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Great table, need a table to setup another area so I could work from home, initially I was going just to buy one of those cardboard popup desks, but after doing a bit of research and the fact that we were going more locally out and about decided to purchase a collapsible table that I could hear at home, and we could use out and about rather than resorting to sitting on a picnic rug.I have to say it's a fantastic table, folds compact onto it's carrying bag and is extremely lightweight but still very sturdy.I use it everyday at home, it's great that the legs are adjustable, it means I can give the table a slight angle making it more comfortable to work on, also great out and about,used it a few weeks ago and the ground was uneven, but adjusted the legs accordingly and the table lay perfectly flat.I would recommend this table to anyone, it is a little pricey, but you definitely get whst you pay for, it's definitely a quality product.
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It is light weight for a large table. It is well engineered making it easy to set up. The carrying holdall is well made and even divided into pockets so the the legs won't rub on the slatted top which is beautifully hinged (instead of the usual elastic) holding the slats, which allows each slat to fold perfectly over the next into a perfect consertina that doesn,t wobble about when packing. The telescopic legs lock in any position required and could be perfectly level on lumpy and sloping ground. It does wobble left to right very slight which could be stopped by the addition of two adjustable diagonal strings like guy ropes,from left bottom to right top and vice versa but other than that I think this product is perfect for families that understand it's constraints of it's lightness and ease of setting it up.
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Just received this and put it up in minutes. Very sturdy and well built. The adjustable legs were a doddle to use and the clip to adjust them was very good. The bag to put them in was bit tight but manage well enough. The main selling point for me was the height adjustment going from coffee table to main dining table height in seconds (30) to get all the feet aligned. The easy way in which the table slotted in one side and clipped onto the other was very good. Overall a well thought out and engineered piece of equipment, a little on the pricey side, but not so when compared to the competition. Would I recommend it? Yes I would.


I've used it once while camping. Easy to set up, very difficult to adjust height. It's made of aluminium so, hot pans and stove are fine. Pullng the legs out took an effort - there are only the feet to grip while pulling. Then, adjusting the length of the legs to level the table is difficult / impossible. I gave up getting the table top exactly level, which was disappointing because the table is expensive. Maybe the legs loosen up? Other reviewers have mentioned this problem.It's waterproof. Feels sturdy. It's what I need for camping - if only the legs were easier to adjust....


Initial impressions are very good. The table is very light but very sturdy. Individually adjustable legs make it possible to create a level surface wherever you are and as putting the tabletop on is separate to creating the platform it sits on and can be done stood up where some designs require you to turn the complete assembly upside down to attach the tabletop.It also comes with a convenient bag to carry It in and was very well packed. The size is perfect for me but they even do a larger one which might better suit a family. Very good value for money.


I have been looking for a roll up table for some time as we are restricted with space in our motorhome garage. You get what you pay for in this case, the folding system of the leg assembly is amazing. It took us ten minutes to unfold it first time as we were scared we would bend some of the framework. Once you see through the system it's fine. The top is very good and when erected makes for a steady platform for outside eating. Nice you can alter the height of the legs as well. Well done the design team who manufactured this piece of kit. 10/10


We have a very small vintage caravan and cook outside. We treated ourselves to a new Camping Gaz double burner stove and needed a lightweight, metal table to use with this. This table was perfect as it rolled down to a small bag and we could easily stow this.Haven't used it with the stove yet but it all fits together perfectly. Had no problems with folding the legs away as others seemed to have. There was a slight dent in the underside of one of the slats but nothing critical.Seems a good buy for the money.


I was originally looking for a fold away desk/workstation.I Realised a portable table would be better.The materials are ideal to prevent sag and to take the weight of my computer and laptop.For indoor and outdoor use. I need to travel around so the portable use is spot on-It's versatile, sturdy and so light and slimline.Arrived as stated and packaged well.I will be ordering another one.I am just warmly impressed enough to write this review.Thank you seller


Very good folding table.Comes in two parts (the top and the feet section)Easy to assemble and sturdy.it looks good and the assembly part if satisfying; it comes together very neatly.It is well balanced between light enough to carry and not "too" light so that it flies over with the wind; for that reason you would not want to have it on your should for a "long" walk but perfectly suited for camping or for a tea stall.


This is a lovely little table. It is light and sturdy and folds up into a well made durable fabric bag. It ends up about the same length and a slightly larger diameter as a conventional collapsible picnic chair. Easy to carry with the shoulder strap, this is a very portable addition to your picnicking kit.


Brilliant table and excellent value! Not many around for this price that have all 4 legs that are adjustable, which is so useful for camping on uneven ground. Also quite sturdy. Love the fact that the roll up top and foldaway legs enables it all to pack down into a small bag.


Brilliant table. Ok the sliding legs can occasionally get a bit sticky when retracting but it's no big deal. This table is amazingly stable even on very uneven ground. Several times the price of the cheapo stuff but this one works...the others don't.Love it.


Seems to be a well designed and engineered table bought for use with our Campervan. The rolling table top, folding frame and adjustable legs all function as advertised. Hoping to make good use of the extra table camping this summer after lockdown


We have a small camper van and having a decent table to eat and work on is always a problem. This is just the job, really easy to put up, very sturdy when assembled and fits along the back seat of the camper when in its box, well worth the money.


Easy to set up and use at all heights. If you have a deck-chair you will love if you are a tenant in a house with a garden but you do not want much stuff as you may move, you will love this! For camp, for outside activities, great product...
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