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I bought this product for its natural testosterone boosting properties. Its been known for longer that I been in this earth, that zinc and magnesium help produce testosterone, and as I started my pct, I decided to add ZMA Pro to my PCT mix.Quite frankly I have not noticed any muscle growth nor fat loss, nor anything along those lines with this product, not that I expected anything to begin with. The only thing that I have noticed from this product, is perfect sleep at night, and waking up feeling refreshed in the morning. This should be called sleepy time something, and have the the picture of a body builder taking a nap on the label.After my cycle, I have not lost any mass nor strength thanks to my serm,so I really dont know how much I owe to the ZMA PRO, but again, it definitely slept well with this, and would wake up feeling brand new and ready for more.
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Another quality product from Universal, becoming quite a fan. So, yes its touted as a test boosting product but for me, I just longed for sleep. Ive not slept properly in ages and wanted something natural to get me off to the land of nod until the morning and this does it. Cant wait for a full month of sleep as it affects me in the day if I dont sleep well. If you want to keep at it at the gym you need good rest, for recovery, and this is it. Another staple alongside creatine and pump products, going to buy more universal stuff as I trust them (and thats saying something these days for supplement companies being found out recently for underdosing). Arnie has move to universal,that says something.
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I started using this as a natural way to boost testosterone. My hormone levels seem to have bottomed-out since I hit my 30's which is not a good thing. Since I'm also a vegetarian, I need to be ultra careful to make sure I supplement a few extra things (e.g. protein, D3 and zinc) so I thought I'd give this a shot. It's definitely helped me relax before bedtime which is nice, and I have felt more alert in the last week (started two weeks ago). Overall, I'd say ZMA is a winner and I implicitly trust anything from Universal Nutrition because of their commitment to truth in packaging and advertising.


I've been taking supplements for 20 years. I can count on one hand the ones that truly work in a positive way.. ZMA is one of them. Its true if you eat well you get all of these nutrients, however theres a clear benefit when taking this supplement before bed. I'm a guy who struggles to sleep, and when i neglect taking this it will take me an extra hour to fall asleep. There are supposed testosterone benefits as well, but i'd say thats a dubious claim as no one is getting huge off of this.Its a cheap supplement that is great for sleep and a safe nutrient combination to take.


This is a solid, inexpensive product, from a reputable company. Here is what you need to know:*You will fall asleep, and stay asleep.*You will have vivid dreams. Extremely real-life, very detailed. This may be a negative for some.*You will wake up refreshed. Essentially, if you sleep 6 hours, it will feel like 8 after taking this (not that I recommend that, but sometimes it's out of your hands).*Consider taking a month or so off after a few months of use (I do 3 on, 1 off). I have noticed much better results doing this.Great product that I will continue to use.


As I'm female, my review is primarily biased towards women using a product normally aimed at men. I'm weight training a lot, but often find myself tired and feel like my hormones are out of whack. Since taking this product, I sleep much better and seem to have more energy. For the price, I'd recommend it to anyone, especially if you feel your low in zinc and magnesium as these generally tend to affect your testosterone levels, thus causing issues...so zma helps counteract that.


One of the cheaper ZMA supplements on the market, with all the benefits of more expensive brands. I am in the gym 5-6 times a week, follow a very low carbohydrate diet, and need all the recovery support I can get. I generally add a melatonin supplement alongside this ZMA and I sleep very well most nights. I can almost always tell I've had more refreshing night's sleep when taking these 2 supplements.


Second bottle I've used of this supplement. Product is pretty good, like most quality ZMA products and the price can't hurt. Definitely feel more recovered and well rested the following day.I personally think I like Isa-Test, (which is a bit more comprehensive of a testosterone booster) a little bit more though, minus the fact that you only take Isa-Test before bed only on non-training days.


I am new to ZMA - but I have noticed that it helps me sleep better and it seems to have increased my metabolism - at 55 years of age - I am a little leaner than I was last year and I benched 380lbs for the first time in more than ten years. I take ZMA, Creatine, and HMB - I think this is a winning combination. I also take protein after lifting. I plan to continue using these supplements.


Make sure you seek medical advice before taking these. a quick google search takes you to body building forums. i personally used these as a novice and i must say they work very well. i recovered much quicker and also i slept better. i didnt have the vivid dreams though that some people claim. RE: the seller, very good and speedy and quality product


I have always had good results with ZMA. Taking it at night really seems to put me in a great mood the next day. Additionally, my workouts are a little better. I chose Universal brand due to my positive results with other Universal products. Overall, ZMA is a cheaper supplement that works for me.


I exercise twice a day 5-6 days a week and sometimes I don't feel like I sleep well through the night. With this I sleep like a rock. Be warned though, you will have the craziest dreams you've ever had. Not scary but crazy. My wife actually really likes hearing about them in the morning. LOL


First night trying this was last night. WOW did I sleep like a baby, I've never slept so good and awoke so refreshed. I worked out last night around 7pm and went to bed around 11pm. I woke up ready for round 2. I will update this review at the end of the 30 day period.


I'm an extremely light sleeper; like totally insomniac. I take it about 7:00pm and by 9:00 I go to bed. I sleep better and much deeper. I do wake up at night but much less. Feel better rested in the morning. I take one pill on weekdays and two on weekend nights.


performed exactly as advertised, I felt as though my testosterone has been at noticeably higher levels, and I have been sleeping better. Currently I have noticed an increase in breakouts, as my body has converted the excess T into acne producing compounds
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