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I always wondered by Animal Pak has like 1,000 pills to swallow but there's no Omega 3's well now I know why it's because they also make OMEGA. I don't know how long this stuff has been around but I never heard of it till recently so I brought a can. I've been taking Animal PAK and Animal Flex and I like the benefits of both of both of them combined. I did however need some Omega 3's in my mix so I went and picked this up. This has Everything and I do mean Everything you need Fish Oil wise. I like Animal products because they always over do it. This is no different as it's a pill cocktail of all the fish oils and some other choice oils like flaxseed.This isn't a supplement you take and notice a difference with though it's just a health promoter like most vitamins it gives your body what it's lacking from your natural intake of food. I will say that the only downside to this product is that it has 30 packets and not 44 like most of animals other stuff.
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The container has 30 plastic packs. Each pack has 1 capsule and 7 softgels (8 total). It contains CLA (800mg), which has been shown to be useful in reducing body fat. Other essential fatty acids are also present. Vitamin A, D, E are also present. Another good thing is presence of L-carnitine, which has been shown to be of help in rapid muscle recovery post workout.One pack a day is sufficient for a beginner to an intermediate bodybuilder, who has a balanced diet. 2 packs a day can be used in case of very intense training.The only downside of this product is that there are 11 capsules to swallow at each time. This can be inconvenient.Users may want to compare this product regarding the ingredients and price with other products on the market.In my opinion,if you are serious about bodybuilding, this is a serious product for you!
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Great product. Capsules are smaller than the ones found in the original Animal Pak multivitamins and much easier to swallow. Here's information about the ingredients, taken from manufacturer's website:Amount Per Serving (1 pack):Total Calories: 60Total Fat: 7g-Saturate Fat: 1gCholesterol: 5mgVitamin A (As Retinyl Palmitate): 2,664IUVitamin D (As Cholecalciferol): 2,000IUVitamin E (As D-Alpha Tocopherol): 10IUOmega 3 Fatty Acid (N-3 FA) Complex: 4,000mgFlaxseed OilSalmon OilCod Liver OilHerring OilAnchovy OilMackerel OilSardine OilOmega 6 Fatty Acid (N-6 FA) Complex: 2500mgBorage OilSafflower OilEvening Primrose OilSesaminOmega Absorption Complex: 200mgLecithin (Soy)L-CarnitineLipase EnzymeIt's a good variety of fish and some vegetable oils.Totally recommended.
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The flavor and thickness portion of this review are unnecessary as the product is in capsule form...however, the value for your money part is quite easy to evaluate...Animal products...ANYTHING coming out of this company is top notch. So far as value goes, many of their products eliminated my need for purchase of other supplements as they contain multiple ingredients i purchased separately. I am currently stacking Pak, Stak and Omegas and as a 42 year old man cannot believe the way I feel or the results I'm seeing. I have wasted a lot of time and money trying a lot of what is out there...let me save a little of both for you...BUY...THESE...PRODUCTS!!! They're top notch!


This stuff will keep you on top of your Omega needs, but more than likely some fish oil will be good for most people. Animal makes great products, but are possibly over the top for the average Joe. Another great part about this product though is not fish burps! If you take supplements you'll know what I'm talking about.All in all this is a great product, that will keep you healthy, but if price is an issue just stick with fish oil. But if you can afford it and health is important to you, go for this stuff. The same goes for Animal Pak, a great multivitamin pak but is bit more pricey than your usual store bought multi.


I took these starting 2 years ago after one of my football seasons. I have to say, they give me a good energy boost during workouts! I don't think these directly gain you mass, as opposed to taking protein supplements, but they definitely give your body the energy it needs to give you those gains.I took them as well when I first did P90X back in April. As with before, I had a lot of energy when working out, and I lost 30 pounds in a little over 2 months (though that's probably from P90X).Overall, these are excellent pills to have. They're really the only pills that have ever worked in giving me lots of energy.


I totally agree with a previous review. This is a great, comprehensive Omega product which is perfect for whether you're looking to cut/trim body fat or helping to pack on lean muscle mass.I was taking an another Omega 3 fish oil supplement prior to this one.. and as soon as I switched I noticed a drop in body fat and an increase in lean muscle mass. Now I do workout on a regular basis with a lot of variety, so I was pleasantly surprised to see changes just by changing my supplements.I swear by this product now over all other Omega supplements.Highly recommended.


This product's amazing! However, it's very STRONG! I got a heartburn so intense from this supplement! If you use it, make sure you're not drinking/eating anything acidic adding to it. I'm no doctor, but you'll thank me for me it! This product alone caused fish burps leaving a fishy after taste in my throat. Animal makes great products! This however, I'm staying away! I'll probably go with another brand that has a lighter dosage! I had Jesus on speed dial as I sent a prayer real quick after I felt the effects of this!


great source of EFA's. A bit heavy on the fish oil (on cap of hering, mackerel, sardine and anchovy)so I take only on workout days to help reduce soreness and inflamation. Great source of other oils (borage, flax).product passed the 'sniff test' upon delivery - no rancid smell = fresh oils.a bit much for every day usage, but since these are natural oils, I don't feel that its a risk (except to your wallet).


It has all of the basics covered. There are several pills and different forms of omegas. I like that. It's not too expensive. Note though if you begin to use this product regularly and chose the free shipping option, make sure you have a 10 day supply on hand. I've bought it a few times and used the free shipping. 9-10 days is the usual. So don't get in a hurry.


Awesome product for you EFAs. I have been taking it for a little over a month and this is the first fish oil to not give me fish burps. It also doesn't have that super gross fishy smell. Plus with universal you know you are getting everything you need. If you are looking for a bargain this isn't you product but it's the best fish oil supplement I know of


I've tried a few of the UN Animal products. Never had bad experience, although not always great either. The Omega is a great product. I have done a full month. I have had minor burps. Mostly the flax seed but I do mean minor. No fish burps at all! This is honestly one of my favorite products from them. I have ordered another month supply.


I am 48yrs old and been active since junior high. I wanted a good product that fit my active lifestyle but this one is potent for me. I would of taken this between my 20's to 40's years of age unless you are a hard core bodybuilder. I just need something to maintain at this point. Great product but just not for me.


I have mild psoriasis on my hands/knuckles and sometimes my elbows. This stuff helps reduce my symptoms. Very potent blend of Omegas. I like that the pills are in packets, as with other Animal products.Also am now using Animal Flex and that seems to be a great product, too.Highly recommending this ! :D


The best in a group of three stack supplements offered by Universal Nutrition. In over 35 years of training, these along with Animal pak and Flex are totally effective when training because they do work excellent. Highly recommended to anyone to supplement their diet while for intense training.
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