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I bought this because I like the ambiance of candles and lanterns. This is a great way of setting the mood. I also wanted it for disaster preparedness. Candles don't go bad if stored properly. Buy a box or two of candles and a Candlelier and you have a dependable light source that should be ready to go for decades. Candles might be more expensive than bulk buy batteries for LED flashlights, but you don't ever have to worry about them going bad.The Candlelier puts out 5000 btus of heat, and tests on Youtube show that in an hour or two it should heat up a small cold space by 10 or 20 degrees depending. I haven't tested this myself, but I believe it.I wanted to try the Candlelier ability to boil small amounts of water.Most disaster preparedness stoves you might keep around like the Trangia alcohol stove or cans of Sterno are not to be used indoors as they emit harmful amounts of carbon monoxide. Now suppose your'e in a rustic cabin and the weather has gone to heck and you don't feel like going outside to cook with your other stove options. It will take a while, but you can cook a meal safely indoors with the Candlelier. I used a TOAKS 750ml titanium pot filled with exactly 2 cups of water, put the lid on, and put it on the Candlelier. In 1 hr 10 min I got the 2 two cups of water to a simmer-boil of about 185 F degrees. This is where lots of barley sized bubbles are coming up, but the water has not come to a 212 F degree rolling boil. There are several states of boiling, but it's important to remember that a temperature of 175 will destroy all active bacteria, yeast, and fungi, and 185 degrees is plenty hot for most cooking needs. I have no doubt the Candlelier can get 2 cups of water in a small pot with a tight fitting lid up to 212 F, but I believe it would take so long as to not be worth it.It's also important to remember that if you want to try boiling water with your Candlelier, you should use a small 750ml class pot with a tight fitting lid. If you leave the lid off, it's never going to boil. If you use a standard cooking pot from the kitchen, it'll probably never boil. And remember, it should get up to an 185 F simmer-boil in an hour or so, but it might take a great deal longer to get up to a 212 F rolling boil. Luckily, for almost all practical purposes, 185 F should work fine.Addendum: My boil test was performed at sea level in a 70 F room. Your mileage will vary depending on altitude and ambient temperature. UCO is a Seattle based company so when they say it will boil water, I believe they mean at sea level. I have no idea how long it would take to boil 2 cups of water at higher elevations. The Candlelier should never be your first choice for cooking in a disaster scenario. However, if you have a Solo Stove, Sterno cans, etc, and don't feel like going outside to use them, and you have time to kill, the Candlelier will step up to the plate, while at the same time putting out a worthwhile amount of light and heat and seriously cheering the place up.
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Great item for camping and emergency when the power goes out. Generates a lot of heat, great for power outage in winter. I will order another one to keep in my emergency gear in my car in case I get stuck on the road in a Blizzard and I am force to remain in my car until help arrive. This and a good wool blanket may do the difference between survival and death in a emergency.I remove one star because of the poor packaging it arrived in. the box containing the UCO was inside a bigger box without any packaging cardboard or those plastic balloons. So the UCO box was free to move around inside the bigger box and it got smashed up good. When I opened it the aluminum top was bent out of shape.It took me a good 30 minutes to fix the prongs so they will hold as they are suppose to. We pay good money for this item. It should arrive ready to work and not needing to be repaired before using it.If you find this review helpful please consider hitting the thumbs up, thank you.
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I was looking for a safe product not only to heat and light the cuddy on my sailing boat. This product seems to do both very very well. It is compact and throws enough light to read by. As a by-product it supplies a reasonable amount of heat for a small area. The candler light is variable ie you don't have to light all three candles. I was worried about Carbon monoxide emissions inherent with oil/gas lamps/ and or Gas heaters in such a confined space as a cabin or tent. One natural safety feature is, if the oxygen is depleted in the space available of course the candle goes out. I have dropped and knocked over the lamp a couple of time it also seem to be fairly fire safe. All round excellent product for my use.I also have a single candle version of this lamp but I find it a little dull ie short of light. One small draw back is you can only buy the replacement candles on line, but you can get citronella ones to keep the mossies at bay.
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I got this for my husband for Christmas, and it has been a huge hit for him (and me). We like to use it in the house a lot for little candle light dinners and romantic light. We like that the flame is fairly contained, and it produces SO MUCH LIGHT. We had been using a little single candle lantern, and we still like that, but this 3 candle one gives off way more light. With it sitting on the table, I can read and write comfortably.So far, the candles have lasted a little over a month (and are still burning). The bottom comes out easily to light the candles, and it stays firmly in place as we hang it up in our room, or move it to the table. We can't wait to take this camping!As far as durability,will it handle a drop down a flight of stairs? Nope. But, it seems well enough built for the wear and tear of regular use and camping, so we are happy enough with that!
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Neat little lanterns. Great for car camping. Light weight but we do a fair amount of backpacking and would likely no want to carry the extra weight of the candles and the bulk of the lantern but these are awesome for lighting up a camping spot or just giving some ambiance to a backyard patio etc. They have a really cool design that pushes the candles up into the lantern from the bottom as they burn down. I have purchased this as well as 2 of the single candle lanterns. I will say that these are really cool and I was surprised at how much I liked them They give off a pretty decent amount of light as well and will light up your camp kitchen easily.So I would say these are great if you are looking for a little of that old school camping charm mixed with some new school tech.
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I bought two lamps from UCO: this named Candlelier and the Mini lamps. Both of them work very well, being quite bright for their size. The only problem I have is the rather deceptive coloring scheme of the Candlelier. I bought the Aluminum version because I thought the exterior at least looks like polished Stainless-Steel (and the exterior still looks like shiny steel when I used the close look function). Instead, the Candlelier was truly Aluminum (and quite white at that).I am still extremely satisfied with the lamps, though. I was able to get the small cup of water to boil and that would be perfect for my road trip. I do not really care about the exterior coloring anyway.


I owned a single candle candle lantern made by UCO since about 1989. It has been very good and provided a lot of heat for my little backpacking tents when it was cold out. Now I own a small vacation trailer and this 3 burner lantern not only lights the trailer up, but it warms it very nicely. I would recommend this 3-candle lantern to anyone that camps out once in a while as well as to people that want to prepare for the danger that is the new world order. The candles burn down pretty quick, but are easy to replace. DO NOT USE TEALIGHT CANDLES. This lantern is strong, sturdy and well-designed, even the factory packaging was good and Amazon Prime was beyond fast.


used as a tent "heater" while winter camping. had it near the corner inside a fry pan, kept the air in the three season tent "warmer" than the -20C outside temp. Not the suggested usage for this, but worth the experiment. kept the tent warm enough that breath wasn't instantly turning in to a cloud. also nice for warming the metal canteen on to take the chill out of the drinking water. not enough heat for a boil.the white 9 hour candles are as advertised. lit all three at 1800 when the sun went down. one went out between 0200 and 0300, second an hour later, and the last one finally went out as the sun was coming up at 0700.


I bought 2 of these for camping and burning citronella candles. It worked as I expected. The bugs were minimal at 5' or so.As for light, it puts out much less light than a hurricane lantern burning citronella oil. (hence, - 1 star.) It does put out a gentle glow and will provide enough light to avoid trip hazards in the woods. It's also a great marker for the tent entrance.As for safety, you can knock this on its side and eventually the candles will snuff themselves out. I'm more comfortable with my kids using these rather than hurricane lanterns with kerosene. (hurricane preparedness).


I didn't realize that the lantern had a metal plate on top for heating food, etc. It has a long handle, which I like. The candles are secure inside the metal holders so they do not tilt or fall. The springs inside the metal holders keep the candles pushed up to the top, and there is a viewing window to see how much of the candles are left. The lantern seems to be of good quality. I hesitated on spending the money because it seems pricey, but I'm glad that I finally did. After seeing it in person, I feel much better about the safety of the lantern [cats, children knocking it over].


Works great, has a glass globe so wind won't blow it out, and spring loaded candles. I bought beeswax ones for replacements. They last longer and have a pleasant, subtle scent, and are 100% natural. I keep two of these on hand for emergencies, plus a couple of oil lamps so I am always prepared for power outages. They complement each other nicely, and with a few votive candles for the bathrooms, I am ready to power out. I haven't used these for camping, but think they would be all right for inside the tent, but not bright enough for outside at a picnic table.


Like the red color, dislike flimsy heat shield Saw a video on YouTube, Uco candleier by Prius stealth camper to convert to oil candles more heat longer run time cheaper. I use 2 lanterns 4 oil candles each to heat the interior of my 95 jeep zj winter camping, lowest o-side temp 28 degrees i-side temp 86 degrees heat 6-7 hrs. Amazon Must have!!!!!! Buys kidde C-O monitor for safety Voda heat activated fan, and of course a FIRE EXT. Within arms reach tested snoq. Pass, fs. 70 road greenwater Wa. Unreal warmth for camping,with out running vehicle.


We have been using this lantern for about four years and love it. It looks as new as when we got it. The citronella candles do send the bugs away. I tend to have 2 normal candles and one citronella candle in. It does let off warmth - enough to heat a medium tent living area. I have not tried to heat anything up with it. It feels safe and has a comfortable glow - enough to read with but still be atmospheric. I would recommend this to everyone I know. One of my better camping purchases ??


I was totally excited and anxy to use this lattern when it got home. Last night I lit the candles at 7:00 pm and this morning at 7 am one candle burned out, the other two burned out about an hour from each other after 7 pm. I tucked a blanket underneath the bedroom door and through the night the room was decently warm enough to avoid turning on the furnace. Great investment and a great backup if you find yourself suddently homeless, living in your car and needing warmth.


This lantern is amazing at heating up a van or vehicle when car camping. It won't keep you warm if the temps are below 40 degrees F, but it definitely takes the chill out of the air on cool nights. The top gets hot enough to boil water for tea, so yeah - it puts out some heat. The candles are expensive, but there are YouTube hacks for making your own. Easier and cheaper to buy them unless you use it daily tho. No odor, no smoke, just light, and heat. Highly recommend.
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