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My tripod chair arrived well packed and in perfect condition. It is light and easy to carry over one shoulder, so I will be using it regularly. It feels as sturdy to sit on as can be expected from a foldable tripod seat. I am 5' 4" and weight 10st and feel fairly comfortable on it. I will mainly be using it for photographing at a lower angle but will also use it as an emergency seat for long days out. The fabric is strong and the foot covers seem firmly fixed. Though, because of another buyers comments, I will keep an eye on them and glue if necessary. I appreciate that people taller and heavier than me may not be as happy as I am with this stool but I have given a five star rating,not because it's a perfect chair or really comfortable, but because it does exactly what it is made to do, that is provide a very light weight, emergency seat.
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Absolutely worth its weight in gold! On a recent trip to Italy, where we were doing a lot of sightseeing, this came in very handy when were were standing while the guide was talking. I have a back and leg problem and find difficulty in standing so this was a Godsend for me.Its lightweight and fitted in the suitcase without any trouble. The strap is not long enough to go over your shoulder but you can carry but we put it in the backpack (feet sticking up) and yes, it did stick out a bit but it did not cause us any problems.Dont worry too much about thinking you are going to be too heavy for it as its a very sturdy little thing and I felt completely safe sitting on it.


My old Mum is 73 now and falling apart :-) She still loves to get out and about, but is getting to that age where prolonged physical activity requires regular breaks. The ideal solution is for her to be able to sit down at a moment's notice wherever she is. This little stool is perfect for that and is small and light enough for her to carry on her shoulder without causing any additional energy drain.I can't speak for its longevity yet as she's only had it a few weeks. But by all accounts, it's going down very well. So on behalf of my 73 mother, highly recommended :-)


Tripod Folding Stool:Thank you for efficient service in providing the product I needed at such short notice.It was perfect for the situation in which I used it. I feel sure I shall be able to use it on many occasions in the future.It was light, strong, foldable and therfore taking up little space and supplied in a carrier bag which made it easy to transport.I used it at Cofton Park during the Pope's visit. Ideal for such a crowded congregation. I was able to move about for a better view and to meet friends in various parts of the park.


I was looking for a tripod to take with me whilst travelling and this product as surpassed my expectations. This product is very conferable to sit on through various terrains. Personally I have tried it whilst fishing, on grass and rocky surfaces and have not had any issues with grip. Although this tripod comes with a bag I do not personally use it and just utilise the should strap on the tripod.Overall this product is brilliant and I highly recommend it.Update: I have had this product for over 3 years and its still fully functioning.


Good quality low cost folding seat. Got this to fit in my backpack, but with fixings it actually fits to the pack. It comes in its own carry bag. The operation is so simple, unfold and it's ready to use. Long term sitting may be uncomfortable, but for rests or occasional sitting of periods around 10-15 minutes it's ideal.Only used intermittently so far do cannot vouch for long term use. Material and legs look and feel sturdy


I've used this product for many things. For cleaning my car tyres and wheels, cleaning the car rubber carpets (on the floor), sitting at a park and enjoying the view, and sometimes I put it in my car trunk for any emergency situations. I'm a 178cm and 90kgs guy but this product can bear me very well. There is no sign of damage at all. I bought this product on July 2017.Price / performance ratio is outstanding


I looked at various Tripod Chairs and came across this one, it is perfect, very strong and sturdy, yet light to carry which being disabled was important to me. Folds up very neatly and held in place with a velcro fastening. Comes in its own carry bag which makes transporting it around so much easier.Going to shows I can't always get a seat so having this with me makes life so much easier.


Failed to notice this was for kids and bought it for myself - was slightly surprised that it seemed a bit low first time I used it but was actually comfy enough for 20 mins or so and fits easily on the side of my 28ltr walking pack so perfectly happy! It's lost a star cos the toggle on the cover disintegrated on first use - doesn't look hugely compact but good enough for casual use.


This is everything I wanted it to be. Small, light, folds easily and has its own little bag (although you really don't need it)Surprisingly comfortable to sit on, even for fairly long periods. Use it for photography when using tripod, makes things much better, more comfortable. For reference I am 6' and 15 stone and can sit in it with no problems, feels stable.Recommended.


This is a great little stool and very sturdy. My main gripe is that the little foot covers came off the first time I used it in grass, now it sinks into the ground unless I use it on concrete. I wish I could buy new covers because it is quite font for its size. It is quite low, and due to knee problems I find it very difficult to get up from it! However, that’s my problem!


This is an excellent product and we got it for good price. I was always looking for one. We used it for London fire works on New years eve and sat on it for nearly 4 hours and it was comfortable. It is easy to carry. You have to watch out in the underground as the stick might hit some one on the back. You should hold it vertical.


Very light so should be easy to take in a backpack for a day outing. Takes my weight (around 85kg). Not the most comfortable but not of these designs are - they keep you off the ground and are easy to set up. Carry bag useful extra. Small, so not for those with weak knees when it comes to getting up again.


I took these to Glastonbury Festival (2019) for me and a friend. They were good, not the comfiest because they don't have a back but we sacrificed that for the portability. They're slightly too long to go in a backpack but you can hang them off a bag fairly easily if the stools are in their carry cases.


As i have difficulty walking any dstance, this is ideal when I need to sit down. Bought primarily for a forthcoming holiday. Packs up really compact, not much bigger than a fold up umbrella. Nice touch is the carry handle on the stool, in addition to the carry case. Fast delivery a great buy.
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