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I have used the Optimus and MSR duelist cooksets. I have used the MSR duelist set for the last couple of years and have liked it very much.i was using a homemade alcohol stove .I also tried using a small wood type stove which worked just fine. I did buy the Trangia alcohol stoves a couple of years ago due to the Boyscouts changes on using homemade alcohol stoves for safety reasons. I also bought the Trangia fuel bottles .I was very impressed on the Trangia stoves for cooking everything. I also do dry baking muffins which the MSR cookset worked just fine . I did buy 2 stands to hold the stove and pots. They have worked just fine with home made wind screens.I have been watching you tube videos and reviews on Amazon about the Tangia cooksets.I wasn't sure if it was worth the money to invest in another cookset when mine worked just fine. But I was impressed with the Tangia products that I already purchased. So I bought this set and all I can say is that I wished I would have bought this a long time ago. The old saying you get what you pay for. This cookset will last me a life time and performs better than I could have ever expected . The ease of setting it up and the high quality of this product makes it a pleasure to use . I no longer need to make sure all of the other parts are in my sack because this fits all together in a simple but easy to use cookset. I no longer have to be so careful with the pot stand or windscreen set up . I can also tell the difference in the amount of cook time / fuel it takes to cook my food. Not to mention how easy it is to dry bake.I have never been one to just run out and buy the next newest piece of equipment to come out on the market. I usually stick with the same type of redwing boots and Stafford dress shoes or craftsman tools. So I was very happy with this purchase and see myself using this for many camping and backpacking trips with the Boyscouts and friends. I have a feeling that there may be some orders coming from some of the other people who I interact with after they see this cookset.
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Trangia SystemI've used trangia for years. We love the neat system, with everything we need sitting in the one case. The windshield might be seen as a little redundant, but believe me there have been plenty of times it's been very useful. The smaller 27 series non ultra-light was a bit of an issue when a friend joined out party, so we bought the 25 SeriesAdaptationWe use a mix of the meths burner (~1kw output), a trangia gas conversation kit (~2kw output) and a primus omnifuel (~3kw output). Our choice depends on what we're cooking (Meths is quite reasonable if we want a cup of tea, Gas is generally convenient, the Omnifuel is generally cheaper to run and can be a bit easier to get hold of,depending on the country). The output on the meths burner is very limited, and doing something as simple as sausages takes quite some time...UltralightWe largely car camp, so the saving of a few hundred grams isn't a big deal to us. We found that the ultralight models dent more easily. With the higher output options we've had a few scary moments when we've left the pan on the heat for a moment while we're getting the food ready, and found it's shape has significantly distorted (Although it sorted itself out once cool). Unfortunately the standard models are nolonger available.We've also noticed that hotspots form a bit more readilyHA coatingWe'd recommend the HA. So far it's been hardy, and is much easier to clean than Alu. You can clean the flying pan after bacon with no more than warm water and a single kitchen towel sheet.
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After my first camping trip using this I am no longer taking my old Coleman dual-fuel stove when we go camping. This thing is great. Packs up neatly and there's enough spare room inside for a few other items such as matches, lighter, or a firesteel & tinder. The simmer ring is great for frying or keeping the heat down for simmering.I have not done a full burn-time test but I'd wager it will burn for 30+ minutes easily using the simmer ring on a full load of fuel, roughly 3 oz. One of my reasons for purchasing this is because it has a screw-on lid so you can store fuel inside the stove. The instructions specifically state that you should NOT do this (even though everyone does anyway)because it can leak. Mine ended up leaking slightly at first, but after my first longer use (about 20 minutes frying sausage) it seems to have sealed up OK and it is no longer leaking. If it does leak again, I'm pretty sure it can be sealed up with some solder easily.The only drawback to this kit is that it doesn't work with my percolator. The pot stand legs are too far apart. Easily fixed though, I managed to rig up a small tripod with some pieces of stainless I had laying around and now it works great.
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This is a great stove for hiking and still pretty functional when weight isn't an issue. I grew up camping with my dad and his Trangia stove and finally bought my own. It doesn't produce as much heat so it cooks a bit slower than a gas stove but since you can set it up so fast the total time to cook might be the same. It is also fail proof so you don't need to think about bringing a backup stove. It is also almost completely silent.The simmer ring works quite well. Using the pot holder and a metal fork or knife it is pretty easy to adjust.I found the anodized layer doesn't help much as a non-stick layer while cooking, but it does help with cleaning and keeps them looking untarnished.As everything is lightweight the pan is very thin.You can make pancakes etc. but you have to watch it pretty carefully. You can put a small pancake in the middle. The heat isn't well distributed so the middle part is hot and the edges are much cooler. I have a large heavy frying pan for car/walk-in camping which fits well on top. Without the simmer ring it gives a perfect temperature for pancakes.
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The Trangia 25 series is large enough for a few people to use. If you share your cooking then this kit is low weight when split among several people. It also works great for car camping. You may also want to add the Optimus Nova burner to cook faster for a group. If going out overnight the alcohol stove weighs less with fuel. I you are packing for a few days then the Nova burner with fuel weighs less. It just depends on the number of people and how much you cook.Update....I have used this kit several times now and it works better than expected. I love it. On windy days this windscreen is worth the few extra grams of weight since the stove stays lit and heat goes up to cook, not out.If you go solo there may be better and lighter options, but for a small group, this is the cook kit to get.The burner is bullet proof! Nothing to break and nothing to go wrong. This is now my backpacking stove of choice in above freezing temperatures and weekend trips. For longer trips or colder trips use the Optimus burner with an adapter for this kit. You can't go wrong.
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Having used a trangia for just about 20 years thought it was time to add an extra one now i have another mouth to cook for, last trangia was a 27 with the non sick coating and is still going strong and will still be in use i would rate that 5 stars. Thought this time to go the extra bit for the 25-8 UL HA and i am now not sure about how long the coating will last as it seems not very hard and easily scratched but will update in 6 months again after a bit of use .Review update -Have now used a few times and also looked at the stuff in shops and it looks like all you can get is the UL versions which feel flimsy but actually are pretty tuff .The hard coating option is good for pans and seems to be not stick enough to avoid food being welded to the bottom but i suspect i will purchase a non-stick version of the frying pan soon as it is not good enough for fry ups ( needs a lot of cleaning afterwards ) but the coating does seem to age better than i suspected initially .Will now give 4 stars instead of 3 .
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I have been backpacking with a Trangia 27 set and am a big fan. I recently went backpacking with my brother and needed to cook for two. The 27 series is a bit small for two, so I purchased this hard anodized set in the 25 series. It is typical Trangia, bulletproof and easy to use. While backpacking I left the kettle at home and carried the two pots. I know you gram fanatics are rolling your eyes, but I still went out at under 30 lb total pack weight. And as always I actually cook in the woods, it is one of the reasons I go. The first night's indulgence was sausage, cabbage, and potatoes. Cooking on the Trangia is pure pleasure. The only weakness is that the simmer ring is not designed to be changed once you start cooking.I am going to modify it so this can be done; I am sure someone else has already done that. If you are an ultralight person this is not for you, but if you like to eat this set is tough, easy, inexpensive, and pretty.
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Fuel stored in the Trangia stove leaks out under the rim. This is either a QC issue or they are making the stove thinner, or the seller sold a knock-off. There's a hairline gap that runs all around the tim. Not a problem when the stove is empty, but don't bother storing fuel in it. Even storing 1/4 fuel it will still come out because of the wicking nature of the interior. The leak is not at the cap, which is secure, but under the ring that runs around the outside of the stove.**update - 12/20/2011**I used JB weld, a mix epoxy, and fixed the leaky rim pretty easily. Mix a small drop, then use a toothpick to spread it around the rim.Then take a paper towel and gently and without too much pressure wipe around the rim so that it creates a smooth line and takes away the excess weld. Wait a day or so and there'll be no more leaks!Changing from two to four stars since it's a great stove. Just wish it was properly sealed to begin with.
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Trangia may be 70 years old but they still make a great product. The design is so simple yet so clever - everything about this product is so well thought through. The efficiency of space, of weight, ease of use, stability on the ground, ease of cleaning and maintenance are all amazing and that;s why it gets 5 stars. If you can remember some basic discipline (safety-fuel bottle, always let it cool, with an invisible flame assume it's always alight unless the lid is on etc) then you mitigate the risk of meths over gas. And don't believe the naysayers who say it takes an age to cook - don't try and do too much at once and you'll be fine (if you need 1 cup of water, boil a cups worth not a litre).The hard anodised version is worth the extra cash - my brother has the original and it is much harder to cook on and clean up. Buy it - you'll be able to leave it to your grandkids because it will outlast you!
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I love this stove it's amazing, wish it was a little lighter but on saying that it's not that heavy either. I purchased this for backpacking and day hikes but we are also using it on day outings to the beach for hot dogs or pasta dishes and coffee, soups etc. I purchased the Anodized version with the little kettle as I did not want the nonstick version due to chemicals when it scratches off over time so this was worth the extra cost to me for that alone. It's fun to use and a fantastic idea, highly recommend one of these. There are great videos online from the company showing you them using it on a beach from setup to cooking and then putting it away.I purchased the extra items they suggest of the plastic heat resistant type lid as it can also be used for a chopping board, the orange storage bag and the fuel container and all are great products.
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I bought this earlier in the year for when I was going camping. Having now used it, I found it to be a great product. Pretty easy to clean with the non-stick, simple, well made and meths is a lot cheaper than gas.OK, so it is slower to heat stuff up than gas, but, that doesn't bother me as I don't wild camp so I'm not looking for that quick hot cup of tea to warm me up. If you are then you may wish to consider something else.EDIT (2017): Converted this over to gas with the Trangia gas burner about 3 years ago. Meths is fine if you are just heating water but the gas burner is much more controllable when cooking food. That aside, still being used every year and going strong. No complaints.


After many years Trangia Spiritus cooking the gas burner tried. The fastest coffee in the morning! Very good dosage = almost real cooking, no blacking of the pots! The primus gas containers can also be unscrewed and unscrewed several times (we have built and dismantled the boiler twice a day). A small gas cartridges were enough for 4 days, in the morning 2x coffee water and in the evening a cooking + coffee water and was then not empty (at least one day in addition would have been possible. In combination with a Trangia Spiritus cooker you have almost a complete kitchen. Hardanonized does not burn (almost) and does not scratch = lifelong cooking!


Well designed stove. A pleasure to use. If I'm bored and home alone I'll sometimes fire this puppy up and cook breakfast in the back yard. I'm not a serious hiker so I suppose it might not be the best option for folks that weigh their gear. I use it for camping with the kids and as an emergency stove. Has homestly come in handy during a few winter storms. I also keep a mini Trangia in my truck...for that highly unlikely situation where I will be in my truck and have an emergency that requires boiling water or the cooking of ramen noodles in a tiny aluminum pot. Which sounds crazy now that I wrote it down.


We had Trangia stove on the Swedish holiday from our canoeist. Initially skeptical like these are already enthusiastically excited by the second cooking. Very easy to use and above all a safe stand. Sure, that total weight is not little compared to other light sets. But here you have everything together, get additional accessories, spare parts are also available. The price is certainly high, but according to other reports, the Trangia set should be virtually indestructible and hope for many years of relaxed cooking in the wild or a simple campsite.


This is a pricey set but I am very happy with the quality and ingeniusness of the set. All items nest into each other so the nested set is small and compact. The pots and pans are good size and will work for a group of 3 or 4. Unlike gas stoves with flimsy stands that can tip over, this set is very stable and offer a luxurious cooking experience in the wilderness. This set is best used for car camping as the set is somewhat heavy and bulky. For lightweight backpacking, you can get Stanley adventure cookset, a Trangia stove and the Bushbox.
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