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Disclaimer: I have not use this for backpacking, hiking, etc. I used it as my sole cooking method on a boat for several consecutive months. Diamondspirit (google it) has a pretty in depth analysis of characteristics that are important for those uses.PRO: unbelievably quiet, when i first started using it i didnt think it was even lit. I have cooked on this thing a few hundred times, and though the wear shows a little bit, it still functions like newThe Kettle: get it, it takes up almost no volume by nesting in the smallest pot and holding the burner and handle inside, and is much better for boiling water than the pots. I thought it was gimmicky at first, i was so wrong.The handle stays cool unless the pot is on the flame for an unusual amount of time, then its a little warm but no melting plastic or anything.The pots: I like everything about them, theyre not perfect but i wouldnt know how to improve them that wouldnt compromise other qualities. Dont burn stuff to the bottom, and they are easy to clean. I like these more than most full kitchen cookware ive used, except the lid (the saute pan) doesnt fit as perfectly. oh shucks.The handle: Sturdy, clamps on firm and tight even after a few hundred uses and few abuses. It will get hot (obvi) if you keep it on the pot like you would if you were stir frying or sauteing, but an easy work around. Wish the kit included two. Get a second one if you can, it will come in handy.The stove: i was using the stove the "wrong" way (put the burner underneath the base of the wind shield so the flame went up through the center hole of the base, rather than IN the center hole of the base as it was designed to be used. Stove still worked well for pots, not as well for the pan. THIS HAS ADVANTAGES though, mainly: you can use the handle to clamp onto the whole assembly (wind shield base, top, AND the pot that you are cooking with WHILE its full) and lift it off of and away from the burner, which allows quick, unimpeded access to the burner so you can add/remove the simmer lid or add fuel to the burner, or just cap it, whatever. Trust me it comes in handy.The simmer lid (for the burner): Totally works, just takes some getting used to. Another thing i thought was gimmicky at first.The burner lid: still seals tight to this day, but the little silicone (or whatever) o-ring that is in the top started to fall out regularly. Not a big deal to just put it back in, just wish it didnt do that.The burner: Works. I use denatured alcohol (methylated spirits) at $10-15 USD a gallon from hardware and boat supply stores.
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I've been using my Trangia 25 stove for nearly 30 years, so it hasn't cost me much on an annual basis. In that time, I've replaced the burner once after I crushed the original by driving over it. Also in that time, it has thrived and survived while several gas and petrol-powered competitors have fallen apart, ceased to function or been shelved due to one annoying fault or another. My Trangia has always been the the best stove for a picnic or a light camp or the reliable fallback when the gas ran out. A classic, hardwearing design. If it was a car it would be an aluminium Volvo.7 Tips:1 Buy the fuel bottle for safety and convenience but don't screw the black tap in too hard or you'll really struggle next time you need to fill up.2 The screw-on lid of the burner tends to leak after a while,so when you've finished cooking and the whole thing has cooled, empty any meths from the burner back into the fuel bottle, then relight the residue in the burner and use it to dry out your kettle and pans. This stops aluminium leaching and avoids that metallic tang you can get in your tea from the first boil of the kettle. Burning off the meths residue also avoids leakage of Bitrex from the meths into your kettle - Bitrex is not good in tea - or anything else.3 Don't use the stove in the back of your car or in your tent - a nudge or hungover shaky hand can cause meths spillage below the burner which will result in a surprisingly vigorous fire, probably when you are least prepared for one. My wife nearly cooked our Kangoo that way. The Trangia is for outdoors use only.4 Point the holes in the base at the wind - the stove then works even in quite a vigorous breeze.5 Put the frying pan on to the boiling pan as a lid. This speeds up cooking significantly, especially in frosty conditions.6 500ml of meths can be bought for between £1.50 and £2.50 (cheaper at hardware shop decorating departments than at camping shops) and lasts for about 5 days of personal brewing up and making dinner. The fuel bottle holds 1 litre so that's enough for at least a week's average tea drinking.7 On level ground you can pre-heat the contents of pan 2 by placing it on to the frying pan lid of pan 1. So you can warm up the Bog a bit while the spag is cooking and have the sauce hot enough very soon after the spag is cooked.Happy camping!
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I love Trangias and consider this set as the best from Trangia as long as you replace the frying pan ,but please bare in mind that the hardanodised one is not non stick, and the non stick one is not the best quality.This set is virtually bullet proof, light weight and forever reliable.At first I purchased the non stick 25 set with kettle, but the non stick coating comes off so easily, I really think Trangia need to address this or withdraw the product.Just stirring in instant mash potato with a wooden spoon lifted the coating on one of the saucepans !And washing the frying pan for the first time just using hot soapy water,the centre coating on the pan rubbed off with just finger pressure.This was sent back to Amazon who quickly refunded me my £57.99.I then purchased this set @ £44 with free delivery and ordered the Hardanodised 25 frying pan separately with free delivery @ £15.The hardanodised frying pan seems to stand up to the rigours of frying very well, but food really sticks to it so it is not ideal for a good old full English.It is also a real swine to get clean and needs a good soak in hot water but at least the coating doesn't come off!The nearly 1 litre capacity kettle brews up in around 9 minutes when full, maybe a little slow for some but what's the rush when camping ?The only down side with Trangias is that they do tend to burn meths at a very fast rate, camping solo for one week and using it only at breakfast and dinner I got through 2.5 Litres of fuel.Also I feel that Trangia could redesign the spirit burner to hold more fuel ? One fill up is not enough to boil a kettle and fry a meal with the 25 series.They remain however my favourite camping stove bar non, and I would recommend the 1 Litre Trangia fuel bottle, carry bag and a Multi Disc to go with it.I have now purchased a 25cm non stick frying pan from Tescos, removed the handle and use this instead of the hardanodised one.It straps on nicely, fits the holder, and goes into the carry bag and of course cooks a full English to perfection.
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High quality kit. While it is light, it is well-built and is definitely is not flimsy. Although, since it is aluminum, be weary about banging it around as the aluminum could crack. If anything does break later on, you can just order the individual item either at their website or on Amazon.Trangia has a nonstick and a hard anodized version of their camp ware. I opted to not get the nonstick because of wear issues and the hard anodized was just out of my price range. For cleaning, I used very fine (00) steel wool. Not only did the wool clean well, but it also polished the aluminum which helped prevent food from sticking as much. Be aware that aluminum sticks much more than stainless and cured cast iron,so be sure to use a bit more oil or Pam when frying.The stove boiled a cup of water in the smaller saucepan an about 1 1/2 minutes in 70F ambient temperature.Make sure you look around the net for fuel comparisons. Do not use gasoline! Isopropyl leaves a lot of soot. I would recommend denatured alcohol. The higher percent alcohol you use, the better. I tested Isopropyl at 91% and it still left lots of soot.The stove is durable and well made. Except the simmer lid. The simmer lid cannot be adjusted while on the stove, you have to remove it to re-adjust it. If you are serious about backpack camping, I would use a homemade stove made from aluminum cans because it would be lighter and you would be able to add an easy-to-use simmer device.Excellent kit for camping!!
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The trangia is a meths (methanol) burning stove. While meths is a little slower than gas it has much better cold temperature performance (it can still be a harder/slow to get going at temperatures around freezing or below but it *does* go, unlike gas).The 25 is marketed as a "3 or 4 person" stove (in contrast to the 27 whcih is a "1 or 2 person" stove). However the 2 saucepans on the 25 are 1.5 Litre and 1.75 Litre. I use the 25 for myself and, given that it's a single burner you tend to end up with everything in the one saucepan I can easily fill the 1.75 L saucepan (any more and you'd risk spilling when you stir)with just a good evening meal for myself.The frying pan doubles as a saucepan lid and the kettle is also included in the 25-6 (although the kettle is not non-stick you really shouldn't be heating anything other than water in it and if your water is sticky you've got bigger problems than cleaning the kettle!)The non-stick of the 6UL works well although like all non-stick you have to be careful not to scratch it.While meths stoves are considered by some to be slow and with limited flame control (there is a 'simmer ring' which provides some adjustment) it has the advantage of no moving parts, nothing to clog or jam, no fine threads that have to match and could clog with dirt. This makes it almost unbreakable which is the relaibility you need when camping away from civilisation when you *need* to be able to rely on your stove.
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I have not had to buy this product through Amazon as I have one already. I have owned my Trangia 25 for approximately 30 years. I remember having to save birthday and Christmas gift money in order to buy it! From my recollection the cost is similar, making this current price quite a bargain.My Trangia has seen a lot of use in its lifetime and it is still going strong. I have taken it on many expeditions including D of E weekend, GirlGuiding Senior Section events and many week camps with Guides.When I bought my original Trangia it did not have a kettle. I added the kettle after a couple of years and have been able to replace a lost handle and a damaged burner.In anticipation of many more years use I have just decided to get the gas burner and a bag/cover for my Trangia. One of the joys of this piece of equipment is that the design has not been tampered with over the years and so adding accessories all these years on is not an issue. I do not have to buy a completely new piece of equipment just to add one feature.Whilst there are lighter weight stoves available for the ultimate backpacker, this is a great stove for teaching young people how to be thrifty with their cooking, both in terms of fuel and space.I wouldn't go camping without this piece of equipment and cannot sing its praises highly enough.
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First of all, this is a Trangia product, so you know it will be well made. Everything will fit together perfectly and will last a lifetime unless you really abuse it (and probably even if you really DO abuse as well). I have used this kit in weather ranging from well below freezing to sweltering hot. The winter adapter really extends the useful range of the stove (sold separately). I am convinced you need that option for the best cold weather performance. I picked up an off brand iso-butane burner that also helps increase performance in the off season and for larger meals (and when we use the optional 4.5L pot we added to the set). The size of this kit works well for a family of four.We also use it with our local Scout group for patrol style cooking we have made this work for 6-8 people. It was a challenge but it worked. This particular set does not have a non-stick coating on any of the pans, so you have to be careful to use equal amounts of oil and caution when cooking. Those parameters have allowed us to cook a couple of hundred meals without burning anything. This is too big and heavy for backpacking, but it works great for car camping and canoe tripping. It is truly a solid cook kit I fully expect to hand down to the grandkids someday.
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Bought this cookset about two weeks ago now and gave it a go last weekend. Thought I would give it a quick review.Good points:A incredibly solidly built bit of kit.Very good heat distribution in pans.Good size pots, pans & kettle.Packs away small.Light (1kg total).Uses un-pressurized fuel.Cooking ability in wind.Bad Points:Fuel consumption a little higher than expected.This cooker is unbelieveably simple and elegant in its design. Quick to set-up and pack away. The burner is cool enough to touch 5 mins after putting it out. Boils 0.9 ltr of water in about 12 mins using about 20-30ml of fuel using the kettle.Trangia say 500ml of meths is enough for 1 week cooking for 1 person (very approx).I used 350ml in one day & night for one person! I did a bacon butty for lunch, super noodle snack, risotto for dinner and another bacon butty for breakfast. Saying this though I did also boil about 7 ltrs of water as well for copius cups of tea/washing up. Used the simmer ring on the risotto, works well, no sticking of ther rice!In my opinion, this thing is the DON of outdoor cooking, I love this cooker, it will be coming with me on every trip from now on, be it 1 day or 1 month!
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Product came with all components nested inside the windscreen and fry pan and in the box. There is probably little that can go wrong with this stove. This is one of the most stable and reliable stoves I have seen, I use to use homemade alcohol or propane burners. I have had them dump over in the middle of the meal. This looks to be rock solid, no wobble at all, easy to light, (I use HEET), if the fuel is a little cool to light, I put my Zippo under the burner for a few seconds and try again. And a small amount of HEET will fuel the Zippo to light the Trangia. It does have 2 nice size pans to cook in along with the fry pan. If wind is not an issue, the pans are of a nature where they could be stacked and heat 2 things at once.If wind is an issue, heat one and it in a blanket till the other is done. I can see where if taken care of the Tangia 25-2 will last many years to come and I will probably give to my kids later on. This would also be a good stove to use if the utilities were down for a temporary time as long as you can find some alcohol somewhere. I usually keep some on hand anyway. Do use the alcohol that is 91% or more or use something like HEET or denatured alcohol.
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I've been using the same Trangia-25 since 1992 and it is definitely the most reliable and versatile device I've ever owned. It may seem expensive but it really does pay off many times over. I recommend buying this model rather than the smaller model 27 if cooking for more than one person.I've just been camping in France (in rainy September). We boiled at least 4 full kettles of water and two saucepans per day. In a week my stove consumed only 1 litre of meths at this rate of usage. The small burner in a Trangia is cleverly designed to utilise prevailing winds and capillary action to produce a surprisingly powerful flame. This can also be regulated using a simple damper which comes with the kit.Every component in a Trangia can be purchased separately if something is damaged or lost, although nothing has yet worn out on mine. I also highly recommend accessories like the kettle, fuel bottle and sieve/lid/chopping board. This last is an ingeniously simple toughened plastic disc which has proved invaluable. Crucially, all (except the bottle) fit inside the kit without increasing its size.Update: 2019 and I’m still using the same Trangia.
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I brought this set about 2 weeks ago, tried it few times, and I`m pretty impressed.It boils 1 liter of water in less than 10 minutes.Once the stove is filled it can burn about 20-25 minutes (used 96% ethanol). This gives enough time to warm up food for 4 people, or to boil 1,5 liters of water.Looks very well built, every pot fits perfectly, very stable.Previously I have used gas stoves, but definitely not anymore. This set has PERFECT winshield, weight is minimal when compered to gas stoves. With 1 liter of alcohol and this stove (about 1kg) you can boil more than 20 liters of water or warmup more than 20kg of food. That is enough for 3 people for about 5 days.I can buy 1 liter of ethanol for 1-1,5 euro (1-2$).Honestly 2$ (max), for fuel, for 3-4 people, for few days trip, is extremly cheap.And, of course, it is perfectly safe and bombproof. I had gas stove that leaked when I bought it, and believe me, you DONT want to see gas stove burning (not to mention my happines that it didnt explode).Very satisfied customer :)
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Although not strictly the set I have ~ mine has been cobbled together over the years ~ it is basically what I have used for many, many years.The design is simple, but incredibly effective. With the addition of non-stick pans it is becomes even better. You can still cook your corn beef hash, and you can still burn it to get those oh, so tasty bits, but it doesn't stick!! I'm sure there is some sort of witch craft going on, but it really does work!A non-stick frying pan is a 'must' for any outdoors person who like fried eggs. If you have ever tried, a) carrying oil for frying; b) tried disposing of it afterwards, and, c)found that they still weld themselves to the pan you will have now found outdoor nirvana with a non-stick frying pan.I have used many other cooking sets and stoves from Camping Gas to MSRs over the years, but I have never, never found anything better than the Trangia for my/our general use.NOTE: My son has now started using it for his use, even though he has his own MSR.
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I love my trangia and wouldn't be without it. People will always have the alcohol stove vs gas stove debates and it really is a personal choice.I personally much prefer alcohol stoves and don't see this changing anytime soon.I've read mixed reviews about the non stick pans being easily scratched etc which has put me off ordering a non stick version. I may get one in the future but the aluminium pans are ideal for what I need them for and I don't need to worry about the non stick coating getting damaged.The simplicity of the trangia is what has made it last the test of time. Simply fill the burner with alcohol (most people use methylated spirits)sit it in the bottom windshield which attaches to the top windshield which in turn holds your pots/pan/kettle.There are plenty of videos online that show you if working.Meths can be quite expensive but it can be bought in bulk online much cheaper which makes it quite reasonable.I love it!
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this is a stove that you simply cant beat it is the best meths stove you can buy and you can also get a gas burner for it (which also is fantastic). i kind of collect stoves and this is one of the first ones in my collection and i still use it most days to cook breakfast on. one problem is the frypan as it buckles quite easily so i bought the non-stick one and that solves the problem as now it will not buckle with lots of use. this stove does take its time to boil water though it boils one liter of water in about 7-10 mins depending on your circumstances but to be honest it is a great stove as you can do everything with it. trangia also do lots of accesories (i have most of them) such as coated pans,a plastic multi disc, a gel burner, a gas burner, a multi fuel burner (you can burn hevier fuels in this), a bag ect.So if you are looking for a cooking stove for camping/cooking outside i highly reccomend you buy this.
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Awesome piece of kit....I recently used it for a 4 day/3 night camping n fly fishing trip to the Smokies of NC/TN, and this thing performed well, very well....Overall, impressive, just a couple of minor issues:The fry pan/lid, warped a bit, but nothing serious...When using the fry pan, i had to leave a little gap around the edge of the base, otherwise, the burner would go out...again, minor and once i figured it out, it worked perfectly...The kettle was great as it brewed hot water in a flash for my joe and freeze dried stuff..The burner was perfect for the job, and over the weekend, i used approx 3/4 of a 16 oz bottle of 91% alcohol that i bought from Walgreens...So, my overall impression is an awesome piece of kit,for the backpacker or car camper, and a worthwhile addition to any home based preppers alternative cooking kit too....
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