth it in the sense of how much you get however there are other reasons its worth the price tag which i am about to mention.Presentation- the tub and packaging is near and very informative. The tub contains all you need to know including serving suggestions/ guidance, nutritional advice and information on ingredients. The powder itself mixed relatively well in a good shaker and blender but do NOT attempt to mix this with a fork/ spoon on days you're rushing because it will not end well. A downside is how thick the end result is with shakers but the taste of banana and strawberry is great.Effectiveness- its a good supplement that boosts energy through creatine and a carb matrix, it also provides 53g of protein per serving so it packs a punch nutritionally and in the gym. I have notices a bit more 'lean-ness' to my physique and find it is a great supplement for recovery as my time needed to recover is drastically shorted whilst taking this. All in all a great supplement for the amateur or pro gym goer. Give it a go.
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I've been using this powder for almost a month now, and am beginning to notice gains in muscle mass. I'm usually in the gym about 3-4 days a week, and always have a two-scoop shake after a workout. I find that, like other reviewers, having three scoops amounting to 55g of protein to be a bit overkill, especially considering the large quantities of carbohydrates and sugars contained in this powder. The powder is 36% protein, and in a two-scoop 100g serving, you will be taking in over 50g of carbohydrates, which is good muscle fuel especially if you're training for an endurance event. Also included in this serving however is 17g of sugar, which eats significantly into the daily allowance.You can taste it as well, the flavour I bought, chocolate, has a distinctive sweet taste far more noticeable than previous "recovery protein" products I have tried.Due to this sugary influx I have been made to watch my daily sugar intake to ensure I don't end up diabetic. In a way, it's been good for making me pay more attention to my diet, however it must be stressed that there are a large array of other products available which contain significantly lower amounts of added sugar.I am considering trying other brands once this tub has run out, but for the time being I am pleased with the quick results for someone who has not seriously worked out in the gym for a couple of years. Each time I go back into the gym I feel fresh and stronger, and this is partly thanks to the creatine added.I also received the free USN 400ml shaker with this purchase. As it was free, there is little room to complain, however if you are one to have a three-scoop serving, then its 400ml allowance will probably not be enough. My two-scoop servings just about fit into this shaker; the thickness is noticeable, but it is still drinkable. That said, you get a metal ball which breaks up and mixes the powder with no problems at all. Overall however, you're probably better off getting a 700ml shaker.
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I've been on the gym scene for around 3 years now, i have tried many different products; variations of creatine + protein stacks and tried many individual products like creatine mono-hydrate, creatine ethyl ester, whey isolate, amino acids...im going to stop naming products now, the point is i have tried many products. An expensive mistake. Although i have had mediocre results in the past with these products they all have one thing in common, budget prices. Now I'm not made of money but the fact of the matter is if you want a good quality product you have to be prepared to pay for it. USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic provides the quality i was looking for in muscle gains and post exercise repair.I'm not naive, it is an expensive product compared to some of the products available on the market, however 4Kg is not exactly a small amount for your money, i have been using it for a little over a month now and have noticed considerable gains. These include, power, strength and stamina. In just over a month i have raised my 1 rep max from 135kg to 145kg, also I'm feeling more active through out the day, I'm taking 2 shakes a day with two scopes in each shake. Also on the plus side you feel so full after each helping :DTo summarize the pro's and cons i have found:ProsShort time period gains: Power. Strength. StaminaFeeling more awake and activeVery nice taste. No lumps (those who know what i mean....so smooth) Chocolate is great, my pal also brought the vanilla one which is also very nice :)ConsFairly ExpensiveCreatine means more water must be taken (Not really a bad thing just leads to more toilet trips)Final note:A great product which i will continue to use in the future, but remember the product doesn't do the lifting you still have to work hard, don't expect to do half hearted sessions and see amazing results, push yourself and remember with this product you will maximize the gains of each workout.
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Was very sceptical about spending what I consider a lot of money for the big mixed flavour bucket, decided after reading reviews I would have a go .New to workouts, purchasing a multi gym during Covid lockdown to try remain fit .I’ve taken 2 drinks a day , purchase the mixed flavour tub and I must say , all the flavours are superb , not too sweet like I anticipated , I’m currently on day 19 of my set workout , just 1 hour per day mon-Friday , stretching to 2-3 hrs a day ate weekends,This USN powder is awesome, my wife and family already noticing my bulk in shoulder back and bicep muscle growth . For somebody new to exercise , keeping fit and at 51 year old I’m blown away by how my body is shaping up .It mixes so easily,tastes fantastic just with water alone, I tend to make the night before and store in the fridge mixed and ready to go. When I worked out how many shakes I get from the tub it’s approx £2 per shake.Considering this tastes almost identical to your favourite burger fast food restaurant milkshake, but the usn version is packed with vitamins and nutrition that’s actually food for you and delivers amazing results, I consider it not only a cheap purchase but a much much more healthier option .I have just tried the usn protein bars, again one of the highest protein supplying bars on the market, great pricing again from USN, and astonishingly good flavour, the other branded wartime hand bomb type , they do not come close in protein supply , nutrition or flavour .So far 10/10 to USN ,I’m fully optimistic and looking forward to trying other USN products , currently considering purchasing the ore- workout powders .
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Although I'm not new to the protein shakes game, I haven't purchased any of the USN products before. This came highly recommended, and I initially purchased a two-week supply as a bit of a "tester". If you're into thick, chocolate shakes, THIS is the product for you! Not only does it contain a reasonable amount of protein, it also contains various vitamins AND added creatine... Which is admittedly a relatively low dose (insofar as creatine goes) but it's still an added bonus, making the whole product well worth it for the price.As far as servings go - the recommended "three scoop" serving is ridiculously high, and presumably a bit of encouragement at getting you through the tub,so you bounce back and buy another. It's literally so thick that three scoops with 500ml of milk makes nearly two pints of liquid, which is FAR too much to gulp down in one go. I found the best method was to split it into two servings, before and after the gym. I use a smoothie maker (I got a cheap, £15 one off Amazon) and use 1.5 scoops to 400-500ml of semi-skimmed milk. I throw in some chopped fruit (either half a banana or some blueberries and raspberries) along with a tablespoon of flaxseed for natural fats and oils, and bam! 1 pint of tasty, thick, chocolate shake with protein, vitamins and creatine. Have one before and one after, and you'll be feeling the benefits in no time!I've tried a number of protein shakes - Holland & Barrett's own brand, Optimum Nutrition's Standard Gold and MyProtein.com's own brand - and the USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic is hands down, the thickest, tastiest and best - for flavour and content.
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I first bought USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic about 18 months ago when I was looking to bulk up and found it very effective - the suggested serving size of 3 scoops in 600ml of liquid is very large - almost too much to fit in a standard size shaker - so I tended to stick with 2 scoops and less liquid, and just had 2 or 3 shakes per day depending on my training routine.Using this supplement I went from 13st 5lbs to 14st 6lbs over a period of months and was very happy with the results. Obviously you need a decent diet and training plan but with everything else in place, this product will definitely help achieve lean mass gains if taken as directed.Probably the best thing about it, though, is the taste.I've tried a huge range of supplements over the last 10 years and can safely say that USN have nailed the flavour aspect perfectly for me. I'm not a fan of chocolate or banana in general so I've only tried the strawberry but it really does taste great which is important when you need to consume quite a lot of it to achieve your bulking aims.In fact I liked the flavour so much that I've not bought anything else since, even though I've gone through several cutting phases and currently am just maintaining my weight - despite being advertised as a mass builder, you can just lower the serving size and use it however you want.By way of a personal endorsement I have just today ordered my 6th consecutive 4kg tub. Currently at £47.99 it's less than half the RRP price you'd pay at GNC or other high-street store which is a real bargain, working out at just under £12 per kilo.
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Okay, so I am an 18-year-old guy, 6'2. I think it's important to say that before using this protein powder, I used the gym to lose weight beforehand, because this product does NOT support weight loss, so if you have some excess fat you want to replace with muscle, do not go straight onto this product, lose the weight first.I cut myself down to 170lb from 190lb, and I have now been using this product for two months, and I am up to 180lb with a definite increase in strength and visible gains, I've had comments from friends and family on the size I put on. I started out with two scoops after a workout, and another two scoops on rest days, and after the first month upped it to three scoops after a workout and two scoops on rest days.The product is exceptional, as mentioned the gains are outstanding for my first protein shake, and what makes it better is that the taste is phenomenal. Strawberry can be very hit-and-miss, especially for protein-based products, but this is simply delicious, my workouts are made even more worthwhile because at the end of it I get this treat as well as the nourishment. However, I do have a serious sweet tooth, so perhaps Strawberry would not be for those who don't like too much sugar, but it is delicious either way.Mixes well, tastes great, probably the best protein powder you can get for such a low price, and the results are second to none. 10/10 all the way, would highly recommend, to newbies and gym veterans!
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After desiring to get in shape since summer of last year ive been training for a good few months now and ive done lots of research on dieting and such. Ive tried a few maximusles and they were okay, but what attracted me to this was that a good dose of creatine was also in this. Bought this 2kg tub at the start of Feb and got a good 2 weeks left of it from now. I got vanilla and the taste, I found, was perfect; I could guzzle it down for enjoyment if I wanted. Im an 17 yearold male and at the start of Feb after a bit of cutting I was 65kg, now at the end of March on this MFA Im getting onto 74kg, and hardly any of that extra weight is fat!Literally amazed with this product and have made gains both mass and strength in all departments of my body.I took it at first 3 scoopings a day for 5 days and then took maintenance of 1 and a half scoops (recommended a full 2 scoops but I dont feel thats necessary). Also made sure I maintained a healthy diet because it would be pointless not to. My advice to anyone using this regularly is DRINK WATER. Due to the creatine in here it will mean your body will require a lot more water, about 3-4 litres a day. Dont worry if you get less than that for a few days though I havent experienced or heard of any dehydration issues from anyone, but its not advisable to.Hope anyone that tries this product experiences the same benefits I have! Great product, will 100% be buying a bigger tub next week.
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I have been using USN muscle fuel for several months now and I am pleased with the results. The taste is very plain, but that's probably a good thing because it still doesn't make me sick after half a year like some protein shakes after you use them every day for a while. The size/price/what's in it ratio is in my opinion really good compared to other products, you pay about £13/kg on the subscribe and save which is pretty good I would say. The packaging is also good, you get a bucket with 3 sealed plastic bags inside, so if you have to stop exercising for a while it doesn't all go to waste also it doesn't age as much, because you open just one bag at a time instead of the whole lot.I have noticed considerable gains, they are not olympic levels but I don't exercise as much as I could due to work&study commitments and I also swim a lot. Friends and family have however told me that I look much bigger, bulkier and have more defined muscles than before. I feel that the using the product gives me more energy, endurance, faster recovery and muscle growth and that's what I want from it. Trying several other products before, I now stick to USN muscle fuel because of it excellent/value for money and I feel it does the job well. Overally I can recommend the product and I am very happy with it.
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The Good:1. Compared to other protein powders, this is very cheap. £25 for just under 2KG is very good and is one of the reasons I purchased this product over others.2. Overall I have noticed gains in muscle mass while using this protein powder, so I have no complaints in terms of it doing what is required and what I purchased it for.The Bad:1. The taste isn't great. I have used other protein powders in the past and I would have to say there are much better products taste wise. I feel the product is too sweet and doesn't mix as well as some other powders out there, which creates a bad texture when drinking. However, this is not a deal breaker as it's definitely drinkable and I'm consuming it for its benefits,rather than taste.Overall:This protein powder is cheaper than alot of others on Amazon for what you get. If you're new to lifting and want to see improved muscle mass I would recommend purchasing this and perhaps moving onto something more expensive further down the line. The packaging is a bit excessive and seems like a waste, but it is what it is. Again, the taste isn't the best, but it's a reasonable price and will give you pretty decent results.Please let me know if you found this review helpful by clicking the button below. Thanks.
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I noticed a friend showing more arm than before and his t-shirts were getting more on the tight, revealing side. He told me about this product and, admittedly slightly out of bicep-envy, I decided to have a go.I'm 70kg, 5 foot 11 inches, 38 years old (crap, this is starting to sound like a dating ad!). I do minimal exercise, don't go to a gym and only do weights at home. I have a set of hand dumbells, total 15kg. I started on 10kg and have built up to the full 15kg after about 6 weeks. I only bought one tub of this product but the results have been great. I'm not planning getting any bigger so I don't think I'll buy any more just now, hopefully I'll be able to keep the muscle that has grown.I noticed the improved tone and size of muscles after about 1 week, and continued to be impressed throughout the 4 or 5 weeks it lasted.I'd say for each drink, use about 1/3 of milk rather than just water, or the shake tastes a bit rough. I tried to split up when I had the drinks - a bit before work out and a bit after, or through the day (to save drinking 600ml at once and being bloated).I'd recommend this - along with 3 or 4 decent workouts with weights that suit your muscle size and capability. I think it really made the difference to my muscle gain.
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Works great found I gained mass with this more than anything else while putting on minimal fat, tastes good (strawberry tastes like yazoo milkshake) and I feel stronger.Works out the same kind of price as buying flavoured whey protein on its own but contains creatine etc so in my opinion it represents better value than that.Of course there will always be those people who buy unflavoured unbranded whey powder and mix with their own oats for carbs and creatine etc. but as someone who is a casual gym goer who wants to bulk up and drink something that actually tastes good I can't recommend this enough.Bought this 3 times now so been taking it for about 3 months while going to the gym 3-4 times a week (work depending)and have seen much more improvement than the year or so I was just taking My Protein Impact Whey.My only criticism is that the powder is so fine you can't help but make a cloud of whey poof into the air every time you scoop some out/just take the lid off!Handy bucket it comes in too.
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£45 a tub, 3 scoops a shake, 2 shakes a day. Which means a whole 4kg tub only lasts 13 days. In order for me to get a whole months worth of supplement I have to order 2 tubs at £90.If the macros weren't so good on this product I honestly wouldn't bother. The fat content is incredible at only 1.6g of fat per shake compared to the 4.8g of fat in other shakes equivalent to this one.Good but expensive but if your budget can afford £90 a month then go ahead.If I didn't work full time hours there's no way I could afford this stuff. I have two of these a day along with two sci mx leancore meal shakes and a nitric oxide booster which means my supps come to £160 a month.However great gains aren't cheap and with this stuff I have put on quality lean muscle and kept body fat low at the same time which is already hard to achieve.Honestly if you have the money and you are serious about seeing genuine quality results then just stick to the best brands. Quality over quantity is what will make you succeed
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Let me start this review by saying you won't really need this. Yeah that sounds odd right eh? But really if you have a proper diet you won't. It's not rocket science, count your macros (Carbs, Fat, Protein) and stage your food you'll be fine without this.However if you need a quick easy fix, and you want that extra confidence you have the right elements in place it's for you.The taste is really good regardless if you use full fat, skimmed or ️Almond milk. It mixes easy and delivers a good solid carb hit for preworkout. I would recommend a Whey Protein for post workout, mixed with water for a faster delivery.The extras that USN add make it a good product. Currently I'm cutting my diet,so I can't afford as many carbs, but once I'm bulking I'll be using up my 4KG tub for certain.By the way if you've not had these 4KG tubs before, inside its three bags! This is great as it's easier to use and less waste than the smaller tubs as you can cut the last corner of the bag to get it all!!
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