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If you find this review useful, please click the little "yes" button below.I bought the Uco Mini lantern for backpacking/motorcycle camping. It's a well designed and manufactured product. It's light, relatively small (~10cm tall x 5.5cm diameter), easy to use, and even works in breezy (but not windy) conditions. The design is good and tea light candles are 'loaded' into the base and held very securely before this is inserted into the main body of the candle. When not in use, you can store four candles within the main body of the unit, which is handy and means that you'll have up to 16h of light packed with you. Once lit, it provides a surprising amount of light - certainly enough to see your way around a tent,although not enough to (for example) read by. There again, it's one-candle power so you shouldn't expect miracles.The main body of the lamp doesn't get hot when lit, and it's easy to move around without any problem. The handle also remains cool during use and can be used easily. But, be careful, the top part gets very, VERY hot. You'll have a nasty burn if you touch this - spoken from experience.The only criticism is that there is minimal protection for the glass in the unit. As such, if you're not careful, you will break it. This is not a product that you can throw in your backpack and set off for a days adventure. It will need to be packed carefully and protected from anything that might break it. In this regard, the sister product (micro lantern) is probably a better buy since it compresses into a much more 'robust' and packable unit.Overall, I think that the Uco Mini Lantern is a nice product. A little expensive for what it is, but definitely a nice thing to have on a backpacking trip.
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It works. Simply and well.Have just bought one in aluminium finish, and it is all it says it is. The glass "shield" is easy to remove for cleaning, candles are easy to insert, and it all stays alight in anything short of a storm!Naturally, the top will get bloody hot when in use, so don't touch it...but nobody would.....would they?Although reasonably robust, the emphasis is on the word, "reasonably", and as such it may be seen as a wee bit pricey for what it is?? Hence the 4 stars, not for any inherent fault because there isn't one that I can find..Pack it carefully (glass), and it's a really useful bit of kit................You can even get 8 hr+ burn time tealight candles to use withit........See Rogers review 2014....he's spot on.
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This was bought as a back-up light source for use during power cuts. It is an extremely well made item and uses readily available standard tealights, hence there is no need for batteries or recharging. I have the larger Candalier lantern by the same manufacturer but this is a smaller, more compact alternative. An excellent piece of kit for use in the home, motorhome/caravan or camping.


Nice, if expensive, way to hold a tealight but it casts a lovely glow of an evening. Would be 5 stars if it came with a hanging chain like the bigger ones which seems like a glaring omission to me.


Works pretty well. A bit pricey fort what it is, but it doesn't spill hot wax everywhere when you dunt it, as you do when you're in a tent. Put an 8 hour tea light in it to last all night.


Can't believe I still have it and it still works. Great bit of kit if you want few hours of low light outside your shelter.. I used it to locate my camp site when walking back from....


received today as promised by seller. looks good, can't wait to use it, I like the spare compartment for a 2nd tea candle. and is quite light to carry,


Awesome little lantern, great for some ambient light while camping or at home, sturdy and we'll made item.


As described and works exactly as expected. Many thanks


Great product at a good price.
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