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I brought this simmer ring on the off chance it would fit and work with the Swedish army mess kit, which has a trangia style burner but a little bigger than the standard trangia burner, the Tatonka simmer ring works very well although a little bit bigger than the burner, I am very pleased with the results


Bought it for my Large Military Trangia! - As its the only Flame adjuster that will fit/work on that Product. Best used as a Flame Snuffer.p.s. The Mini Trangia (Screw Lid) has its own Simmer Ring but only this will suffice for the Larger Trangia (Twist Lid)


I will not use this as a simmer ring believe it or not ,but as a flame snuffer for the larger army trangia stove,it covers it perfectly as a safer alternative to using just the lid.This item was quickly delivered it came within a couple of days.


I've had a chance to use this a few times now it works well. simmering a pan with your meal in it is made easy-er with this product it cuts the flame down from your stove, would recommend this to anyone cooking outside


This is designed for use with the Tatonka stainless steel alcohol burner. It operates in the same way that the Trangia simmer ring works on Trangia alcohol burners. A useful accessory to have for the Tatonka burner.


Adjusting the thermal power of the Tatonka alcohol burner It is useful because it can extinguish the fire and saves fuel


This flame height adjuster can be sued on all trangea style burners and seems to do its job well. Quite robust


Great company to deal with, handy bit of kit for controlling temperature


Tatonka quality and functionality ok, but I prefer Trangia


Not sure how it's supposed to work but hey good quality


bought to go with tatonka burner brill piece of kit


Arrived today thanks.


Just used to put out


Great for purpose


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