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A very neat little mug , a good compromise between solid construction and reasonable weight . Engraved measurements on the inside (not mentioned in the description, but very handy when cooking or re hydrating dry food ) The mug sides are less flared in than they appear to in the product photo so the mug is stable when standing, even when empty and with the handle on. That handle looks a little unusual, but turns out to be very comfortable to hold and securely fixed when you engage it in place then slide the locking plate up toward the mug. The slightly thicker, rolled top rim of the mug makes it comfortable to drink hot liquids from because the rim stays slightly cooler than the rest of the body.So why four rather than five stars ?Well , at 375ml the volume is a bit on the small side , and although the handle works well, the fact that it is totally detached to stash away and does not clip to, or fit neatly in the height of the mug itself makes it a little awkward to pack and liable to be lost.The search for a reasonably priced cook/drink mug goes on !
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Have had these mugs a few months now and they have been put to use in some rather harsh conditions so i consider them to be well tested in all sorts of environments. The mugs are great to drink from. The detachable handles make for very easy storage/transport. Are stable to fill up on uneven surface's due to position of handle. The tapered design of the cup means that they seem to fit in most cup holder types found in vehicles or fold up chairs etc. As i have come to expect from Tatonka s/steel products, first rate build quality.


Not rocket science but as a stainless steel mug this has performed better than a number of others from outdoor shops.mthe handle is easily removable for packing. I took it to glastonbury and it is stable on grass and other uneven surfaces. The handle does not reach the base of the cup but it still adds to stability on uneven surfaces. Very easily cleaned. Expect to have this in my backpack for years to come. Only reason 4 stars is as only had item for a few months.


Another quality product from Tatonka, a robust piece of kit that packs down small, a great little mug that can also be used on a stove to boil water for a quick a brew, fits inside Tatonka 1ltr kettle to make a great solo cook set!


The cup is perfect for a 3 1/5 inch dia volcano made stove. Packs away well and is perfect for all aspects of lightweight moving.


Mug that is convenient and solid good product
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