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This is a great bed. I am 6' 2" and weigh around 17 stone and this fits and takes my weight fine. It's lightweight and easy to assemble although you do need to apply a little pressure when putting the last cross beam into place - that's because of the way it is designed and once up it it solid and comfortable. I spent a week camping on this and it was a real boon. It didn't show any sign of not taking my weight and I was comfortable all week. Beats an air bed every time for me!If you sit on the bed I would say make sure you sit over the legs and the frame is aluminium and will bend if you apply too much weight in the middle of the bars. That's not a big issue but just a warning.


Great for the price but could be wider. Bought for my partner while camping with our son. He's a big guy, over 6ft and for the length of it his feet dangle of the end. He sleeps on his front and can't sleep any other way so for him it could have been wider as the metal sides hurt his leg (yes he sleeps in a weird on your belly with one leg up position ?) if you stay lying on your back all night I'd say this was good.Either way good for the price he's 19st and it holds him.Fast delivery within four days which is good if coming from abroad b


first off , service was fast . 2nd comes in a handy large carry bag ,, 3rd ,easy to assemble , trick i found was puttin the one end of the end bar in position then stretchin the 2nd bit into place , repeat same other end , , reverse to disassemble ,, ,,,, gr8 piece of kit havent done a overnite camp yet ,but tryin it out asssembled an laying on for a bit , no problems , an im at the heavier end of the weight limit ,,, gr8 buy , thinkin il be gettin another for use camping up loch lomond ,,,, ,


Bought this item for use at work. Light weight but sturdy. Nice materials and can be cleaned easily. Very simple to set up. The only thing that can be said against it is that it's difficult to pull in place ( and remove ) the 2nd horizontal support bar at the end of the bed. You really need to put some muscle on it. Hope it loosens a bit over time. Otherwise, a great product.


I bought this over xmas and when we came to use it we found that it was faulty, however, the company in Germany were excellent and agreed to ship me another as a replacement without charge. The bed is great and we must have just been unlucky with the one that we had. It is light weight and very easy to assemble and the customer service was first class.


This is a great bed and has transformed a 10 day camp. It folds up beautifully and easily. The only thing I'd point out is that the canvas is very tight to begin with so you'll really need to pull it hard to get the second end bar on. I did this and left it up for a week in a spare room and it was much easier when I needed to put it up at camp.


Brilliant for the price, really much bigger than a lot on the market, good solid frame, takes a few uses to get the material to stretch over the pole with more ease, but its not a hassle as long as you are aware that the first few times can take a little extra oomph :)My partner is 6'2" and he sleeps so comfortable on this, highly recommend!


Prompt delivery from Germany to the UK! There are no instruction for assembly but frankly, if you need any for this, you shouldn't be using anything sharp without supervision. It's very logical and easy to put together and appears to be a strong unit. The bag is spacious for it's storage and altogether it's a good quality camp bed.


I'm 17 1/5 stone a stone and I was fine on this for 5 nights at Glasto. Others have said it was difficult to put up and struggled to stretch material. I didn't find this at all but have had experience with canvas camping beds in the past do probably expected the resistance. It is very creaky tho


I am a heavy 140kg man with a heavy torso, I've had many camp beds over the years and this one is so easy to use and seems sturdy enough especially compared to some of the even cheaper versions of what is in effect a modified "A" frame stretcher bed.


Much more durable material and frame than folding camp beds/sun loungers, but it is a real struggle (and I'm no weakling!) to get the material to 'give' enough to mount and dismount the end rails which lock it all in place. Otherwise very well made.


A little awkward to put up due to the tension in the fabric and then they seem a bit wobbly. But for all that they're good for the odd BBQ or crashing at mates. Has had to contend with drunk 18+ stone and didn't crumple! Always a bonus!


I am not in a position to comment as the item was not required and therefor returned without being used. I have no doubt though that it would have been an excellent buy and would have no hesitation in re-ordering should it be required.


I bit of a game to fit, but I found that by putting the end bars in, prior to fully opening the bed up you can by working them round to slot in and then open the bed fully, otherwise a fight is on the cards lol


Have only given this a 4star as I've not used it yet. Only took me a minute to put together. Did have a short lay on it & it held my weight. Seem durable under normal conditions
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