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It's true, I do. This is -not- an unbiased review.Trangia burners last for ever. They are slow, need a priming pan mid winter, can be a pain to get to simmer and there are lighter stoves out there now. Pepsi can penny stoves are about as cheap and light as you can get, and if you build them properly are darn good too.This is just the burner. It needs a pan rack and wind shield as well. I bought this as a backup/second unit for my Swedish Military kit so if one burner runs out, just light the second one, transfer the wind shield across and carry on. I could/should plan my fuelling better :-)For making your own cookset, either a Trangia or Penny stove is perfect. Lets face it, there is nothing to go wrong.I don't do backpacking or bicycle touring, but do enjoy solo touring on my motorbike and to me, there is nothing more pleasant than being in the middle of nowhere with silence as company, watching the blue flame.The forced relaxed pace over a gas stove adds to it for me. Add to that they almost never go wrong, are cheap to fuel and as simple as a stone.Yes, I am a zealot. Those who used to use them and went to gas only regale me with tales of how good theirs was. Gas users mock us, but remain fascinated by our stoves and the rituals we perform to make our brew. More than once I've had "I've got to get one of those"Come, join us on the slow side and see why we reject so many whizzo turbo flames having tried them and keep returning to our beloved Trangia and Optimus Primus type 96 stoves.
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I've always fancied one of these, but never bothered getting one, always used gas. Since getting serious about wildcamping and hillwalking I decided to give a Trangia a go and I love it, it's now my main stove.These are almost indestructible, a beautifully simple design that has lasted. You pour a small amount of meths into the reservoir, screw the top on and stick it in your pocket - they don't leak. When lit, they take a minute to settle down, then act like a gas ring. Cheap, ever lasting, fuel is cheap, functional. For anyone thinking of getting one of these for the first time, do be aware that the Trangia is just a burner, you have to support your pan / kettle on something additional.Generally used with army mug / windproof shield / stand kit, I find these too large and so use my Trangia with a Honey Stove which, combined, makes a brilliant setup comparable with any gas affairs my mates carry. Obviously you can make a stand out of rocks, sticks, small hole in the ground, etc.Meths is about £2 a bottle and that lasts me about 5 weekends, maybe more.One tip to try is adding 10% water to your meths, it makes for a hotter, cleaner burn and eliminates soot deposits.Just running some real life tests as I have never timed things before and a full Trangia just burned for an amazing 36 mins and boiled over half a pint of water (a standard mug) in 4:30 mins on pure meths and 3:50 using 90%/10%, both using the Honey Stove 4 plate configuration with the Trangia on the mid setting.
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Bought this for Leeds Festival this year since they don't allow aerosol-based stoves in the camping grounds. The beauty of this bit of kit lies in its simplicity. It's made out of pressed brass, comes with a lid and, in this case, the little flame adjuster that you normally would have to buy seperately with the cheaper stoves. I'd looked at the full sets that don't require anything else to cook with (Google "Swedish Mess Kit" for a full kit) but decided I couldn't afford the lot.There are some excellent tutorials out there on how to make pot stands and windshields for these burners, I found a Youtube search of "Trangia Stove DIY" provided some brilliant ideas on how to make your own cookset on the cheap.Combining this cracking little burner with a home-made pot-stand/windshield,I had four cups of water on a rolling boil in about ten minutes, and could easily have warmed up a tin of beans, etc. in about five minutes.Of course, you can buy the full kits, and I would certainly recommend Trangia's products for their quality. However, if you've got a bit of time on your hands, and want to save a bit of money, it only took an old paint-tin and half an hour with a drill to make a very reasonable stand/shield.Very highly recommended, good robust little stove, very easy to use and very flexible in terms of how you want to set it up.
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Very good alcoholstove. Can't really go wrong with this in my opinion.It will hold a fair amount of alcohol. I have forgotten how much, but it's close to what my extra bottle can hold, so roughly 120 ml inside the Trangia. The rubberseal works very well, and you can infact transport the Trangia with alcohol in it. I've done that before, worked fine. Beside that, I just carry another 120 ml. of alcohol in a small bottle. Important NOT to use the lid with the seal to put out the fire, so you don't ruin the rubberseal. Whats also so great about the Trangia is that its small, lightweight and it's really cheap to run, compared to gasstoves.I have done a series of burntests, and the burntime depend alot on the conditions.Tests done without simmerring.Tests were done with 93% Ethanol, denatured. And boiled in a pathfinder cup, ontop of a Lixada folding woodstove.For comparison:30 ml. of alcohol will burn for 8 minutes INSIDE and bring 500 ml. of water up to 95 Celsius30 ml. of alcohol will burn for 7 minutes OUTSIDE and bring 500 ml. of water up to 80 Celsius40 ml. of alcohol will burn for 8 min. 30 sec. OUTSIDE and bring 500 ml. of water up to 95 CelsiusA full Trangia will burn for 25-30 min. OUTSIDE
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I love cooking with trangia alcohol stoves, I've cooked all kinds in the outdoors using trangia alcohol stoves, steak and ale stews, stir fry , curry, steak, burgers on my YouTube channel Gaziano Outdoors.I suggest buying a windshield to go with it as the wind will make your fuel burn down quicker, these stoves are so small and lightweight just add meths or bio-ethanol to the trangia and light, weight a minute for it to bloom then you are ready to go, you will need a cooking stand though for your pot before you can cook.You can even use 3 or 4 tent pegs to rest your pot on over a trangia.I like how quiet these stoves are compared to most gas stoves so good for stealth camping ,gas stoves can sound really loud in the woods at night or in the morning.My favourite way to cook is using alcohol stoves outdoors, so relaxing and easy to use, you can pick the fuel up at a low price too in bulk.I'm pleased with the purchase, highly recommend trangia alcohol stoves they will last year's , quiet, lightweight, compact, little stoves!!
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Excellent little stove. I got two. I have a Campingaz stove, and a stand alone Go System type, but I wish I'd known about these Trangia ones. Watched the You Tube vids, and I'm gutted at buying the more larger ones. Man you can put one in your pocket. Bergen coming next. So I feel a pure clown for ordering the other stoves. Lesson learned. These wee stoves fit into the top of a can of soup. So for a burning ring, just find someone who has a saw that can cut cans in half, and off you go. Tuna Fish cans would work I think, no need to cut them in half. Though you'd need to cut bottom off. I'd bury mine, then put the ring on, more stable, no need for sitting holdings pans.Well worth the money.Plus some of the vids I watched the guys were using one's that were like 15 years old, still going strong.Fuel is cheaper than Bluet gas. In fact just go right a head and get one. Then you'll get another. You won't need anymore, as they last.Sincerely...Paul Glancy.
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I can't fault it really! Does what it says it does, very slight leakage once but I think that's more to do with me not screwing the lid on quite tight enough. Nice hot flame, blooms quickly. For those who don't know that much about alcohol/meths stoves, the difference between this and the cheaper knock-offs is usually mostly about the wick inside. I don't know what it's made from but this just seems far superior to every other burner I've used or made. Many others that look the same don't have any wick at all inside the wall. It's a bit heavier than others, but it feels like it could last a lifetime. Also, being a reputable brand, any spare parts are relatively easy to come by rather than just replacing it if something does go wrong.Also, compatible windscreens etc are likely to be made to the Trangia's specification due to its popularity. For quickly brewing up, pretty much this is the quickest and easiest way I have.
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They've been making these brass Trangia burners in Sweden for donkey's years. Since 1925. With practically no change in design. Why? Because it's a classic. Not the speediest burner, (gas canister stoves are much quicker, like the MSR Pocket Rocket), certainly not the lightest, (Evernew titanium stoves are pretty good but don't have a screw top lid), though it's pretty light really, but certainly one of the most durable. You can stand on it, (unlike a hobo coke-can ultralight spirit burner). And the best thing is that it has a screw cap, which means you can carry a day or two's fuel with you in it. And if you don't use all the fuel you can keep it in there for next time. Holes get clogged up?Use a pin. Adjust heat/flame size by rotating the top cap. Close cap to turn it off. The Swedish military have used these for nearly 100 years. Easy and simple. It works. The Land Rover of stoves.
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At home worked very well. Very simple design and highly functional it delivers a awful lot of heat and it is extremely light in weight. If you use this Triangia combined with a windscreen, such as a military stove, the fuel will burn faster due to the high temperature reached within the enclosure. I cooked a meal today and it works perfectly. The only downside is the cost of the fuel and its smell. 2 Litres of Methylated spirits in Uk are sold at £20. The smell of burned Methylated can be a problem as it tends to irritate the norsills, and eyes, so ensure you are in a ventilated area when using Triangia, or put the stove outside your tent regardless of the weather conditions,otherwise better use a different kind of fuel like pure alcohol which is odorless.
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This is a very lightweight methylated spirit burner. Using a readily available fuel which can be got from chemists and online from DIY stores. I use this with the Trangia triangle and together they make a very compact stove that does not blow out and will burn constantly for a decent time. I keep mine in a ziplock bag inside my billy can. Filled full before a short day trip I managed to make a tin of soup and boil a half can of water for both tea and cleaning up stuff. Had well in excess of 2/3rds left. I'd imagine 20-30 mins of continual burning. But after I'd set up my camp fire it gets put out. Easy to light and refill. Smells a bit if kept in a pack without being able to air it!Prefered over those gas canisters any day! Recommended! PCS
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There are many spirit stoves on the market but this is the best all round burner. Easy to light the stove quickly gets into running mode and will boil a mug full of water in about 4 minutes. The simmer ring is easy to adjust, which is not the case with slightly cheaper competitors. Once the cooking is done simply snuff out the flame, using the simmer ring to avoid melting the 'O' ring gasket. Allow to cool for a couple of mintes then screw the cap down to preserve any unburnt fuel. The seal is good and the stove can be stowed in a pocket without fear of leaks.Recomended for hikers, bikers and anyone who needs a reliable method of boiling water that is small and light to carry.


This is my first spirit stove, and after using gas and hexi stoves for many years I can't believe I haven't tried 1of these before ! Compact and light weight perfect for my rucksack, cheap file and available in the high street b&w wilko home bargains ect. Lights really easy and books water almost as quick as your average gas stove. The simmer function on the extinguishing lid is awesome so handy for cooking food without boiling it to oblivion. Really well made I've had no issues with West and tear after using in it for over 6months, camping, hiking,fishing at the beach and just in the garden. Brought the Lixda cross stand at same time really cheap and works great !


have made these out of coke/beer cans but the original trangia wins hands down because you just add meths tightly close screw lid put in your rucksack and away you go no spill,old coke can ones are dodgey trying to put out and they can easy leak the trangia has a snuff lid [just let cool down so don't melt rubber O ring ,you need a little stand like a hexy burner stove or make one out of 2 bits of strong wire [like the stand made on youtube called prepper stove ]simple to make.the trangia works great with honey stove set up ,cant rate the trangia highly enough this little stove can be a life saver.so forget cheap makes the trangia lasts a life time.


Leak proof design, so you can put your fuel inside and put the ready-to-use stove in your backpack."Must have" for any outdoor enthusiast that likes to travel light and with minimal kit.The only problem is, that depends on the fuel used, flame might not be visible and if you'll try to add some fuel...you might end up with some problems. Just make sure to put out the flame first and also make sure that the stove is cooled down before you'll put the screw cap on, so you won't melt the rubber seal inside of the cap(but even if you do, you can get the replacement seals<pack of 2> for £2 in your local outdoor store).Highly recommended!


I use this inside my titanium Honey Stove. its great wen wood is not obtainable or it is raining. Meths is a superb and safe fuel anfd this meths burner isextremely sturdy and tough compared to the flimsy aluminium ones and it holds fuel so you do not have to measure out portions for each burn and the simmer rinmg allows simmering , which is not possible with an aluminium or titanium burner. Its only drawback is its weight of just over 100 grams but its advantages far outweigh this small consideration for all but the most extreme untralight backpacker.
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