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The Soto Amicus is a very good gas burner. It functions great in windy conditions, and is very effective indeed. The four "arms" that support the cup, pot or frying pan, holds whatever you place on top of the burner securely. The arms create a completely flat surface, which makes it very easy to position the cook wear you are using.I have tested the burner, boiling half a liter of quite cold tap water in a 750 ml titanium cup. It took just under 5 minutes to reach a vigorous rolling boil. I have used the burner several times after the boil test, and it has performed flawlessly. It is small and light, and fits inside the 750 ml cup, together with a 100 gr. gas canister. It's makes for a small,but very effective cook set.The Soto Amicus is an excellent gas burner.
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I spend a huge amount of time every year out camping in the wilds, mostly using gas to cook with on various quality stoves like Primus, MSR, Optimus. This Amicus stove was bought to replace an MSR pocket rocket, which didn't fit my new Primus pot very well. I've already spent 12 days cooking on it, and am very impressed. It's well made, simmers well, very wind-resistant, fuel efficient, burns butane with a decent size flame right down to neat freezing temps. It cools down quickly, and doesn't transmit heat to the can valve like many can top burners.


If anybody wonders why look at the YouTube Soto reviews where failure to ignite first time using the piezo igniter is a common theme. Even after the igniter had been replaced with a Soto supplied spare. I say trust your firesteel, Bic or Clipper.So i wanted a stove with a wind-resistant burner with no piezo. Good output and low simmer on a 200g half full canister. At the dimensions I like the extra support from four supports. This is a good buy though I would have liked a hard case over a bag.


I bought this to replace an Optimus Crux which I found was very difficult to control to a simmer. (apparently a common problem). This is altogether a better stove, easier to control, more effective in the wind, and the four legs compared to three commonly found on other stoves, provides a more stable platform. Compact enough to fit inside a GSI Minimalist pot together with a gas canister and lighter.


In my opinion, it's the best stove in this form factor. It reminds me of the BRS 3000T in that the legs collapse down excpet this stove is larger and superior. I bought the version without the Pizo igniter so there's less to go wrong. I would buy this stove again if I needed another stove.


Easy to setup and use, very small, legs clip into place, feels very sturdy. Taken outside last night in Windstorm Brendan with 60mph winds, still lit easily and boiled water with a steady flame.


Used a couple of times and it has lived up to expectations. Simmer isn't up to much but these type of stoves rarely simmer well. Only thing I can criticise is that it's a bit of a gas guzzler.
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