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The trangia stove series (whatever flavour you choose) are; in their design principles... exactly the same. A lower and upper wind shield, mated together by twist locking latches. A pan set, a kettle and a burner. The flavours change of course by their pan choice (non-stick/ultra light) and the 25 series is simply bigger. Non stick pans are the quality non stick surface type, not the cheap non stick coating. I compare it to my best tefal pan at home...that's how good!Now here is the good bit! The trangia stove is amazing in whatever flavour. Its design is unrivalled, in that not one other package gives such a complete setup in such a compact design. No other manufacturer has created a product that does what trangia stoves do!Yes they come close but they always somehow ruin it with a features that tries to win the mass market (like a super rubber coating for lovely ergonomic grip...said in a cheesy deep sales voice), where of course trangia does not, simply because it does not need to win the market by sales pitch or silly feature, it does it by simple quality design principle.The windbreaker for starters, is the best design you can find, its design uses wind direction; even if somewhat random direction, to bellow the flame. Heat travels up the side of the pans/kettle and not a lot of energy is wasted! And it's never gone out on me (gas or spirit burner) due to the wind!So if the pans are great quality and the wind breaker is amazing, all in a neat little package that tucks into itself, what else can you expect?The burner (Spirit) is quite the little gadget. I suspect most people did what I did when I bought my trangia and that is to opt for a gas burner thinking I would not use the spirit burner. What I found was that the spirit burner is a little gem! It is not simply a brass pit of meths! The design utilises the heat that the flame in the big hole in the middle creates, heat vaporises the fuel inside the container. Gas jets are created and the thing is literally is like a little gas ring on a cooker hood. You have to learn how to get the best from it, but I urge you, don't underestimate your spirit burner and throw it to ones side. When you can't find gas cartridge, I assure you someone will have spirits for sale that you can burn. P.S use the little gadget they send with the burner (simmer ring) you can slide the cover over the flame to dull its edge, my goal is to cook up a slow cooked curry one time with the simmer ring on in my billy can...things in the outdoors take time...you should know that, but good things come to those who wait. By the time the burner has boiled I'm sure in saying you will still be putting your tent up or be deep into conversation. (For the record it boils a full kettle in about 10 mins)Finally the gas burner...there is not much to say if I'm honest, it's a primus product and I think the only thing trangia about it is the name on top. As its primus it's a great quality gas burner, efficient on fuel, equipped (due to its double back fuel line setup) to cope with cold weather by pre-heating and vaporising the fuel in the line, and is a sturdy bit of kit that packs away into the kettle/pan space too. Its super fast and I can boil a kettle in a little under 3mins 30 seconds (on full pelt which saps fuel, 5 mins if you use it modestly)All in all I don't look back in buying my trangia; I only wish I could get what I paid for all those other rubbish products while trying to find something that works this well!Accessories include...well, have a browse but you won't get caught short of additions and my no.1 tip is the 2.5l billy for the 27 series the full stove packs into this even!...Amazing!Kind RegardsTony.
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I f you don't already have a Trangia set and are thinking about getting one then I'd highly recommend this. Its quite, light, versatile and durable. The two pots on my 27 series are a little small to cook a meal for two (without some jiggery pokery) but perfect for one person.The set isn't non stick though, but easy to clean (except for the H/A frying pan). The frying pan burnt my link sausages and was a nightmare to clean up. I had to use a scourer and a lot of elbow grease, some Cif and more elbow grease to remove the burnt in fat from the sausages. Lesson learned.I've used this in the winter on the West Highland Way for a week and loved it so much I've made it my go to multi-hike stove.It has everything except the fuel. I wouldn't recommend it for making a coffee if you want a quick brew mid hike or in a hurry to set off in the morning, but would highly recommend it for once you have set up camp and relaxing after a day in the hills or on the trail.I've since added the Trangia multi-disc and a non stick frying pan to replace the H/A one. I was going to but the Billy can at some point in the future and a Trangia bag but went with a Soto cook set instead and use a roll top dry bag to put the Trangia in.I've also toyed with getting the gas burner instead of the spirit burner, but since I already have several gas stoves and cook sets, opted for the Soto Navigator for use with the Vango folding stove and separate wind shield also from Vango. I also decided not to buy the kettle, as the pot can boil water any way, using the frying pan as a lid.One can't have too many cook kits :)
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To the dealer: Uncomplicated and easy order processing; fast delivery; safe and environmentally friendly outer packaging of the goods. For support I can not say anything, because no complaints, or questions were necessary, but it is likely that the service of Brügelmann works very professional. Five stars! To the Trangia 27-5UL Storm Cooker (2019): After nearly 75 years (produced since 1950), one can very well speak of a legend that lives up to its reputation. The ingenious (because simple and for this type of fuel nevertheless extremely efficient) basic concept remained the same from the beginning, only the materials were refined over time or adapted to the state of the art (Ultralight aluminum,Ultralight Hardanodized aluminum, Duosal, non - stick coating, etc .). The only thing the good Swedes could / should literally file for is the pliers grip, which is a bit sharp-edged, but this can be remedied in a minute with a 120-grit sandpaper. Furthermore, I wished for the standard delivery also a Steckkreuz-Ständer, which can be obtained for little money, but from other providers. I can hardly imagine that this useful utensil is patented and Trangia could not supply these two nested pieces of sheet metal ... In short, these two little things lead to the star deduction (that is, only 4 out of 5 stars), even though the legend still does everything it should and seems relatively light and very robust. Convinced, even flashed, of this product when a randomly-to-be-acquainted camper explained to me that his first and at the same time his last Trangia has been in use for around 23 years ...
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I had to write a review on this because it is simply the best stove to use while camping. Me and my brother went on a three day wild camp/hike I used this to cook all my meals while he used a gas one, but we both used this for hot drinks and believe me I drink a lot of tea, the kettle although small holds 2x mug fulls maybe a little more so ample for two.The boil/cook times are in my opinion very fast some people may disagree, my brother was aslo very impressed with the cook times and efficiency of the cookset.I didn't use the frypan so can't comment on sticking but it did make an excellent tea tray and dog water/food dish?.The fuel I used was bioethinol and again very impressed with fuelconsumption don't think I could have used more if I tried as I drank tea and ate hot meals as if I was at home maybe even more!One thing I would like to add that not many people mention is that because the fuel isn't in a windowless container like gas so you can see how much you have left so no risk of taking your quarter full gas canister and running out of fuel.As for the weight you have to add however much fuel your taking and for me because we were hiking mountains weight was quite an issue it not much heavier than most decent FULL cooksets, that said its all self contained and yes their are lighter cooksets out there but in my opinion non better than this, its like having a full kitchen in the great outdoors.
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The picture shows hammerfinished bowls, while the actual item is in black non-stick. Please update the misleading picture. 1 star minus.Otherwise, it's Trangia. Trangia is perhaps the king of the stove systems that follow its basic design. This will handle 1-2 people's need. 0.5L will boil with a gas burner adapter stove in 2:10-2:20 time range. That is pretty fast, in the similar league with Jetboil's time. Fuel consumtion is about 8-9g. Jetboil is much more efficient in fuel consumption, approx. 5-6g.But it's an overkill. The included alcohol stove is fail-safe, and in the outdoors, one's life does not depend on shaving minutes off of the boil time, so light it up and relax,and the water boils in good time. You can adjust the flame with the ring pretty much over the entire range of control--from simmer to rolling boil. Trangia 27 is rather a small one, and the alcohol stove throws more than plenty firepower.I chose to get one in not-stick coating with the kettle. I do have duossal, but it does not hurt to have the pot that cleans with a single wipe. I prefer using wooded utensil over plastic or metal on non-stick coating. It will keep from scratching. The little kettle is such a convenient item to have. Use one, and you will know.
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I've been after one of these almost iconic cook sets for a while and finally I have one and I'm not disappointed. It's very light and compact. No nonsense, it's simple and practical with very little frills. A bit rough round the edges even but a quick file of those rough edges should smooth those out. I was surprised at how quick it boils the kettle and how hot it gets. I can't wait to be out in the wildnerness knocking together some beautiful meals in the great outdoors. The first cook did discolour the bottom of the kettle but good, I want it black and well used it adds character. I have a fire stick and striker which made it very easy to light, I did try with a lighter just out of curiosity but I could t get the angle right.I'm sure a match would do the trick but I'll stick with the fire stick as who doesn't enjoy making huge sparks.So I've finally been out in the wildnerness with this. I can safely say it was the nicest scrambled egg and bacon sandwich I've ever had. The burner took a while to light as it was -1°C (using Vango Bio ethanol) but once it got going and with the extra oomph from the wind it booked us up a cup of tea and cooked up our lunch in no time.
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light and compact when packed up, this deceptively simple stove is very robust and well designed. it all fits together securely and it is easy to light and heats up a lot quicker than expected - a lot quicker than my previous gas stove. It functions well in pretty strong winds too, you can alter the airflow to the burner by spinning the base to place the vent either on the windward or leeward side of the stove. It runs on meths wich can be purchased from a camping store, it is worth investing in a safe storage bottle for the meths. You do have to be grown up and sensible about using this, meths can burn with a clear flame so may be lit even though it does not seem to be burning.Also I find it is worth wrapping the burner in a plastic bag before packaging up for transport of storage as any meths left on the burner can contaminate the inside of the cooking pots - your beans will be inedible unless you give a good scrub and rinse before using. I have had my trangia for 6 years now, there are a few dents in the pans but nothing which impairs function, I love it, it has been responsible for many culinary delights of dubious quality
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Back in the day when I was Sgt Roger Andout, this was the "must have" piece of kit. Compact, liteweight and reasonably soldier-proof, this unit saw much service at home and o/seas. Existing users, both military and civilian, will not need any endorsement from me for this outstanding piece of equipt. It is so stable that I once dried boots, sox and u/wear with it in a 2 man tent while on a mountaineering trip in Scotland; at least they felt warm the next morning!!. Performance wise, sufficed to say it will bring 1 lt. of very cold water to the boil, if you need it boiling, in 12 mins. Do bear in mind that meths ignites soonest at near body temp, so keep the full(ish)burner close to your body when in Winter condits and top up before it exhausts. My Trangy has the non-stick pan and the cookset still performs superbly after more than 25 yrs use, tho' I did have to replace the securing belt once!Tho' I've not tried it myself, those who have say you can drink the meths as well, but I shouldn't recommend it
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Hard to fault this product.Surely, there's smaller and/or lighter stuff out there; but the Trangia design is hard to beat for how practical it is. I've found myself using it at home, one day we had a power-cut and nothing was working. Good ol' meths burner made a 2 courses dinner in 30min and one fill of the burner. Brilliant.The accessories are well though too, the pot handle is rock-solid, so much better than flimsy handles found on those ultralight pots. Not talking about the Trangia Multidisc, what an awesome thing! Draining pasta from the pot is super-safe and quick and very convenient.Going back to "mix&match" ultralight pots and cooking sistems becomes a real chore.The Trangia is a solid piece of kit that will last.Just be careful to the non-stick frypan. One may get carried away, as it is wide and much more usable than those tiny 10cm ultralight titanium lids; the Trangia can actually cook well, but make sure you put oil or butter, and always stir/mix so the food won't stick at all.
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This is a great all around cooking system that Ive had for a couple of years now and have taken on numerous trips all across the UK in all conditions and it has yet to fail me.I have used this system in sub zero temps on windy mountain sides in deepest winter and on the beach in summer and its preformed to expectancy everytime.The gas burner can bring a litre of cold lake water to a boil in a few minutes while being fuel efficient.Ive cooked everything from flat bacon sausage and eggs to iron steaks and risotto, even plain old instant mash and tinned meatballs.5 years since I bought the stove and the nonstick is still holding up well and the pans are all easily sponge cleaned in hot soapywater.This smaller system is great for one or 2 people although its on the heavy side for one on a solo trip but its worth it for its storm shrugging, gourmet cooking performance.Replacement parts are cheap and accessories are readily available.Highly recommended.
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I've been using Trangias a long time and they are superb, a simple, stable design that will last and last. No quibbles with the Trangia.But:The photo above shows a gas burner with the valve in line with the gas hose, this is not what you'll get, you will get a gas burner with the valve at ninety degrees to the line of the gas hose.Probably not an issue for most users but, if you are heading either very high or expect to be using the stove in very cold conditions you may well be inverting the gas canister to avoid burning off all the propane in a mixed gas canister, leading to reduced pressure. The valve arranged in the way shown in the photograph works best for inverted canisters,the valve arranged as it is delivered does not.A small thing but possibly important to a minority of users. Be aware of it and plan accordingly.
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I’m a difficult person to please so it must be good to get 5 stars across the board.I bought it as I needed something for a short camping trip in the Forest of Dean and it more than lives up to its expectations. Saying that, it’s not something that will go to waste as my son is hoping to join the RAF and it can be passed on to him for when he deploys due it’s lightweight design.I used the Trangia recommended bio-ethanol and it was brilliant, boiled the kettle in next to no time at all and there was no soot left on the bottom. I would recommend getting the fuel bottle though.I didn’t buy mine through Amazon, I bought it second hand.Everything was a little bit greasy when it arrived after years of neglect but it all cleaned up a treat with hot soapy water and a some elbow grease. Very easy to clean.
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As a long term Trangia user and thinking my back packing days were over, I unfortunately allowed my original two stove sets to go to new homes a few years ago. My grandson decided he'd like to start outdoor pursuits and was pointed in my direction due to my experience as an outdoorsman, so now I've found myself rebuilding my kit and helping him along with his too. Any complaints about Trangia or possible changes in quality? Absolutely none and they're as good and reliable now as they were 40yrs ago when I bought my first Trangia stove set.Five Stars ***** for a Superb Piece of Equipment That's Capable - IF PROPERLY CARED FOR - of Outliving it's Owner.The only items I'd supplement the set withare a simple dish cloth/tea towel and/or washing up sponge for clean up before stowing pans away.
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I've had one of these for years and they really are the best cook set you can get for camping.1. Its really easy to use: the set all fits together to pack small and takes only a couple of minutes to assemble and get cooking.2. Fuel is easily obtainable: it runs on meths so fuel can be obtained from many hardware stores or chemists - in most countries.3. It's low maintenance: very simple design means there's little that can go wrong.4. It's small and light: so it's easy to carry or find space for it in the back of the car.5. Well made: they regularly last 20+ years.Minor drawbacks: the price - consider it a long term investment; with age the spirit burner can leak when packed - consider alternativepacking/sealing methods.
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I bought my trangia 20 years ago and it's still going strong. Only thing was the frying pan /lid has warped a little over the time but is not a big issue. Still works well. Especially in high winds. A great advantage is it all folds into itself for transportation. And yet when assembled is very stable and complete with windbreak, so feel confident to light it and do something else while it comes up to the boil. Unlike gas where your pot is balancing on the top.. and you are fearful of it toppling over or the wind blowing it out. Trangia is ultra reliable. No problem s ever. Another advantage is you can see how much fuel you have left.Personally I think it's a really economical way of cooking.
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