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this is my favorite creatine and pre workout. I have made great gains when on this, the taste is great too. Go with the recommended dosage and you will be happy with the results.I have taken this here and there for about 5 years.Everyone I have shown it too is a believer, and they are happy with the results. Your endurance in the gym will be much higher, and your muscle growth will be much faster. All your gains will stay on when you stop taking. You may loose about 4-5lbs but you'll still be lifting the same weight.Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Intense workouts ensue within minutes of sipping on Universal Storm. 80 servings for $35??? Thats a no-brainer, your lucky to get 30 servings for that much let alone 80. If you do the math thats a 4 month supply if you work out 5 days a week. If your skeptical about the effectiveness of the product if it's definitely worth the money to find out since your only paying $0.44 per serving


So far so good. I like it. It keeps me filled (muscles)up when on low carbs and keeps me rocking in the gym as if I have carbs in my system. And yes you can use creatine to cut. Your better using this when cutting because anyone who really knows how to cut you need that ATP.


i like the flavor, don't know yet if it really works. i 've been taking it for only 3 weeks and i have not seen any change.


This produkt is soo strong.. last time i buy this.. good taste i take only in gym day .. problems with sleep itp..


Great taste, doesn't dissolve well. Seems to improve my workouts. Really miss it when I forget to use it.


Good stuff ,watch your bouls tho this stuff is relatively good as a laxative as well as building muscle


Was worth the purchase! Enjoyed using for a quick “pump” instead of my normal pre-workout


Been using for years, great supplement. Use in cycles.


No Fluff works well best on the market in my opinion.


son love this!


Great creatine


Top as always


I love it!!!


the best.
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