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Packs down to about the same size as a small soft drinks can. Light enough for all but the extreme lightweight crowd for camping. There is something quite special about candle light for relaxing with. The lantern puts out just enough light to read by, and a small amount of radiant heat. Enough to warm cold fingers and just take the edge off a chilly tent.The bail+hook keep the lantern a safe distance vertically from your tent fabric. Horizontal separation is up to the users discretion. Still, safer than a totally naked flame.The low light is all you need in a tent plus the light cast is warm. I find LED lanterns very harsh. Great for 'doing stuff', lousy for when you're deliberately not doing anything :-)In my experience,the candles do last 9+ hours. The citronella candles keep the tent free from bugs, but you wouldn't want to burn a citronella in an enclosed tent for very long Give it half an hour before you settle, with the tent flaps open, and enjoy a mozzie free night.The beeswax candles on the other hand make the tent smell lovely, and the cast light is even nicer for doing nothing in. The silence compared to a roaring gas or paraffin lantern has to be appreciated too. There really is something quite civilised cooking using a silent stove whilst your lighting is silent too and you're in the back of beyond. For sitting around with your mates before turning in, a candle helps the conversation flow too without the harsh glare of LEDs or the roar of a mantle lantern. Again, the citronella will help keep the bugs away.For home use, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I find them quite attractive, especially in brass or plain aluminium. The same comments apply to the beeswax and citronella variants of the candles btw. Much safer than naked candle flames when you have children. On the subject of children, mine calm noticeably when I light candles and kill the main room lights.For an emergency light, they're great. For camping, they're great. Only the purchaser can make a value judgement. There is a micro version on the market as well which uses the cheaper tealight candle. Worth looking out for.You do need to apply common sense. The top of the chimney does get very hot. Hot enough to scorch unwary flesh. This is highlighted in the manual and is more obvious than the obvious fish, but I bet someone moans they burned their fingers on it. IT'S A FLAME!, FLAMES ARE HOT!.They are a truly lovely little product to have kicking about, blending modern and traditional design with good functionality, and as such, I highly commend them to the house.
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I haven't used this all that much yet, so these are just my initial impressions.This item is a convenient and, I think, relatively safe way to use a candle. It packs down into a cylinder about four inches long, and isn't particularly heavy to carry. Once lit, it does seem relatively resistant to wind. There's only so much you can do with the light from a single candle, but it's a friendly and reassuring little light. Because the base doesn't get appreciably hot, it's safe to stand on must surfaces. There's also a hanger which can be used on its own, or with the short length of chain supplied. Mine was supplied with a single, parrafin candle, which has been problematic. However,based on other people's comments, I have ordered beeswax candles for future use. Although they are strikingly expensive, I won't use the unit often enough for expense to be a problem.The unit feels solid and well-made. However, raising and lowering the glass is scratchy, and feels badly designed. The instructions explain how to light the candle by lowering the glass, but don't explain how to put it out. You can put it out by lowering the glass but, by the time the candle has been in use for a while, the glass will be hot. Not so hot as to sear flesh on contact, but hot enough that you won't want to be touching it for long. So extinguishing the candle is a bit of a faff.I haven't yet had the much-reported problem of wax running down into the body and fouling the spring, but I've always been careful onto to keep it on a flat, level surface. The top of the casing does get very hot so, although I doubt that knocking the lantern over would be a fire hazard, I can see how it might melt your tent fabric.The advertising says that the lantern will reduce tent condensation. My experience is that combustion of any kind in a tent _increases_ condensation, because one of the by-products of combustion is water. However, it probably does warm the air just a little, so you might not notice the condensation so much.This lantern is far, far less convenient than a battery-powered one; but there's nothing like the gentle flicker of a candle flame for raising the mood.
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There is something special about candle light and this lantern gives candles much of the convenience of standard battery lanterns but does not duplicate their harsh glare and physical bulk. It packs up as a small cylinder that will find a place in any rucksack but quickly doubles in length when you prepare it for use. A hook and chain is included to help you hang this safely. The candle is contained in a cylindrical housing up which a simple spring feeds the candle as it burns. It's not the innovation that the manufacturer's hyperbole would suggest - I have two 60-year-old candlesticks that use an identical system -- but it is simple and effective. The candle,being protected from the wind (although a gust blew mine out on one occasion), burns steadily and should provide 9 hours of warm, yellow light. The candles are short and chubby and are sold in packs of three for around £5 - I haven't yet found any ordinary household candles that I could subsitute for these. Citronella candles are also available and I can see these being very useful in driving away midges.The lantern provides no more light than a single candle would - but that is sufficient for one or two people to eat, or even read, by. It does become hot on the top and this may help warm a chilly tent and drive off some condensation. I can't say that I have really noticed this effect to any great extent. Of course, extra care must be taken with any candle inside a tent and the hot surface of this holder should not be allowed to come into contact with the tent fabric.The construction of lantern is effective and not over-engineered but it is difficult to imagine quite why it costs over £20. I think that it is difficult to justify buying one of these in terms of need: if you like candle light however, then buy one of these to add a touch of homely luxury to your camping.
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A legend for 25 years at least. I just received my new brass version. A deep scratch test reveals the lantern body to indeed be brass. Not plated aluminum. The brass material is approx .032 inches thick vs the .040 inch thickness of my 1970s version. A bit thinner but it is brass.The painted and anodized versions are aluminum with a wall thickness around .042 including the coating. The original has a aluminum candle holder. The new brass version has a aluminum candle holder with a brass like coating on it.All are plenty strong with brass winning the cool factor, for me. Please remember I'm no metallurgist. Just a fool with a digital caliper.All in all these are amazingly effective,simple little candle lanterns.Some one said plumbers candles will work. Well not very well. They are the correct diameter, 1.250 inch, but about 11/2 inches to long. When trimmed they fit fine. The bad news is the wick is way to large. You get a flame twice the size. This makes way more heat. The candle overheats and melts. It escapes thru the viewing port and top of the candle holder. BIG mess.Use UCO candles.
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So last night I used it while sleeping in my Tipi Tent. I was pretty impressed by how much light this little candle puts out. My tent is about 7 feet tall with a footprint of around 10 feet in diameter. I hung the UCO in the center of the tent at about 5 feet off the ground. This illuminated my whole tent!Couple of notes about this. This is a great light for your tent so you can see what you are doing as far as moving around and grabbing stuff. Keep in mind this is 1 candle and its not going to be extremel bright. Just enough to let you see whats going on. I would not be able to read by this light and when I was cooking food I had to turn on my headlamp to get better detail on how the steak was cooking.For what it is it is a great item to have.I pretty much used this as my exclusive light all night long except when having to check the food I was cooking.The candle that came with it lasted about 9 1/2 hours. My tent was anywhere from 35 to 50 degrees depending when I came in and out.I would buy this product again!
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At first the lantern may look a bit bulky for the amount of light it throws out but it's worth it for the extra weight. The candle is a lovely addition to night time camping activities as it delivers just enough light to see by. The warm quality of candle light is perfect for when the sun goes downi have the unit with the LED light on the bottom and it was excellent suspended beneath a tarp illuninating the BBQ and a wide peripheral area, it can be removed from the lantern housing and has a little stand attached. brilliant thinking. The 9hr candle lasted 3 late nights in May but I also bought the 12hr beeswax candles for those longer trips.The spring method of the lantern is genius,it was knocked about a few times and some wax spilt down the inside but it didn't affect the operation much beyond slowing the spring a little. A quick clean with hot water after the candle was spent and it was good to go.It's one of those items that's full of charm and adds that special touch to any camping trip
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This is a great little lantern. Packs down to about half of it's extended height. I thought the glass in mine was broken when it arrived but it's just the way it's packaged. The lantern has a small chain and hook for hanging it and it sounds just like broken glass inside the package. It is a little stiff when you open and close it but it has become easier the more I use it. Once open you can slide the glass chimney down for easy lighting. It comes with one candle already in place, but I removed that one and replaced it with the UCO beeswax candle. This candle lantern, with the round label, is made in the U.S. On the bottom it states that it is made in the U.S.A.I've seen some of these lanterns with different labels on different sites that state the lantern is imported so if you only want to buy made in the U.S. look for this round label. This is a great item for your camping kit.
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Bought two back in the early 2000's and they're both still going. It's durable if you treat it for what it is. It's made of aluminium, because it's meant for lightweight backpacking. When not backpacking, this makes for an awesome emergency lamp to put in your car. The chain hangs far enough from anything that the heat won't be a problem - which is why it won't melt the roof of a tent or your rear-view mirror. Yes it's expensive because it's imported from Seattle. The candles burn 9 hours, which is great as you can use them over night while you sleep to keep the condensation at bay (if you don't like waking up in a fog in your tent on a frosty morning). They used to sell bags to keep them in,worth the investment. Add a box of matches and a couple of spare matches and you have everything you need. You can also swap out the base and get one with a built in LED lamp.
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I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about these. I researched them for quite a while before I picked one, and I ended up going with the powder coated version. It's very durable and built extremely well, no sharp edges etc. The light output is very minimal but it's not designed to replace your flashlight, but provide ambient light. I use this while tarp camping and hung it on a stick for ambient light by my fire so that I wouldn't trip when I had to get up to use the restroom or add logs to my fire. There's many uses for this but overall I would say it's even tent safe as long as you're awake when you use it because it doesn't drip. Definitely well worth it and you can even buy candles that will keep the bugs away.Very good purchase
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I really like this candle lantern. It does a very good job of blocking the wind. I can swing it around and the flame barely flickers. The other night I was walking on a trail with this hanging from a stick over my shoulder so it would light my path without ruining my night vision. This causes it to swing around allot, but it didn't go out even once. It collapses nice and compact when not in use. There is a spring under the candle so it raises as it burns, keeping the flame in the same place. There is a little "window" strip along the side to see how much candle is left. There is also a handle and short chain with hook. This seems durable and versatile,and best of all no batteries to replace.
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I have some of the UCO tea Lanterns and wanted to try one of the original ones. I opted for brass as it's a finish and material I love. I was surprised by the weight and it seems very sturdy. I have used it once just to test and like the amount of light it puts out. I will most likely only use it around the house, which is what it was purchased for. I needed a few extra lights around for power outages and would rather use something like this than an open flame candle that will might be left unattended in a dark bathroom or kitchen. I would have gave it five stars but that big ugly sticker on the side. It will be removed.


Great value. I use mine on my backpacking expeditions. It really lights up my tent and provides some warmth also. Just be really careful with with it, especially when you just extinguish it and want to move it or pack it up it will most certainly burn you if you touch the top until it cools down. Don't ask me how I know.So you may ask why you need this light. Well, I'll tell you. If you use this light you won't have to pack any extra batteries for it like you will with that super bright light source that sucks down batteries. All you'll need is a lighter or fire...and hopefully you know how to start a fire in the wild.


I could ramble on forever about how wonderful these little lanterns are, but several other reviewers already have. I own several, and wanted to add another brass model to my collection. Just an FYI, as of the first week of August 2016, I received the older model with the UCO and flame logo, rather than the cooler retro logo that's in the photo. I'm still happy with my new lantern, but I was really hoping for the retro label instead. Just a heads-up to others who might have similar tastes. In either case, if weight isn't an issue (like car camping or house use) splurge for the brass model. I think you'll be glad you did.


At first I was extremely nervous about having a candle in a tent - which goes against normal common sense of not burning anything in your tent - but it lifted the temperature slightly, reduced condensation and there was no worry of burning my tent down with me inside. I did place it in a billy can just to be safe as it hangs a little low to hang from the roof of the inner tent - I'd probably sit up in the morning and whack myself in the face with it. Overall this is surprisingly good, and the beeswax candles didn't make me feel a bit queasy like normal candles do to me when in enclosed/unventilated rooms.


Before purchasing this item, you need to manage your expectations. It is not going to be a primary source of light or heat. On the other hand it is a very useful backup system that I use to provide some lighting in an emergency and as others have suggested, pleasant mood lighting. Another useful application, is with the appropriate wind screen and top I have used it to heat up a small cup of coffee. Granted you need to be careful that it will be a top heavy and prone to toppling over....but with a little patience it will work. Overall a great piece of kit to have in your camping and emergency kit.
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