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It’s definitely worth spending that little bit more on staples like this for the nursery as this is a top quality baby sleeping bag that gives you piece of mind and is very well thought out.It is amazingly soft and stayed that way after washing as well. I loved how all the zips are hidden away to avoid scratches to both baby and mum plus the cloud design is perfect for boy or girl so you can have one ready in the nursery for the return from hospital if you’re baby is within the required weight limit over 8.8lbs.A 2.5 tog sleeping bag can be used all year round between the temps of 16-20 degrees and the back of the bag has a handy keep guide if you’re unsure about temperatures and how many layers a baby should be wearing accordingly.I absolutely love this sleeping bag and baby grandson fits it perfectly with plenty of growing room thanks to the different snap levels. And a better nights sleep for all due to the nappy changing zip which means you don’t have to remove the baby from the bag during the night. A real game changer!!!Highly recommended by me and I’m about to order a second so can have one on and one in the wash.
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This is very easy to use. It will keep a baby warm even on the coldest of nights, and enables you to change their nappy even when they are asleep.I especially like the fact that there is plenty of kicking room and that your child’s arms are free to move as well.The poppers are strong and perfectly placed for ease of use; there are also double poppers on the shoulder, which means it is far more secure than you would expect. Our youngest grandchild is not a new-born,so they don't need the additional poppers under the arms.The poppers are colour-coordinated with the material (the one I received for review was “cloud”, i.e light grey). The ends of the zips are covered in the same material, which means that your child will not be hurt by the tab of the zip, and there is no chance that the zip will come undone by accident.It washes well; there is some slight pilling, but not enough to worry about.It's an attractive, gender-neutral design, at a good price for a very well-made item.
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What a beautiful and well thought out product this is.When my children were babies I always used baby sleeping bags but found the nappy change aspect frustrating. This sleeping bag cleverly bypasses this issue. We have overseas visitors coming to visit us with a 3 month old baby and in order to reduce the amount of things that they need to bring I have been collecting a few useful bits. This has been my most impressive find to date.The bag itself is excellent quality, no loose threads etc.The pattern is a lovely unisex design, as are the calming muted colours. It would look fantastic in a pale coloured nursery.The fabric is a beautifully soft 100% cotton.The biggest attraction is of course the ease of changing the baby with the incredibly well designed side sweep zip access, I wish I had bags like this 5 years ago as I would have used them exclusively.The poppers feel secure and I have no concerns about them opening and the baby's head slipping into the bag.
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This review is for the 2.5 tog cloud sleeping bag. It’s a really lovely sleeping bag, nice and warm, perfect for the autumn and winter months. It fits my three month old perfectly, with plenty of growing room in it. It fastens with poppers at the shoulders, and has a zip around the side. We have found it very easy to take on and off, even when my son is being a wriggler.The best thing about this sleeping bag is the extra zip at the front which allows you to fold back a section of the sleeping bag so that you can easily change your baby’s nappy without having to take the whole sleeping bag off.It makes nappy changes quick and easy. It’s especially convenient at night when you’re half asleep and don’t want to disturb your baby by having to totally undress him or her.The sleeping bag is lovely and soft, as well as thick and warm. It’s top quality, the nicest baby sleeping bag I’ve seen.
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I absolutely love this! Such a well thought out sleep pod.It has extra popper buttons under the arm for a more snug fit for the very young and petite babies This stops them from slipping through the arm holes. There's also double popper buttons on the shoulders for extra protection incase one becomes undone..Its soft cotton with cute graphics, completely giftable, and a novel design that's won awards for the rapid solution to change a slumbering baby's nappy without disturbing it's sleep with the well thought out popper clasps and the added side zip.Being a hygiene nut,im very impressed that this is wash and tumble dryable, especially if you're changing the babies nappy whilst he's inside it.
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This is a really lovely sleeping bag. It is well made and it’s quality is reflected in the price. This particular one is 2.5 tog for colder weather and suitable for 0-6 months. I found with my babies that you would need several in each size as some get sicked on etc.The cloud design on this is lovely, and unisex. It has a zip which allows for easy nappy changing in the middle of the night. As long as baby is big enough and you buy the right size (head should not be able to slip down through neck hole)I find these so much safer than traditional blankets. You also don’t get the fuss of having blankets knocked off in the night. These sleeping bags help make baby feel safe and secure.
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This is gorgeous. Nice and roomy, super soft, has a lovely pattern on it and is extremely versatile. You can use it as a bag, or an open bag .There is plenty of room for them to kick around and it saves them having to wear socks which can make their legs sore. Poppers are adjustable so suitable for very young babies to toddlers.You can fully open the bag to change their nappy in the night without having to get the bag over their head and risk waking them up.This one is 2.5 tog which is suitable for chillier days.It washes very well and ive nothing bad to say at all.
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Brilliant; solves a challenge that the otherwise awesome 'gro bag' concept struggles with: how to both check a nappy and change one easily without waking up your baby. We can happily confirm that the top zip concept does indeed work. The zip itself is quiet and getting to the 'business area' is easy.The design is lovely as is common with Snuz products and the product substantial and cozy. We got the heavier 2.5tog in anticipation of winter but do remember to carefully think about the regular temperature of the room you're using.Better to be slightly chilly than too hot.
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BRILLIANT! my son is now 6wks old but weighs 8lb13oz and tried it for the first time tonight- slightly hesitant as he is still very small but only to realise it has extra poppers to decrease the size of the arm hole etc to accommodate smaller babies (as seen in the photo)Love the fact you can change the nappy without having to open it all up and disturb him completely like I had to do with my eldest who used other brands.Well worth the money.Suggestion.......would be good if they had more designsthan the few that they have.
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Anything that makes night time changes easier is fantastic, but this just has so many benefits:- the nappy change zip reduces the amount you disturb your little one when changing their nappy - of course its not perfect, but so much easier than getting them out in the cold.- the different poppers allow you to use this for longer than normal - as your baby grows the sleeping bag sort of expands.- it's very soft and warm,and the designs are quite gender neutralWe love this and are using it every night.
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