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Animal Nitro is an interesting alternative to your standard post-workout serving of protein powder. I personally find that it far outperforms every powder product I have tried in terms of aiding in post-workout recovery by preventing soreness, both in the short and delayed onset form. Taking the pills in and of itself will not make you bigger or stronger. Instead, the enhanced recovery allows to come back into the gym/bike/field the day after a hard workout and hit the weights just as hard. The most noticeable difference was after leg day, when I would feel comfortable enough to go on 20 mile cycling rides or do strongman training despite being in the squat rack 24 hours earlier.Recovery with Nitro > Recovery with whey protein powder > No supplement recoveryAs a word of caution,make sure you drink a lot of water while taking the pak of horse pills, like a full 16 ozs. They can get stuck in your throat, causing a lot of discomfort, follewed by aspirating protein dust five minutes later. Not to scare anyone off, just helping you to avoid a bad experience.
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I've been stacking these with test boosters and creatine for two weeks so far. The results have been fab I've been smashing personal bests as if they were a catholic schoolgirl and I was head priest. I've got more definition than a dictionary and am happier now with my form than I ever have been. The only drawback is having to swallow more than said catholic schoolgirl in one go


This is the second animal pak supplement I've used to aid in my intense workouts! What I love about the most it when taking after my workout it gets rid of all sours and pains! I gladly use it on a regular basis and recommend it to anyone who work out at the gym.


Only product I really use for pre/post workout supplements. They have never let me down I've been using them for over a year now on and off. I love the fact is a cycle period instead of everyday crap. They aren't to expensive either which is nice.


I've taken the original AP for decades. Other than the smell/taste never a complaint with it. This was my first time adding the nitro and have to say that I love it too. No off putting smell or odor. It's just a simple straight forward supplement.


After dismissing BCAAs for many years because I erroneously believed they were too old school and simple to deliver serious results, I finally tried this product, Animal Nitro, on a whim.I was very very pleased by instant and


Item was open when received. I opened the top and noticed the pull tab at the top of the can that is always there was missing. Not sure if someone went through this or what could have been done before it got to me.


This definitely help me maintain my gains...had a problem with weight loss due to muscle wasting. This was helpful because i dont eat as often or take in as many calorie as i should while training heavy weights.


I had been taking this after working out and I guess it was ok, but then I read another review that said for best results take before AND after. Bingo - really noticeable results for the past several weeks.


I've noticed increased energy and strength gains while on this product. I guess it works differently for everyone else. I'm older so I take supplements like this to give me an extra edge in the gym.


No side affects and have been recovering good from lifting. Better than I have in the past, and my nutrition isn't as good as before so I would say Nitro is doing something beneficial. Worth a try!


I love this product and it does exactly what it says it does. I use it twice a day six days a week. Plus the product hit my doorstep a couple of days after I ordered it, use this company...


Still cycling the product as we speak. I have noticed a leaner appearance, no change in strength and a slight increase in endurance. Will leave full reply in 2 weeks


Great product at a decent price. I recommend this for any lifter that's serious about their gym time. Aids in the growth and recovery after a brutal weight session.


My favorite BCAA product by a mile. Convenient packs, and incredible formula. Takes the guesswork out of BCAA's. Price is a bit high, but you get what you pay for.
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