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This is an awesome tent/awning attachment.I put it over my friends VW T4. A little bit smaller than a transit I think. As you can see from the pictures it was easily tall enough Unfortunately he has a roof rack on whose support struts sat exactly where the connecting channel wanted to be. We ended up taking it up and over his roof rack and equipment. The channel piece was long enough to do this but lost us a smooth connection to the side of his van. Being the super brain that I am, I didn't think to take pictures until we were taking the tent down! You can see in one of them the connecting piece going over his roofrack and topbox.We stretched the channel piece out and tied it off to the roof rack to give you some idea of the size and height of it in the photos..Putting it up was very simple. Three flexible poles, as with most tents nowadays, that simple slide into their channels in the tent, bend into shape and hook into the tent itself. Three of them done just stretch the tent out and peg it down. Easy really. The poles were substantially thicker than normal tent poles which filled us with confidence before we even began. The fit of the poles to the tent and the stretcher straps was tight, but not overly so. Once up this is a large construction. In the photos you can see my friend stood against the door of the tent - he is 5'10" tall - just to give you some perspective.The inner sleeping area is just hooked into place and it has it's own built in groundsheet. It is a nice size and will take two people - it will take a double blow up air bed.The main ground sheet fits very well and has obviously been cut to fit - even being cut around the sleeping compartment.The side and front doors unzip easily and the side door has a large mesh covered window built in that you can zip closed - the only thing I didn't like was that the window was closed from the outside of the tent not the inside. It can be seen in one of the photos with the cover rolled up and a zipper either side of it.We had this up for three nights and on the second the rain hammered down - really hard. No problems inside the tent - well except the puddle that formed under the window we hadn't zippered close - D'oh! The sleeping area and rest of the tent were as dry as a bone.The main area of the tent is easily big enough for 6 people to sit in and have a chat/drink or two.Overall a really good tent/awning that worked really well.
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Tent was delivered in less than 18 hours which was incredible! For what is a fairly large tunnel awning, its weight was surprisingly light (under 14lbs) and was packed in a tidy zipped valise easily carried by one person. It was purchased to provide 'living space' alongside our red Berlingo multispace van which contains our comfortable double bed. The coloured trim on the 'pole guides match our van colour (almost) exactly!Erecting the awning for the first time took me almost 40 minutes . . .it's obviously suited to a two-man team to do this. The second time (aided by the missus) we put it up in under 20 minutes in considerable Norfolk wind. This was where the awning lost its 5th star because threading the three strong fibreglass 'rods'(hardly 'poles') was taxing in the strong wind. The secret was to only socket each section as it was entered into its retaining tube and not struggle with extremely long rods from the outset. Once all three rods were located, it was relatively easy to hoist the tube into place and whizz round fixing the ground pegs.It created a delightfully airy space with a large ground area more than adequate for our dining table and chairs with an option of three zipped 'doors' to use. The entry to the car was, on this occasion, via a covered 'walkway' created by the end flap being tensioned over the car roof and secured to a wing mirror and rear bumper (the 'suction caps' provided for this purpose were inadvisable in the strong wind and we preferred a strong knot!)The inner 2-man sleeping tent with built-in ground sheet was fitted in less than a minute and provided a cosy 'retirement place' for a multitude of purposes . . .just use your imagination!)The quality of stitching, strengthening patches, guy rope attachments, zips etc. are extremely well done. By far the heaviest components were the linked fibre glass rods and the two aluminium porch poles. The awning comes with a tailored ground sheet which is not built-in. It gave us real pleasure to use and I would tell any Berlingo owner to consider this product if they're into camping. It's price is extremely competitive . . .just wait for gales to abate before trying to put it up!
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I have only tried this out for a single night so far. I am pretty happy with it and for the price it is excellent value. Other people who have written about it being hard to erect have maybe not had experience of this flexible-pole construction before. I've had tents with the same system and found this no more difficult ... there is a bit of a knack to getting the poles in, but you get used to it. Overall, this seems good quality, produces a very roomy and light space and kept out a torrential downpour. Its distinct advantage for me is that it is small and light when packed - most other awnings are horribly bulky.The only negative I have is with the connection to the car. I think there should be much more cowl,as I couldn't get it to fit without a gap.It would be great if it would wrap around the front and rear screen, for both better waterproofing and privacy
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After weeks of hot sun we decided to go away in out transit campervan so we bought this, easy to put up although we had to improvise, night time came and so did the weather, you could feel the gusts of wind rocking our van and I thought our awning would be gone in morning, but NO it was still there, a few pegs was loose but that was it, no rips, bent poles or any damage, it was ok for the 3 nights. Easy to take down and the bag was big enough.


We bought this to enhance our camping trips in our Romahome and it is superb. There's a sleeping pod for 2 (or could be used for the portaloo) and lots of room. Table, chairs, laundry bag, rubbish bin, cool box full of wine, all fitted in with room to spare. It opens on 3 sides so could double up as a freestanding gazebo on other occasions. Best purchase ever.


Awesome addition to my VW T4, setup quite simple once worked out which end was which!Used it 3 weekends in a row in varying weather conditions in Scotland and friends slept in it and we all sheltered in it, surprisingly good quality,Could not recommend highly enough! Rubbish reviews with 1 star are clearly from people who have never used a tent before lol


Very happy with the tent. Very quick to put to put up. Easy to zip up when you want to drive away. The one downfall was that the suckers for sticking to the vehicle were not very sticky and we ended up tying the guy ropes to the van. We will replace those. Otherwise we were very happy and would recommend the tent :)


Great value for money, perfect for summer. It's not done great in the rain and the connection to our VW T25 isn't perfect, but the size is perfect and it's served us really well.If you don't fancy forking out £500+ on one, this is perfect. Great colour too, very original looking.


really easy to put up and stays in position when not attached to camper. we put it up in the garden first and it stayed up for two days exactly like a tunnel tent as long as you use the guy ropes properly.


easy to erect but not very good in windy conditionsguy rope points on the awning very flimsy and rip off i have reinforced mine now and its a lot betterall in all a good priced awning


Everything was fine accept when it came to guy ropes, they were all mixed together and it was difficult to work out what was correct way to do it.Suggest you put demo on YouTube


Handy for a Mercedes vito. Couldn't work out how to stop the lid bit flapping on the roof which was annoying and there's a gap before the floor


Lovely awning. Great for my vw campervan. Lots of space. Easy to put up and can get up on own also which is a bonus. Very happy camper.


Love this ? Easy to erect, very spacious and looks great. Used with my campervan in windy weather with no problems


Haven't used it yet but the instructions look clear and it should add extra flexible space to my Caddy van.
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