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I initially ordered this for use on longer tent-camping trips but, in practice, find we're using it for far more purposes than just camping, mostly at home and outdoors.It is a substantial table made from aluminium hence it is weatherproof won't rust from rain-splashes and it is relatively lightweight (6.9kg)for its size. Assembly took me about 5 minutes and involves little more than opening out the frame, ensuring the corner brackets are straight, slotting the table tops into place then adding the brace to secure the frame. It is accurately machined, good quality throughout and all parts fold together, slot together and meet exactly as they should.Once assembled it is very sturdy and an adjustable leg ensures it won't wobble on rough, uneven ground. Beneath the table surface a medium-weight storage net holds either cooking utensils and crockery or, for the family with young children, colouring books, toys and games used on the table. At 140cm long x 79cm wide and 70cm high, it is a generous and comfortable size for four adults to sit around for meals with plenty elbow room and personal space making for relaxed, leisurely mealtimes and social occasions.In addition to using on camping trips, it has adopted many other uses at our home where it is a very convenient spare foldaway table used for outdoor family meals, entertaining indoors and out, a craft and hobbies table and I could also see it being perfect for car boot sales where its strong and sturdy build with quick assembly will withstand being carried between venues and it will amply durable and robust to handle regular setting up and down. Its generous 79cm depth is also ideal for displaying a range of stock. Mostly, however, it's a super, quality outdoor table, highly versatile, sturdy and there's no need to panic about it rusting in unexpected rain.We've used this table a lot over the last month during the bright, sunny, spring weather and anticipate it remaining in regular outdoor use throughout the summer and autumn then continuing to be used indoors as a spare table when needed - and is a much more practical and presentable table for indoor use than the plastic patio table we've been using until now! Then, when not in use it folds into its storage bag, 140x22x14cm approx, and can be stored taking minimal space in the corner of a shed, garage or outhouse.I couldn't imagine anyone being disappointed by this table and would definitely recommend it for camping and both outdoor and indoor use.
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A great camping table. When packed, it is contained in a bag, a large side pocket holds the 2 sets of tabletop parts, and the main compartment holds the frame and supports. Assembly was a little awkward at first but soon figured it out. I opened the frame and put the middle strut into place, opening the frame fully to lock it. I then put the 2 ends in place, hooking one end over the metal and then slightly pushing the end of the frame in to allow the other part to hook on. I then inserted the bottom brace. All that is left is to install the top. Finally, if you want, a net can be suspended underneath.Overall, a great height, sturdy with an adjustable foot to allow a steady and level table.You still need the space to store and transport it. This is ideal if you go camping and you want a permanent table set up while away, as it is sturdy enough for that. Takes a little time to assemble, but worth it.
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Okay, first the good news about this table. It's surprisingly solid given its weight, it is easy to carry in its sort of backpack. and I like the adjustable leg which makes it easy to use on uneven ground. It's a good size, and being slightly slatted means if it rains the water won't pool too much. I also quite like the mesh basket which sits under the table.My only real issue with it is when would you use it - I have other folding tables at home ideal for entertaining when I need an extra surface. I can see this being useful for picnics when out and about but it does take quite a while to put together. It strikes me as being something that's good for market stalls or similar when you want a table but don't have the space for much storage.If you can get past the logistics /time it takes to build the table then it's brilliant, but I'm docking it a point for practicality.
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You never wholly know until the goods arrive, but I have to say that I’m really impressed with this table.It’s similar construction to a previous table I’ve used - which was about half the size of this one and it seems as easy to assemble, stable and made of decent grade materials. It’s saving grace is it’s speed of erection, which means that you’ve got a fully functioning artifact in minutes really.For all those people who can’t quite fit every single spare cup and plate on to your camping table then this one comes with a useful mesh net bag that clips underneath it for additional worry-free storage.I’ve yet to try it in the field, but I do like the facility to make the legs enlarged too - which I suspect will come in handy on uneven ground.It all packs away into a neat little sack - which keeps all those important bits protected until their next outing.
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Considering it’s called a travel camping table I think you would have to have arms of steel and a body to match as it’s so heavy. Even the box says heavy item. So I wouldn’t imagine many people taking this in their car or motorhome and carting it about due to the weight of it. It’s ideal though if you need an emergency table in your kitchen or garden for parties as it will hold heavier stuff on it. It’s big for sure and you could get a family around it easily so yes if using in garden for summer then needing extra table room come Christmas it’s a dual function table. It does store down flatter not totally flat at all but goes into its carry bag all I will say is that I would like to put the carrystrap over my shoulder and try to carry it.I did think initially it would be great for taking on picnics but cause of the weight it’s just garden use for us.
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What a super easy table this is too assemble. It only takes a few minutes, then you have a family sized table measuring 140x80x70cm. The table comes with it's own carry bag, keeping everything neat and tidy and weighs in at only 6.9kg. Made from strong weatherproof aluminium, the table can support a maximum weight of 30kg, making it perfect for outdoor use. The table has a removable mesh polyester net under the table, where you can store all your picnic needs. I have used this table at home and on away days, even on uneven ground the table can easily be made stable due to one leg of the table being adjustable. If you have been looking for a descent table that can accommodate four adults plus extra storage area,then look no further. This table is built to last and easy to transport, so therefore it's 5* from me folks.
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This is not the table to take with you on a hiking holiday. It needs a vehicle for transport. Something to use on a camping or caravan holiday. Once it is up, it's a semi- permanent feature. It will easily seat six adults.The table comes nicely packed in a carrier bag. When you need to dismantle it, it all fits back in without too much difficultly. Assembly is not difficult. It's fairly intuitive and fits together well. For a temporary table, it is strong, made of aluminium, and relatively light weight (bearing in mind the previous comment). The netting underneath is useful for storing utensils and other bits and pieces to give you a bit more space around the tent or caravan.Overall a verywell made and versatile table.
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Nice size table for Sunday Car Boot. I usually dig out an old wallpaper pasting table from the shed for car boots, but this is much more portable and takes up a lot less space in the boot. Its fairly easy to assemble, simply pop up the frame and attach the slats.It’s much wider than a wallpaper table which again is better for car boots and its rainproof, plus there’s a handy mesh netting that clips under the table to store bags and bits out the way so your not having to leave them on the floor.It comes in a very hand storage bag with straps and is pretty lightweight at under 7kg. Easy to chuck in and out the car.


Great size. Ideal height when used with camping chairs (not too high). Good design. Stable. One adjustable leg is enough to prevent the table from wobbling. Useful net underneath to store plates etc. I spent ages looking for the right camping table and this is it.


Bit time consuming setting up (10 minutes from new) maybe we were just impatient. Quicker second time round because we knew where everything went. Brilliant table. Good for occasional table or camping etc.


I use this table at craft fairs. Lightweight and compact, easy for me to carry on my shoulder. Only takes a few minutes to assemble, and it's really strong and sturdy. Love it.


Very nice quality table for our family of 5. It is sturdy and packs away nice in our trailer tent. Highly recommend.


Excellent product for two people, plenty of space. Easy to assemble.


Great for camping or extending an indoor table.
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