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I purchased both a Solarpuff and a Solarhelix for use on a backpacking trip and found them very useful and well-designed. Light, compact, easy to use. Provided plenty of light to perform camp tasks and to read in a tent. Probably the longest I used it for was four hours, not close to what should be it's maximum lighting time.Differences between the Puff and the Helix:- The Helix collapses smaller, into a square. The Puff collapses into an oblong shape. It's still quite small, however. Both are very light.- The light given off by the Puff is more of a cool white, the Helix gives off a more warm white, or even yellow, light.- The Puff has the handle on the opposite face of the cube as the solar cells and the LEDs.This made it easier to affix to a backpack so the solar cell got plenty of light, but when using the lamp while walking the LEDs tend to shine up into your eyes instead of down at the ground. I liked this lantern best when hanging from a lantern hook or a carabiner in my tent.- The Helix has the handle on the same face of the cube as the solar cells and the LEDs. This made it harder to make sure the lamp charged up when backpacking, but I found it more useful for carrying the lamp as a lantern while walking. I liked this lantern best when moving around camp. It often did not get a full charge when I was hiking, however.In the future, I will probably consider these lanterns my main lighting source and only bring a very small flashlight for emergencies or the need for directional light. I love not having to worry about my batteries dying, or needing to carry heavy extra batteries in my pack. They'll also be great to have around the house for power outages.
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This is a brilliant solar lamp in so many more ways than how good it is. When on its high setting it really is bright enough to read by. Recharges really quickly, even when not in direct sunlight, and gives hours of light in return. I've just ordered 3 more in the hope that this summer will be warm enough for some late drinks in the garden. The control is simple, a toggle button in the middle of the solar panel, press once for on, twice for stronger light, three times for flashing and four to turn off again. Extremely lightweight and so far has survived being dragged in and out of pockets and bags dozens of times on a walking holiday.


I got these as a gift for my mom for her to use in many different ways but mostly for the treehouse she and I built. I bought 4 without ever seeing one in real life and I was very satisfied with what I got. The amount of light these things output is incredible. They’re light, buoyant, powerful... there are so many ways to use them for different scenarios. My mom has a pond on her property and I think they would look great strung up across the pond and/or floating around on the pond. I plan on purchasing more in the future.


I bought this light to use for camping. I had set on a windowsill in my home to charge, and since it's winter in the PNW, figured it would be awhile before I actually used it. But wouldn't you know, we had a power outage recently, and I was able to put my solar light to good use! It is so easy to set up and use, and very adequately lit up enough of an area to play cards, read, and eat. I love that I don't need batteries, just set it back in the window to recharge.


This is great for backpacking because it is light weight, packs small, and is bright enough to light up a backcountry campsite. Perfect for no fire camping, hammock camping with friends, or other general lighting needs of the backcountry campsite. I purchased this because where we camped this past weekend is under severe drought and fires are strictly banned. This did the trick! Everyone asked where I got it... Perfect piece of gear.


Bought to replace a bulky lantern that required 4 huge batteries that I used for camping. I like that this takes up less space and seems easy to charge, and very easy to use. I have not had a chance to get out camping with it yet, but I expect it will be wonderful. Also love the warm light. Would be great for backpacking, emergency/bug-out bags, and things of that nature as well. Plus, it is fun how it folds and cute! :)


This is a great item for any household, with or without electricity. I gave one to my niece who is in the PeaceCorps in Africa. She loves it. Provides 8 hrs. of light. Also gave one to a friend North of Duluth, MN who lives in the cabin. Please read the story of the founding of this company and their good work. They have a kickstarter sight. Buy one and one goes to a country and family in need. Thank you.


This is one neat little light. Left it outside for about an hour and took it to the basement and wow, what light. Great shtf light, folds compact for the backpack, has a waterproof bag to go in so you could attach it to the top of your backpack during your day trekking then be fully charged for night use. Has three settings. Low high and flashing. Would buy a couple more but at sale price of $19.00 :)


It's absolutely brilliant! It was created following the Haitian earthquake to provide light and has since illuminated the world ? I love mine, it gives good steady light and looks great on the table or floating on the pond. The light lasts pretty much through the night. One tip though: the general retail price is about £20.00 on other sites and a pack of six is roughly £100 ?


I love these solar lanterns. I got my first lanterns when I contributed to their Kickstarter campaign. I bought these lanterns as gifts. I have used the lanterns when the power has gone out and they were wonderful. Also my grand kids use them in the blanket forts they make. I love this company. They distribute these lanterns in communities of need. Wonderful product.


This thing is so cool! Got it for my husband as a gift. We've been looking for a lantern for camping forever now. But so many of them are bulky, don't last long on batteries, and are expensive. The SolarPuff, however, is such a fun design, so easy to pack and travel with, lasts long when it's charged, and supports a great cause! Highly recommend.


I gave these as a gift to friends in the Caribbean. The power there is reliably unreliable.these provide a lot of bright lightand there is no battery to replace and fill up a waste site. Small, light in weight and lots of light for reasonable price.i think products like this will benefit the earth for future generations.


This is great for camping, back yard and your emergency kit for power loss. It’s so compact it’s easy to store. Love that it is solar powered - you don’t have to worry about having fresh batteries when the power goes out. Cool looking design. It’s a great gift idea...I’ve given them to several friends!


This runs for $30 on the company’s website rather than the $50 on Amazon.This product is perfect and I’ve bought a few more. I absolutely love this versatile light.I use it for pretty much everything but I primarily use it for reading at night. It’s the perfect amount of light For nighttime reading.


Lightweight, compact, and provides solar light for at least 7 hours. I leave it on my patio table in the AM to absorb the sunlight. In evening, I leave it on my dining room table for ambience or in the early AM so my dogs won't be in darkness. Love it and buying several more for Xmas gifts.
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