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I could no longer in good conscience eat dairy or eggs after I watched some youtube videos of what happens to male chicks and calves. I have been vegetarian since 2011 after watching "Earthlings." I had been vegan for less than a year, but I regressed and became vegetarian again. I watch a lot of youtube videos with the "Forks over Knives" doctors and other whole foods plant-based doctors. The doctors assure their viewers that we don't need to worry about getting enough protein as long as we get enough whole food calories. Nonetheless, I like to make sure that I am replacing my twelve grams of egg protein plus the protein from the cheese that I would have added to an omelet or scrambled eggs with a grain-free vegan protein powder.I then will have beans later in the day, along with vegetables that also have small amounts of protein in them.This protein powder tastes great with unsweetened almond milk and a stevia packet. It has zero added sugar. My agitator ball in my protein shake container never manages to completely dissolve the powder and leaves clumps, but I can overlook that as it still tastes great, and I know that I am getting enough vegan complete protein.
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I love this protein powder and have been using it for over a year in my daily smoothies. It is the cleanest, best quality powder that I could find, after doing extensive research and reading ingredient labels on a number of powders at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Amazon. I am not a fan of added sugar, preservatives, and other crap that is typically added to protein powders. I also prefer for my smoothies to taste like the ingredients that I put in them, rather than a super sugary and unnaturally sweet flavored powders. This is why I always buy unflavored version, with no added sugar. This powder only has four high quality ingredients. It is a bit powdery, so may not be for those that prefer specific flavors,but since I have it almost every day, I will take a hit on flavor in favor of quality. It goes well with my banana-cocoa-date smoothies, as well as different types of green and fruit smoothies. Honestly, I am hoping that one day my neighborhood Sprouts will start carrying it, but so far they only have the flavored kinds. Until then, I will continue to buy this product on Amazon.
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I was worried about the taste of this protein powder based on some of the reviews, but I was impressed with the ingredients so I tried it anyway and I’m glad I did. I don’t know if it’s the other things I put in my shake or the fact that I blended it with a Nutribullet but it came really good and smooth. It does have an earthy flavor but I don’t mind it at all. I’m happy to have a protein powder that does not taste artificially sweet. For reference the other things I put in my shake are ground sesame seeds, ground sunflower kernels, a banana, and water. The seeds already give my shake a bit of an earthy flavor so I may be partial to that sort of taste. But this was very satisfying and the protein powder helped keep me full.After using whey protein for way too long I realize that this treats me much better. No digestive issues, no stuffy nose. It took me a long time to realize that the whey protein was giving me those symptoms. So if you’re looking for a vegan protein powder with a not so sweet flavor, I recommend this one!
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I’ve been using this protein powder for over a year and it’s become a daily staple. I really like it. In the beginning I thought the taste was “different” — not bad but just “different.” I’m totally past that now and I look forward to this protein as part of my morning now. I’m not vegan but I love that this is plant based, no whey or soy. I’m in a perpetual body fat reduction and I also think the amino profile has helped with building /maintaining muscle and losing fat. There’s no artificial crap in this and it’s a good value for the money. I mix mine with 4-6 oz of unsweetened almond milk, some ice and voila, breakfast is served!Oh and it shakes well and blends in easily — no settling at the bottom so you get a ton that is left if you don’t shake often. HUGE for me that this is made in the USA, I want the label to match what is actually in the product. I really like this protein, esp chocolate, and I plan to keep taking it — thanks, Sunwarrior, for a great product!
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I am SOOOO BUMMED!! It's my fault, admittedly though. I have used this product twice and got the Vanilla flavor, which is fine. I THOUGHT I was getting vanilla again (and, I was ordering the bigger size, which (for me), is not cheap). I got it and used it as usual and it was AWFUL! I had to add a lot of honey to it....I just thought I forgot to put something in it. I tried it a 2nd time, same thing. When I looked at the tub, I had ordered the NATURAL flavor! I hate that I spent that money on something I can barely handle (it's just not my kind of taste at all and I'd never order that flavor again). However, I purchased this BRAND twice before because I do think it's a quality product.It would be great if somehow the company would allow me to just get the Vanilla tub to replace this. since I don't have $35 to keep paying for protein shakes. But if not, like I said....I misread it....and the tubs look the same. So pay attention to the flavor before ordering.
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All ingredients are great except for "natural flavors." While at first I wondered why they did not sweeten it just a little bit more, it eventually began to taste better as I could taste everything without being drowned out by sweetness. They were careful to use just enough org stevia that would not mask the other flavors (such as the cocoa, and etc). That is the right way to implement sweetness while getting an insulin response much smaller than otherwise. Remember, the tasting of anything sweet, even when not sugar, causes the body to release insulin and that is not good for anyone, especially diabetics and those who are obese. While not an issue for me, like to drink it before bed just after taking supplements and probiotics.Stevia does not interfere with the probiotics while any actual sugar would kill the effect.By the way, does anyone know if the mocha flavored one has caffeine? Not certain how to find out.
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Let's face it:If you like peas, you're going to be ok with this protein powder. It is tasty and gets the job done. I mix it with 16oz almond coconut milk, a dash of stevia and organic cocoa powder.If you detest peas and do not like the flavor, there is a large chance you may not like this.In the realm of pea protein powders, this is one of the less pea tasting products but it is still there.My lifting buddy is vegan and detests everything about peas. This makes him ill to even sip yet I could drink it easily (and do) everyday sometimes more than once. It sits great and is filling.My recovery isn't as fast as with whey and casein,but I don't have the side effects either being lactose intolerant.This is also very keto friendly versus some other powders.It is rather expensive versus some other pea protein powders price per gram so I knocked a star off for that.
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So this review is 2 parts. First, the packaging. Really, Sunwarrior? I researched value heavily when purchasing this product. You cut value in half when you only fill a container half way. Before anyone makes a comment about the weight, it did not weigh what the container said either.Second, the actual product itself is stellar. No grainy taste. I use this, cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1 banana and a spoonful of PB2 powdered peanut butter every morning. I'm a bigger gal but I'm steadily losing weight as I use this as a meal replacement. My son, on the other hand is a varsity wrestler(6'1 200lbs) and uses these after workouts and sometimes as meal replacements and he's gaining muscle.So it's good for both situations I would recommend.
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Mine is Natural flavor. It doesn’t taste awful like other people said in their review. Basically, it taste like natural bean/grains powder and that’s it. Mine was delivered in a perfect condition: sealed, no leak powder. It includes flexible spoon. The first 2 attempts, I tried to put Sunwarrior protein powder in my smoothies. I can still feel the protein powder in my mouth even though I used just a bit mount and blended well. But from the 3rd try, it didn’t bother me much because I guess I used to it. There’re many kind of protein powder from other brands but they combine spirulina powder, chia seeds,... which I use in my daily basic so I prefer which doesn’t combine those like Sunwarrior protein powder.Overall, healthy choice!
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Finding a Keto protein shake for breakfast proved to be more difficult than expected, but I found Sun Warrior and I'm now a loyalist. I tried several different options - some didn't taste very good, and most I would be hungry or not feel good on by lunch time. 3g Net Carbs, 25g protein, no sugar/maltitol makes it perfect for Keto. I throw a scoop and a half of Sun Warrior in, 1c almond milk and a handful of ice to my magic bullet blender every morning now and it's like starting my day with a Wendy's frosty. The protein helps me hit my macros each day, and it keeps me feeling full/satisfied for about 5 hours (make it at 9, not thinking about food until 2).Definitely worth trying to see if it's right for you!
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Very delicious flavor. I usually add coffee to my morning smoothies and want chocolate to cover the taste.I also add cacao, barley grass, cinnamon (blood sugar balancing), aloe powder, bamboo powder(for skin, hair, nails), moringa powder (adds a ton of nutrition), walnuts (good for the heart), banana, some blueberries (huge anti-oxidant and anti-aging, plus great for the cardiovascular, and spinach(have you seen the latest spinach research? Google it)I left out some ingredients, but this is a good start if you want a nice formulation.Everything is organic. No #pesticides and no #GMOps. i dotn add enough blueberries to be able to taste them. Fruit or berry flavored smoothie another time,if interested :)
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This is by far my favorite protein powder on the market for a while now. I've tried many different brands that are sold in GNC, Trader Joe's, and in health food stores. Warrior Blend is the only brand so far that my body can comfortably digest/break down (and more importantly tastes amazing!) I make a meal out of my shakes and add banana, powdered pb, chia seeds, and cinnamon. This is a great alternative to someone who needs a protein supplement and needs to stay away from whey/lactose based products. It took me long enough to realize that the whey based proteins where making me feel uncomfortably bloated and felt like it made my body swell, etc. I will always recommend this product!


The mocha is hands down the best tasting protein powder I have ever tried, and I have tried quite a few. Normally I have to force myself to finish drinking a glass of post-workout protein shake, but I CRAVE mocha Sunwarrior protein shakes. On days when I don't feel like working out, I am persuaded by the lure of rewarding myself with this shake. It has helped to curb my snack cravings because it satisfies my sweet tooth. And it's low carb! I mix a scoop with 10oz-12oz of original almond milk, it blends really smoothly, and I don't mind any aftertaste, if there is one. I've tried the berry and vanilla flavors too and they're not my favorite. I have yet to try chocolate.


Many of the reviews that are negative complain about the taste. To be fair, plant-based protein products all tend to have that grassy taste and one does need to learn to get used to it. But what I found helped me a great deal was to mix the protein powder with either chocolate cashew milk or chocolate almond milk. I do use about 8 ounces of water and then follow up with around 8 ounces of the milk. Adding the chocolate flavor helps to diminish that grassy taste. This has been my go to breakfast for years and I just recently discovered this mocha flavor. I have been buying strictly the chocolate but I do love the mocha


I use this as my breakfast and because of the protein it lasts me until lunch or longer. It’s so good, I use a scoop-a little more than one scoop, 16 ounces of almond milk, a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter and a banana. I add about 3-4 ice cubes and then blend and it makes a wonderful breakfast smoothie. One container lasts about a month using it daily. It used to come with a lid that held the scoop but the two most recent orders have been different and the lid had no attachment anymore which is disappointing but the product is what’s important and it’s delicious.
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