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Easy to set up, and extremely lightweight compared with similar cots on the market.The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is that the lateral support rods aren't as robust as they should be.I weigh 175lbs. Well within the limit that this product claims to support, but so far I've been two rods and I'm almost touching the ground when I lay on it. I couldn't imagine someone heavier than me being able to use this as intended.The long lengthwise rods are difficult to remove for the first half-dozen times you'll use it, but the fabric will eventually loosen and tear-down should become much easier/quicker.


Upon receiving the cot I wanted to put it together to see how it looked. I bought the XL 30X77. When I got it together, I stood back, noticed how long it looked and wondered if it would fit in my tent. I measured it and it was 30x80, not 77. I have a friend that has an earlier version large (77 inches) and his tent is the same size as mine. I ended up putting my tent up, a 3 person tent to ensure it would fit. It fits, just barely. I like the room the 30 inches provides and looking forward to trying it out. I took one point off since it is longer than advertised.


It is well made and does provide ventilation for hot weather. It's light weight so relatively easy to carry.We found it difficult to assemble. You need to use both hands and a foot, or else two people, and all need to be strong. The feet of the cot are supported by strong springs, which have to be twisted and bent to assemble. We found it was easier if we piled books about 8 inches high and bent each foot/spring over the books to get it together. You won't have that many books on an outdoor trip, but could use a stack of rocks.


A good alternative for a bed, for which a transporter is not needed right away! It should be noted that the sheets are very live, i. E. put a pad underneath so as not to scratch anything, and for the heat a mat or blanket on it. Assuming proper treatment and trained construction technique, everything has remained so far during 1.5 years of occasional use (my weight is under 80 kg). Not tested under UV load, although it would certainly be a good beach chair with the mesh.


Extremely easy to setup. Instructions are attached to the bag that this comes in so you can't lose them, but you will only need to review those once. I haven't spent the night on it yet, but will be using a sleeping pad on top of it when I do. This is AS comfortable as my Disc-o-beds and 1/100th the weight. I am not at all concerned about hot spots on the tent floor as others have noted, since you net out with 12 feet contacts on the floor.


Light, well made, large enough for a big guy (250 lbs). I had the smaller version and loved it. Saw the bigger version and had to have it. The only downside is that it is low to the ground and getting up in the morning when you are a bit older is a challenge. The night's sleep makes it well worth any morning aches getting up.


I am 6-5, 260Lbs, this cot is plenty big for me, and very sturdy when assembled. It assembles quickly and is about the size of a small tent when in the supplied bag. It is worth the money in my opinion..


The XL size was fantastic! A great cot for motorcycle trips. Small pack size and no sleeping on the ground in your tent.


Beats the heck out of a blow up mattress. You would have to be sleeping on a 6" rock to feel it.


I love this, now use it instead of the inflatable. Big enough for my frame, too.


I am a big guy this cot is relatively light and easy to set up


Light and easy to use, it's very convenient, I like it.


Comfortable cot, but a bit tough to assemble.


Very comfortable!


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