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I've had candle lanterns as part of my household emergency kit for years. Invariably, the hooks, chains, and wire bails would get tangled during storage, with is a pain resolving after the lights have gone out. I finally broke down and bought these well-made covers. I should have done so sooner. They easily slide over the collapsed lantern, and are roomy enough to permit the inclusion of a book of safety matches. Now the candle lanterns are covered, protected, and ready to go without a hassle. Delivery was very prompt, everything was well-packaged for shipment, and the covers were exactly as described.


Not much to say for this. It fits just right, easy to get on, easy to take off, but stays on when it should. The neoprene material is probably twice as thick as I expected it to be, at 5/16" thick. Stitching at the seams appears to be tight and well done. This is just the preliminary assessment, as I just received it. I am looking forward to taking this out to the field for proper testing, as I expect it to hold up very well.


I had read good reviews about this and it lived up to them. The first thing my daughter did with her new cocoon, after she had put her new lantern in it was to drop it. It seemed liks slow motion as it fell through the air down from the balcony on the second floor. But we did not hear any broken glass. And when she opened it the lantern was whole. We are sold on it!


My lantern fell out of my pack and rolled off a 30ft cliff and then continued to tumble another 20 feet or so. I thought for sure that I would find a bent and broken lantern but to my surprise, not even a scratch. Adding an attachment loop would be nice so it doesn't roll away but otherwise this is an Excellent product.


Great and compact cocoon for the standard UCO candle lantern. It has enough cushion to prevent possible damage to the lantern but care needs to be exercised. I have not dropped my lantern in it yet but it fits well and it's easy to put on and take off. You need this if you got a UCO candle lantern.


This neoprene cocoon is perfect for storing my candle holders in my go bag, as it gives good protection from dings and gives me a little more space than the original boxes that I had been using. The fit is snug and completely covers them, a very good product for your survival/camping needs.


Just got my Cocoon for my decades old red UCO candle lantern, it's former cover/case was a fleece sleeve with a string tie lock, I like the thickness of the foam and it fit's my lantern like a glove, packaging was bubble wrap envelope, everything is ok, thank you.


Just the right thing to go in my Hurricane kit. This small case fits just fine for me to protect the candle lantern. It will probably not receive heavy usage, but I have no complaints about it at all. Great addition to my supplies.


These seem great so far. Bought the first one for the full size UCO Candle Lantern. Liked it so much bought a second one for the mini lantern. The neoprene is more than 1/4" thick should provide good protection.


this is the perfect item for protecting your lantern. the lantern fits perfectly. the cocoon has a snug fit and your lantern shouldn't come out of it accidentally. absorbs shock nicely.highly recommend.


I always worried about breaking the mantle on my lantern so this was an ideal way to protect it. It's lightweight and fits like a glove. It's much better then the drawstring bag I had it in.


This item was something I needed for the last couple of years. Lanterns fit very well into them with very good protection. Used for a year now, and heldup very well. Thank you.


Really thick neoprene keeps my UCO nice and safe.Haven;t dropped it yet but I think it would survive a fall from chest height given the thickness of it.


Does what it is intended, close fitting protection. Doesn't shift around in the neoprene case. The pricing is a little high because it's name brand.


It is functional, and I can see how it will protect my candle lantern.It would be a little better if it was reinforced where the glass would be.
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