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Having been into natural (non competetive) "bodybuilding" for the best part of 30 years, I've used many different supplements ranging from protein/weight gainers to zinc/chromium capsules (and even more obscure..) and creatine is one of only two natural supplements that I'd recommend as having noticeable effects (the other being protein/weight gainers). I first used creatine in the early 90's and saw good strength gains (in my 20s) and used it on and off for around 10 years,then stopped using supplements for around 15 years (still training). Now in my mid 40s, I'm no longer as strong as I used to be, but after some deliberation decided to try a course of creatine (more as an experiment to see what effect it would have than anything).First the bad stuff...1) It can be hard on the stomach (use your imagination...), particularly during the 25g/day loading phase2) It will make you retain water, which means you'll get heavier (good/bad depending on how you see it, but I've gained 5 lbs in 3 weeks) and you'll get thirsty more often and drink more water (you should).3) It's a little gritty, even when mixed with fruit juice (I'd say a little like the griittiness of toothpaste), but mixed into a protein shake it won't be noticed.Now the good...(YMMV)1) I'm marginally stronger at 3 weeks, nothing earth shattering but a small improvement.2) I've seen a HUGE increase in workout stamina. Whereas I'd normally take 3/4 minutes rest between sets I'm now taking breaks of around a minute and not feeling worse for it.3) Mentally, I feel sharper4) The tub I received had 50% extra (750g instead of 500g)In summary, this is a good supplement for folks that are serious about their training and accept the side effects (worth doing your own research too), but I wouldn't recommend this to occasional trainers or as a supplement to be taken continuously over an extended period.
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After using this product for about 10 months I have seen great results. I take it a month on (strength training), month off (cardio & recovery).On my strength training month I only take 10g per day for a week to load and maintain then for a further 3-4 weeks with just 5g a day in a cup of tea each morning.That seems to be enough to work for me. I notice the affects by about the fourth day of loading. [Note: I weigh about 66kg / 10st 8lb]The only problem I can report is a bit of cramping in some muscles when I push myself but a few stretches soon release the cramps.Personally though, for me, the benefits far exceed the occasional bit of cramp...and that might even be my fault for not drinking enough as I probably don't actually drink that much extra fluid to what I normally do.From what i remember dispatch was quick and the tub it comes in is good quality (perfect size to fit in the cupboard too).Amazing stuff, just drink plenty of fluids throughout the day if taking a high dose.
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I've used USN products in the past and have always been pleased with the quality and value for money, this product is no exception as it provides a good increase in power and overall energy level. The only thing I will mention is be careful during the loading phase as there doesn't seem to be any consideration for body weight on the recommended loading dose. For example I'm about 70kg and I found taking four servings per day a bit much (this would probably be fine if your 80kgs or more)so on my second cycle I dropped it to three servings per day during loading and it's been much easier on to handle. Other than that I can't fault it and will be buying more soon.
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Creatine works. I have used various makes and each time I have seen gains. The reason that I like this one and will probably stick with it (so long as the price stays reasonable) is that when I mix it, unlike others that I have tried, I don't end up with a mouth full of grit at the end of the drink. The USN powder seems to dissolve much better than other powders. I have friends that have switched to tablets due to that issue, but this is fine. I recommend taking it with a protein shake.I use the USN GF1 and find them a great combination. Use with FatGripz and watch your arms bulge.
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A good quality micronized creatine. Doesn't really require any kind of loading phase in my opinion. I can feel the added 4lbs of water retention within a few days and reflectively performance increases at this time too due to greater muscle efficiency being more saturated. I just put a spoonful and my tongue and neck it with a drink, though anyone wanting to truly mix this with a spoon into a drink might find it's a bit too gritty to achieve. This is the more 'sandy' power,whereas other brands can be more finer - almost like a chalk powder. Great for the price nonetheless!
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I bought this in a hurry as a gift for a family member who is a keen weightlifter. It was actually bigger than I expected it to be for the price, as like I say I was in a rush, and didn't read it all properly, so when I received it I was happy to see that it wasn't a tiny little container, I bought the cup that is advertised with it, overall a good buy and a happy customer, a well received gift, so I believe it does as it says on the tin!


This is right up there with the best creatine on the market. It's also great value for money and should last you a good month or two depending on your intake. Its very water soluable compared to other creatine ive used so you dont have to stand there for ten minutes rinsing your glass over and over. I would highly recommend this product. Ive put over a stone on using this recently and it also gives you a bit of a boost in the gym.


If you're looking to put on size and increase your strength. Then creatine is for you. Simply mix a tablespoon of this in your favourite juice and drink it once before and once after your workout. Do this for 2 weeks and then stop for a week. Then start the cycle again for 2 weeks and stop for a week etc etc. Also if you're taking creatine make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day to keep your kidneys hydrated


works best when mixed with black current cordial and water.No real need to load this one as it works well enough without the loading period.Improved workouts dramatically as can lift more and for a longer period of time.10/10 would recommend if you respond to creatine (not everyone does). But would recommend consulting a health care professional for clear advise before using any kind of supplements.


I have been using USN Creatine Monohydrate off on on now for a while and I can tell you it is greatness! I have noticed a lot of gains in a very short amount of time. I know every one is different and will see changes at different times. But I am one of those hard gainers and this stuff has been like magic for me! Well recommended to any one wanting to rip up fast and hard gainers.
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