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In our area we have a number of town based folk festivals. I love them but at the age of 70 am beginning to find standing for any length of time rather tiring. I searched through camping stools etc but most were too low to get down to (or up from) without difficulty. Then I saw this and the extra height caught my eye. It was much cheaper than others I had looked at so was a bit dubious but decided to give it a try. I am thrilled with it. So light to carry and easy to sit on and get up from. I am a bit broad in the beam so wondered about space between the handles but this is fine. The canvas seat is not that wide and I would not say that it was really comfortable but it is quite adequate for sitting to watch dance teams for an hour.My only regret is that I did not find this for last season! Very, very pleased indeed
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I didn't want this for use as a walker... but as a folding stool in a very small kitchen where there was limited space... It arrived quickly, is very neat, takes up hardly any space, and opens firmly with two support handles, into a sort of camping stool - so I can sit easily to have my breakfast, then fold it away at the end of the bench afterwards.. I believe, provided you held firmly onto both oft he folded handles (one is lower than the other, it would be ideal to take out - as it appears very light to hold and firm... and also providing a seat too if needed!


Bought this for my dad in his 80's who uses a walking stick regularly but, when he's not having a good day, he needs a frequent stop / sit down to catch his breath. We had been trying to encourage him to use a walker but he was having none of it and agreed eventually to this. He's delighted with it - so much so that we've ordered another so he can keep one in the car and one in his motorhome. He's about 5'11' but thinks the height of the handle is fine. Like others have mentioned, he will change to plastic feet to rubber ones to make sure it's non-slip.


Only used for one full day so far. Seems sturdy and well-made (and sadly I'm no lightweight) but the sharp edge at the front (albeit only material) cut off the circulation to my bad leg quite quickly. Might be okay as a walking aid for someone taller than me (I'm about 5ft 6in) but I don't need a stick and found it easier to carry horizontally -- it's very light. I'm wondering if I could organise a shoulder strap. I plan to take it to our county show next month where there's never enough seating, but will take an inflatable cushion as well!


This stool is fantastic as an 'emergency seat' or if you fatigue easily. Easy to store( folds flat). Seat is a good height for me ( I am on the short side, and have hip issues). The handle padding makes a very positive difference. The feet are made of plastic, so could slide on hard surfaces when brand new. Can be used as a picnic stool, a walking aid ( if you're not tall) though a tiny bit heavy for me, and I'd advise buying 4 replacement 19mm rubber ferrules as these are plastic ( for safety). Overall a happy ( real) customer :)


I got this because have a Sholley TrolleyTo help with my walkingBut it does not come with a seat and I needed a seat so I got this it is very light easy to Put upAnd fell back down againAnd if you have one of these and you cannot find anywhere to sit down no problem you can sit down where ever you want and what’s the looks on people‘s faces when you are sat down and they are still stood up at a bus stop or in any QYou can take it anywhere and you will always have be able to sit down when you want


I decided to order this walking stick chair because I'm disabled and have trouble getting around I have to use a mobility scooter and then I have a small walk but need to sit down every few minuets due to pain this walking stick chair is defiantly helping me to get around more and would advise to other people and I think it is a good idea for different types of activities like walking fishing ect


Strong, sturdy and extra-wide seat - all of which helps! ;-)Great height which also helps a lot if you have mobility issues, and/or taller than average.Feel safe and comfortable once seated - although I haven't used it for long periods.Light and easy to carry if you do or don't need to use it as a walking stick.Generally an excellent product.


This is the third walking stick chair I've bought but it's the only one of the three I feel safe sitting on. I guess it wouldn't really work as a walking stick for anyone with mobility problems, but as a very lightweight, portable, safe, convenient folding chair it's absolutely ideal, plus it's excellent value for money. I'm delighted with mine.


I'm waiting for a hip op - walking and standing are painful - and I'm thrilled with this seat walking stick. It's lightweight (essential for me as I'm about to go on a trip), useful as a stick when walking and comfortable to sit on, with cushioned handles making getting up from sitting very easy. Also a very good price.


This is my second one, I wore the seat out on the first (going to repair it myself). I was lost until the new one arrived. The feet are a bit slippy on stone stairs, but I got rubberised feet on them and that made a great difference. Highly recommended for walking, stopping for a rest when my back and legs bother me.


This is a good quality folding chair, at an excellent price. It is less than half the price of others. It does skimp however on the width of the seat 32cm around 13" in imperial. Therefore ensure that the users bum will fit!! Other than that I can recommended this product.


This walking stick chair is so useful! I have Rheumatoid Artheritis in my ankles, I can't stand for too long or walk too far so need to sit down to rest my ankles. This really did the job, wish I had got one earlier. It's easy to carry around, I can highly recommend it.


This seat stick has given me a new lease of life. Im unable to walk far and cannot stand for long,so i just unfold my stick and sit comfortably when in a queue or in the shop. It is so lightweight and easy to use. Excellent item and seller.


I bought this for a trip aroud the Houses of Parliament and it was a godsend. It was light to carry and use as a stick, but easy to sit down on when I got tired. It feels safe in use and the handles help when getting up. Great!!
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