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Love it. And that's because it's not one of the super thick A2 blades that are an utter sod to set up. I do have some but I got back into older blades and planes through watching the English Woodworker who has made a pretty good case for using the older O1 type steels. Basically because they are a damn sight easier to sharpen and change the angle on.Anyway, this is the 2" blade that fits pretty much every smoothing plane ever made based upon the old Stanley block. Comes flat and with a reasonable grind on the edge. However, you will of course put your own edge on this to suit the work you do and this comes up well with any type of system you use.I tend to prefer cutting compound sheets stuck to a bit of granite worktop I have in my workshop because I can use a 600mm/2' length of sharpening paper and get a very fast edge that way.I also use oil and water stones, both of which are fine with this blade.In use it lasts long enough for me to get bored planing so no complaints there. As I quite like the process of sharpening I don't have a problem with more frequent trips to my stones or paper over the A2 type blades.Anyway, this is a great, cheap replacement blade for your No.4 smoothing plane.
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Plane iron came in cardboard envelope and it’s wrapped in oiled paper. I have a worn blade and needed a new one. The blade works straight out of the pack but it doesn’t have the sharpness it needs to be classed as a smoothing plane blade. 10-15 mins on several grit stones will have it razor sharp if you are experienced at sharpening.The blade also fits cheap planes. I have a cheap plane I use as a scrub plane and was interested to see if it works. It works well with a little adjustment.


Who wants a blade covered in some type of lacquer/varnish that no solvent I've tried removes it. Manufacturers couldn't tell me how to get it off - how stupid is that? I don't want it clogging up my diamond stones so it's just lying there unused and I've reworked an older blade.If you coat the blade to protect it so it doesn't rust while it's on the shelf fine, but make sure customers can remove it easily!


Pleased with the purchase plus communication with the supplier. Originally got sent the wrong sized blade but there were no problems with getting this resolved quickly.I now have the blade in use in the plane and have used it several times - pleased with the edge I have been able to hone on it.


An excellent Iron only requiring a slight sharpening to get to razor sharp. Unfortunately, due to the demise of British Engineering, getting an old iron ground down is becoming increasingly difficult so a new purchase is the only viable option, and the amount of sellers is sadly dwindling.


I've bought these blades before although I don't use them myself. However, I have it on good authority from the 'lucky' recipient - who doesn't really want it because it means more DIY - that it is as expected and works very well in his old plane.


Tried all sorts over the years: Japanese laminated, Australian HSS, old ones and just got fed up with a thick posh one from Axminster.15 minutes work tuning it, then it's good enough to shave your forearm.


Fast delivery and a pleasant surprise to find it stamped 'Made in England'. The whole blade is coated in a lacquer which can be removed if needed using sandpaper. Edge comes with a nice burr too.


Great blade and not expensive, restored my plane that was knackered after lending it to eejit my son in law. Done loads of jobs round the house since fitting this blade. Well pleased.


Excellent blade it just requires the edge sharpening at the correct angle and it's ready to use, a very nice tool and should lasta long time if looked after properly


I bought the plane some forty years ago so if this blade lasts as long it will be good value. The blade was sent and received within two day so I was very pleased.


I have used this make of plane iron before very satisfactory. I have not used this one yet but I assume it will be the same. Needs honing for fine work.


Got this to replace my Stanley No.4 blade. Used it s few times now, working out well so far. Good price and the steel seems quality too


Got this for my Dad whose plane must be over 30 years old and he had struggled to find a replacement. Works a treat, very pleased.


Like others report, needs honing for cutting angle, but then it's excellent. Planed lots of oak with no need to re-sharpen.

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