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Over all this is my second bottle.testosterone boosting products take time to build up in the body and take effect. this works upon the first use. the user will experience increased strength and muscle endurance during a workout. it adds to an increased recovery time and over all muscle growth.I have used many testosterone related products and would not use any other, its so effective i don't quite take the full dose and i only take it on a training day.additionally i must say i am a 29 year old male who's testosterone drops from training extremely often. i take it to support my testosterone levels not make it spike,after all that's how one should avoid cortisol production/slight mood swings which hinder muscle production.I personally feel that if people aren't feeling it then they may be taking other things that interfere with the digestion of this product or they are too young to be taking it and won't feel it..... after all maybe i am too young for this but i do need the help to keep up with my training demands.A further point i would make to the negative reviewers is do you even need testosterone products, it may not work because you already have healthy testosterone levels. please look outside the box when it comes to supplements.Top product, I highly recommend
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This product works after 2 weeks of consumption.Fast and reliable delivery when purchased and a quality product.It doesn't give you energy or any type of stimulated feeling, but after training for two weeks while taking this stuff you do feel pumped and their is an added 10 to 20 percent in your total lift of weights.


These seem to be a good product as my training has improved and feel a bit stronger and starting to pack on more size, but these still need to be taken while eating correct food/diet. The capsules are very big, so if you have a problem swallowing tablets you may want to find something else.


Been using this for a few months now and really do notice a difference in muscle growth and energy levels and overall feeling good. Really good supplement when your hitting the gym hard and need a boost.


these are really good 1 st time you take them and less so with subsequent tubs,very noticeable boost in testosterone for someone in late middle age,can't comment on how they would be with younger men.


Great T booster, I have used Tribulus in the past, but this one is in different league altogether. My Dead lifts has increase by 20 Kg since taking this. I will recommend to use Liv 52 with this.


Very useful for you decaying testo levels. Combined with exercise and diet, it gives you a boost in your overall output. Worth to try, no side effects on me. Recommendable.


As an experienced keep fit man (The last year) i do know these products get bad press, it works for me. Always read the ingredients, that will tell you the full story.


Excellent service from Amazon!Top quality product from USN.I noticed improvement in my performance and weight lifting after just 5 days of taking it.


Best so far - for me. I'm sure there might be better but out of what I've had the pleasure to test, this product works best for me.


25kg curl before 15 repsAfter four pills and hour or so wait35kg curl 20 repsHappy as a ?in?.enjoy doing 8 weeks of this ????.


Does exactly what it says on the tin. A very good buy and would highly recommend to others who need a boost


Does exactly what it’s meant to do, very happy, so much so I have bought In bulk. When available


works well i love them give that boostkeeps you pumped for longermost of the usn stuff is good


Very good and very good price !!!You can feel the difference in 2 days !!Really recommend!!
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