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Purchased for my first ever half marathon on a recommendation.Found the consistency quite thick to drink and the texture a bit odd but the actual flavour was really pleasant.Definitely made a difference and taking it at 6 miles I found the 8-10 mile stint not as hard as my normal hair I fuelled run. I also didn’t suffer any tummy problems taking this and found it easy to digest.Given 4 stars purely as I have no reference point to compare it to but will definitely reuse!


Arrived in good time via prime, well packaged in the company's original carton. No damage whatsoever, a little hard to tear the top off but I may just be lacking in muscle power there. Eventually was able to tear off, no spillage from the actual item itself once opened, great flavour, used it on my hikes in the Lake district and climbing Scafell Pike, gave me the energy boost I needed.Highly recommend this product!!!


Used these for a long time during training and during marathons and half marathons. They have an almost instant impact and are the only gels I’ve ever used not to give me a funny tummy. Recommended them to several people at running club and all using them now for the same reasons. Slightly more expensive but worth every penny!


I’ve run several marathons on these. Gentle on the stomach, slightly more calories than other brands and a fairly natural apple crumble flavour. I take one on the start line then every 40 minutes. Become a little sickly after number 4. Please remember to bin the wrappers - don’t litter them.


This gel is amazing, tastes great, gentle on stomach. The only thing i dontblike is it is quite thick and sticky in your mouth, i either drink after ive raken one or put 2 gels in 500ml bottle of water and take out in the bike..... it makes a nice flavoured drink


Not as nice as the apple crumble flavour, they're delicious, but they go down well and helped me get 4th place in my last race. If they could make these in the apple crumble or rhubarb crumble flavour I'd buy them regularly to help me get 2nd cat next season !


Rhubarb and custard is my fave flavour. Sweet, but very tasty - and I find easy to take on while on the move. More sugary thank some others, which suits me mid run. Better value when bought in a large box


Torq know how to make a good gel. These are no exception. Great taste, not too runny, nor too thick. Good compact size too that easily fits into a jersey pocket and is also easily located mid ride!


I’m a type 1 diabetic and I find these really useful to take about and have at night if my blood sugar gets low they are quick to use and convenient. Taste vile but that’s personal taste I guess!


Great taste. Like rocket fuel on longer rides when you’re starting to run low on fuel. This will get you home. Takes about ten minutes to kick in, but it’s like a new pair of legs when it does!


Helped when needed at training, though the flavour was more like lemonade. I like lemonade :). Non gloopy and none left in throat, so I didnt need a drink to wash down.


Great product. Great help on the longer runs to refuel. Taste is good and not too “glupy”. Better than the liquid gels that go all over the place when you open them.


This is my go to for training and races. Since Covid, it’s just training. Great for bike rides and long runs. Goes down smooth. All other gels makes me nauseous.


My favourite gel. Although I find you do need a slurp if water at the same time or they can be slightly irritating on the back of the throat


My new favourite running gel. These are slightly smaller than the average gel, which suits me. The flavour is nice and they are not sickly
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