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Bought this to use with my MSR Dragonfly after getting fed up with the flimsy MSR foil windshield. Both taller and wider than most other windshields, this one seems expensive at first but is worth the money for the extra size.The folding action is stiff and maybe needs some use to loosen it up.The storage pouch is a nice idea but is too small - I can see it getting ripped fairly quickly.On the whole, this is a great product, I'm glad I paid the extra rather than buying one of the smaller ones.


i have not rated this 5 stars although it is very well made and does exactly what i wanted ie shielding gas burners on kayak camping trips, the reason ? its almost too tall and too long ! i know that is what we may want but i eventually seperated it in to a 70/30 split so i can use as much as i want but still rejoin it for full lenght . would be better if it came like this perhaps ? overall though well wort the extra cost compared to some v cheap versions and comes in snug protective carrycase.
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I bought this windshield for my triangia mini stove, used recently on a camping trip to Wales. The wind blew, had to help peg it into the ground, the windshield did the trick and sheltered the stove. Flames were escaping the mini stove onto the windshield, thought would be hot to touch, but it cooled very quickly to enable me to fold up.I like the fact there are 10 panels, gives you options to use them all or fold them back on themselves.The seller was brilliant, received in the time advised.


Now we all know how the British weather dictates our outdoor pleasures. A beautiful sunny day but windy.....this item is a must! Delivery was quick. Just tried it out.......amazing! Soooo glad i purchased the 10 Pc Tatonka windshield. Although the case that it came in is really tight i still think it's well worth the money, although i thought it a bit pricey originally. Don't waste your money on anything less than a 10 piece!!


If the cover was made to fit the product it would be 5 stars. Unfortunately the cover is way too tight. I folded it inside out and cutoff the waste material which helped a bit, but it was still prohibitively tight. The windshield itself is very well made, sturdy, and of good size.


Does the job. I purchased mine for a single gaz burner. Will try gluing magnets to the Alloy which may improve the shield better by adhering to the metal of the burner in the event that it is used on slightly windier weather that ive used it in thus far.


I bought this for my jetboil as I found it hard to light in the wind. This is nice and sturdy, the anchors work well. I bought a 10 plate over the small 8 because I am planning to get a Coleman Duel Fuel in the near future


I've used this on several occasions, its tall enough to use with a screw in gas stove on top of a large gas cannister, wide enough for a large pan and well made. Probably the best product out there!


Well made product with a good height, I use it for gas and petrol stoves. It can easily be pegged down in very windy conditions. The metal is good quality galvanised so it should last.


A quality product, worth the money. My old cheap one fell to bitsA boiling kettle in no time enhancer
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