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Quick summary - Pros: Reasonably priced, powerful, comfortable in the hand. Cons: Does require effort (see below for further details)I used to have one of the (even) cheaper staple guns on the market (where you adjust the staple strength using a rotating knob on the top - let's call this one "Brand X") and I can assure you that this gun is significantly better and well worth the extra few pounds. Even on the lowest strength setting the B&D is more powerful than the top strength setting of Brand X. I found this out when I embarked on a project to reupholster our dining room chairs. Firing a test staple into the hardwood seat frame using Brand X the staple was far from flush on the surface,only penetrating the wood by a few mm.Setting about finding a replacement and looking through countless YouTube videos on how to reupholster (I'm no pro) everyone seemed to have a pneumatic staple gun, which I figured was a little overkill for my needs. Next option down was an electric staple gun, which were a lot more reasonable in price terms, but I did want to keep things as simple as possible, so in the end thought I'd just go with a (what I'd hope would be) better standard normal gun. The B&D was well regarded so I went for it and am happy I did. It's simple, effective and does the job.If there was to be a downside it would perhaps be that it does require some force to use (but only very slightly more than Brand X). Of course, this is a manual, heavy duty gun and the force required is likely proportional to the power of staple fire, so this shouldn't be a big surprise. I did however find that when using one-handed (eg when you are holding something in place to staple) the force required can cause you to slip slightly (depending on what you're stapling). This wasn't a problem for me, but if you have to be incredibly accurate this may be an issue. Similarly, if you have a lot of stapling to do at a time (100+) or you get particularly trigger happy, the force needed means it does eventually get tiring. Perhaps I'm just a bit weedy! In either of these cases, I'd consider the electric stapler as an alternative, although I must admit I've never used one myself, so can't make a direct comparison here.In short, if you're in the market for a manual staple gun, you can't go wrong with this one. I would certainly recommend it over cheaper models.
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I think that this product has been put together with a few unwarrantable assumptions.First, they seem to assume you already know about staple guns and nail guns because there are no instructions with it, none at all. As a 1st timer it took me a while to figure out the right way to load staples. Black mark for that. When it came to loading nails, well, I had to go and look up on "how to" web sites. Luckily I found that the Internet is awash with people (many from a few years back) bemoaning the lack of instructions for Sharpshooters - so seems like everyone except Stanley knows that they are needed. I'll fwd this review to their customer services to see what they say! (n.b.I have never been favoured with a response so 0/10 for that!)Second: They seem to assume you know what staples or nails you need. They provide no samples and they don't explain the sizing scheme, just provide sizes like "14mm" but don't explain that this refers to the *depth* of the pin parts of the staple. Again, this is bewildering to a 1st timer. Some samples, so that you could try out before you do it for real, or at least a written explanation of how the sizing works would be very valuable.Having said all of the above, once you get the hang of this you'll find 100s of uses for it over a period of time. It really is that good, very robust and adjustable - I used it to make some cupboard door frames (stapled at their 45 degree corners) that I then faced with pine cladding (using brad nails as fixing) and it worked a treat. Quick, precise and easy. Highly recommended (if only it came with a manual and some samples).Alan T
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It is a bit unfair to label this as light duty, but at the same time to call it heavy would be over-generous. Heavy would suggest this is the best of it's ilk, but in reality an industrial gun would out-perform this - but then you'd be paying much, much more.I agree with one of the other reviews where it is stated that the staples don't penetrate harder surfaces. I tried this on some softwood (smooth-planed pine) and yes, I did need to 'finish off' with a hammer. Having said that, the staples are 80-90% in, and it's easy just to give them a tap with a hammer. It would be very difficult to get something like a staple in without the gun (how would you hold the staple straight?)- so on the basis you're most of the way there,and it's all lined up (pending a finishing tap) then this is a good bit of kit to have.The brad nails do go in further (often completely) but again, it would be a 1-second job to hand finish - if you needed to (and you wouldn't always).I'm not sure why this has a heavy-duty and a not-so-heavy duty lever. Unless you were stapling in something very soft, you'd need this on the heavy setting all the time.I haven't tried yet, but this would be very useful if you wanted to construct your own fence-top trellis for example. They are not cheap, but you can see they are just constructed from a few pieces of wood - held together with the same staples as you'd use with this!As always, it's about the price. This is cheaper on Amazon than going to B&Q etc.Get one for your tool box. You probably won't need it on a regular basis, but you'll appreciate it when you do.
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Ok this is the first staple gun ive owned or even used so i guess i should not have given it the full 5 stars as there might be better, As for the price and the ease of use i dont care its got to be 5 stars as i carnt give 6! my main intention for this item was to fit CAT5E cable as i hate the nails and the plastic clips all ovr the place, My biggest problem was what size staples can it have that fit for sure i could not find a simple answer to this so if you in the same boat as i was then http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0001K9POG/ref=oh_details_o08_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 fit a treat and when i come to get some tacks/nails for it ill update ths review and post a link to them that fit and work,one thing that is a bit crap with this item there is a black dial that you can turn and if you look where the staples come out you will see i spins out a n shape guide so if you place that over the cable (I WOULD NOT USE THIS ON 240 VOLT CABLE!! ONLY PHONE, SPEAKER, NETWORK CABLE ETC OR AS YOU THINKIN LOW VOLTAGE). Then this will ensure you dont pin though the cable however be carefull because this brill idea dont seam to stay in place nd if you hold the gun to the side it tends to go back inside, so look out for that and cheack its out efore each staple is used!, ive used mine for the whole of the network cabels and the phone line and its perfect for the new felt i put on the shed roof my first thought was just to hold it in place untill its all in place then nail it with the felt tacks and thats what ive done but im sure its being held better by the staples than the tacks!
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Stanley TR-250,Substantially constructed piece of kit, light enough to operate single-handedly, not deafeningly loud when operated, staples/nails load easily, cool looking aluminium body, lockable mechanism for safe storage &...... to cut short- A very rugged & nifty little gadget for a number of jobs;However,Its meant for light duty usage,(or light to medium for some) good on soft wood but not very promising on hard surfaces, esp. the staples are almost useless there & a hammer will still be needed at hand, the brads on other hand, perform well on different surfaces. I haven't tried U shaped staples yet:My experience;(just finished my library)Usage____________Brads_____________Stapleslaminateflooring.......7/10 ......................4/10carpet laying ..........9/10 ......................7/10card board.............10/10.......................7/10paper(Argos cat.).....8/10.......................5/10bare wood normal.....9/10.......................7/10hard wood...............6/10.......................3/10wall board...............7/10.......................6/10canvas frame..........9/10........................7/10carpet on carpet.....10/10.......................7/10Hence recommended for light, everyday tasks around the house or office, very useful to have one in the tool box & definitely better than its competitors (according to most reviews) but NOT heavy duty stuff at all.
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I made the decision to do more things around the home that need repairing myself as I have had issues with local tradesman who have been very dishonest, unreliable and very rude.I was dubious about buying a non electric stapler. I did a lot of research and settled for this one and I am pleased that I did. I had to replace hessian on an old MultiYork sofa. My worst nightmare was the thought of getting the sofa single handed in the right position. It took me several attempts as I have spondylosis and other issues but I was determined to do it. I managed to get the sofa in the correct position for stapling and it turned out to be easier than I thought as long as you place the the staple gun across the wood and press firmly.I failed in a few attempts but that was no problem, the second time it worked. Our sofa is now complete and did not take long. Verdict: I do recommend this staple gun and if you are healthy and have no arthritis it will be easy for you to do what I did. Am pleased that now things won't be collecting at the bottom of the sofa. The staple gun is comfortable to use and is ergonomic. I am right handed. This is an honest review just in case anyone thinks it's fake.
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I purchased this to replace my Tacwise Z1-140, as I needed to fire staples larger than the Z1-140 could handle.This stapler is fantastic as it takes staples ranging from 6 to 14mm, and has a slider which allows you to increase or decrease the depth of the staple in the workpiece.Staples are loaded quite simply, by pulling up the end of the staple loader, inserting the staples, pushing the loader against them and clicking it back into position.The build is high quality, consisting of almost all aluminium, and looks like it will stand up to strong abuse. The only bits of plastic I can see are the handle (reinforced with aluminium), the depth slider and one end of the staple loader.The handle has a lock on it,but it's not great. The handle locks by pressing it until it comes within range of a metal clip, and hooking the clip onto it. This prevents the handle from springing out, to allow easier storage, but does not prevent the gun from firing. Therefore, this could be a safety concern. It also does not have a belt clip, which is quite a useful feature for staple guns.If the lock actually prevented the gun from firing, I would rate this at 5 stars.
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Purchased this stapler to put up some Bark Screening. As I noted from previous reviews that no staples come with this product I ordered the staples that were recommended in the product description (14 mm). Although these come from another seller, both products arrived on same day, promptly and within delivery estimate. The stapler is excellent. Although the bark screening was too thick in some parts to staple to the fence it worked well on the thinner parts and securely stapled the screening to my existing fence. It is very easy to use and doesn't need too much pressure to drive staple home. I did get a pinch once but this was poor positioning of my hand on the stapler handle.I have also used it to re-attach some trellis and it also coped well with this with the 14 mm staples. It took just 25 minutes to staple 20 feet of bark screening to fence and believe me we used quite a lot of staples to ensure security. Would highly recommend for this type of use and will probably find many more uses for it, especially in the garden.
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Reviewed Dec 2020:This is so much better than my electric powered one from Aldi, which didn't seem to be able to drive a brad through a block of butter!Just used this for the garden shed project, using it to staple down 12mm HD staples to attach damp proof underlay and the airpocket foil insulation on the walls.Only used genuine staples, and got through just under 2 packs, so just under 2000 in total.Its quite fierce to use, but remember we were using longer staples into both seasoned and also green wood. The only times we had a misfire was when we didn't have the stapler flat and/or didn't give the handle a sharp enough squeeze. There is definitely a knack to using it, but once you have it sorted,it's excellent.We had one stoppage, no idea what the cause was, but easy to undo and remove the loose staples, and then restart.It feels solid and robust, the stapling mechanism feels well made and solid when used.Quite tiring to use for a volume of staples, but it did the job perfectly.
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Love this! Have a nosy neighbour and needed to pop some split bamboo over a fence. Nails and screws kept splitting the stuff and causing me grief then it was suggested to use a staple gun.... VOILA. It hasn't split a single strip of the bamboo and has gone through the fence slats like a dream. A slow job that would of taken weeks to do with screws and caused lots of damage- is now easy (if monotonous) but so quick now!Can't wait to use it to re-upholster the chairs, and the other things I will be doing craft wise!For the product design itself, the safety catch is an awesome bonus as I do have kids and do need to stop every 3 seconds to check on them! The +/- setting is fab.The + if you need a bit more UMPFH for heavier duty stuff, and the - for not some much wallop. It is not heavy, but has a weight in the hand, but does feel strong and definitely does the job! The lever is quite tough to pull, but that's quite reassuring in a way given what it's doing!
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I hummed and hawed about which staple gun to get. I settled on this one as it is a brand name and was a decent price.I have been really pleased with the product. It works well - you do have to have strength to squeeze the handle, but there are also two different settings - one that doesn't shoot the staple in as deep, and that one takes less effort. My husband used the stapler very easily, and I have been able to use it as well. It didn't jam the whole time we used it and was very reliable.I did hesitate about buying this staple gun because it did not come with any staples, whereas a couple others I looked at did. However, it really wasn't an issue. I bought a pack of 8mm staples and they arrived just after the stapler.I got 1000 staples and used about 300 of them on my project... even if the staple gun had come with some staples (one I looked at came with a couple hundred) I would have had to buy more anyway.Overall, I would recommend this.
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I bought this to replace an electric stapler that had constantly started to jam. I was a little hesitant to buy a manual stapler because I was not sure how well it would perform in driving in the staples. I bought it primarily to use on renovating a caravan, the fact that it didn`t need an electric cable was a distinct advantage to me, no trailing wires to get caught up in awkward areas.It managed to drive in staples far neater and more accurately than my more expensive electric stapler.I was able to drive 8mm staples with ease into 3mm ply. It fixed stiff plastic trims to wooden studs very nicely.I have had no problems with jams and The variable tension is very useful for different density of materials.The trigger action is fairly easy to operate though if you are hammering in large amounts of staples on a regular basis then maybe you would be better off with an electric model.
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I have bought a range of staples for my gun and have been rushing round the garden fixing all those things I have been putting off for ages. Drive stables easily into the soft wood of my fencing so I could put up twine to support climbers. Having used staple guns frequently in my work to put up classroom displays I really missed having one. This one is so much better than any we used at school. Love the little detail of the guide which helps you space the staple correctly over wire etc. I have devoted a plastic dog biscuit "bucket" to my gun, the card listing sizes of staples it takes and the packets of staples I have bought for it,having learnt in the past that these things can so easily get separated and then you can't find the appropriated staples/tacks. Haven't used it for tacks yet but as a keen crafter I am already thinking of uses for that too.
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Bought this as I am doing some reupholstering at home.Solidly made of 'aircraft aluminium' with a black plastic lever. The little black slot shows the staples loaded. It has three markings to indicate the size: 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm. Staples are fatter than paper ones - about 0.5mm by 1.2mm in section.Squeezing down the black lever slowly loads up a spring which is then suddenly released, knocking in the staple with a satisfying bang. The little black lever has two power settings: Hi or Low for different materials.An 8mm staple is about right for stapling fabric to wooden frames. The 14mm staple will not go in fully when attaching webbing and it is too bendy to be hammered in so have gone back to using tacks for this,where some strength is needed in the fixing.Good value but the staples will become expensive if you get several different sizes.
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Its a Stanley tool. That should be enough of a review for anyone familiar with DIY tools. Stanley make great tools at the middle of the market. Consistently better than Draper, but not as good as some of the top end brands favoured by professionals.This is a sturdy, easy to use staple gun which takes a wide range of Stanley staples. Performance is superb.So far as I can tell staple guns only take staples made by the same manufacturer. So, if you buy a Stanley staple gun you know you can get Stanley staple guns anywhere in the country. If you buy an own brand gun from Homebase or B & Q you are stuck with that store - not necessarily a bad thing, but something to bear in mind. Also,I suspect the own brand guns are more likely to be "Draper quality", which is why they are generally cheaper.
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