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I bought this game for my 4 year old twin boys - both like the game and while they feel challenged, they can do well. I started by showing the keycards, the side that shows every piece, and helped them identify which pieces they needed to focus on. By the 3rd time child 1 played the game, he was able to make the judgement of which pieces to start with and then which to use to complete the game. He rotates the pieces in their hand and looks carefully at the answer card and manages to complete the whole game.At the end he feels a huge sense of achievement! His brother, child 2, can also complete the game but has felt very frustrated by the fact that the pieces keep moving, as they split so easily on the "dish". This is the reason I am not giving 5 stars, if the tray is not still on a table, of there is the slightest tilt on it, the pieces do not stay in their place and they slide down. The dish and the pieces need to either be non split material or they need to be magnetic, or perhaps they need to fit very tightly together, to avoid that they just keep slipping away from their places. THe game can be used with a higher level of difficulty, if the player does not look at the answer side of the card (which shows the place for every piece) and only looks at the front image of the card!
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In 'Shape By Shape' there are 60 different cards, and on each one there is a pattern/shape- you then have to place the tiles on the square board to fit that shape, which is more challenging than it first appears. A clever concept, and makes for a fun puzzle that is both moderately challenging and addictive.A friend recently introduced 'Shape By Shape' to me at a gathering- it was entertaining and I decided to purchase the game for myself. Upon the completion of each card, I then felt compelled to finish the next one,and the next one, and the next one... I finished the 60 cards in 4 separate sittings, each one taking less time as I continued to get used to how the shapes fitted together and improved my performance.However, after I had charged through all of the cards I had no new puzzles complete and I soon got bored of the game. Although this unfortunately happens with many games and activities in life, not all other experiences come with a £11.99 price tag: if you want a fun game to play on your own, there are millions of phone/tablet apps and computer games that are free and don't take up space after you have extracted the entertainment from them.
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Fantastic product! Our 7 year old Son was not concentrating at school. He started seeing a Senco on a 1:1 basis twice a week. He found reading "boring" writing "boring" in fact most things, save the computer and his PSP ... BORING! We decided to ban the computer, it just stopped working one night..... The plug being switched OFF may have had something to do with it? Anyway, BEFORE I unplugged it I went on Amazon and found this game and some others, bought them and waited.... What a difference!He LOVES them, he takes them to school on a Wednesday and a Friday to "challenge" his Teacher, AND they're compact enough to take with us to restaurants to occupy him (and his older Brother & Sister!) The computer started working again BUT only at certain times... Electricity is a wonderful thing, especially when you can turn it OFF and get back to playing games! x
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I bought this for myself for those lazy times, and was surprised when my 3yo showed interest. I let her play after a few brief sessions of help, and am amazed at how well she is able to solve it. No its not easy at all and we've not really gone more than 5 cards (LOL) and its quite challenging!!The material is very good and now I'm looking to buy more related toys/puzzles from the same brand/seller. It has a lovely concealed compartment with many challenge cards (with answers at the back),and a neat bag to store the game.Highly Recommended for anyone who wants to exercise their brains and of course to keep toddlers bz too!
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When Dad isn't actively occupied, he needs almost constant attention.Mum tells me that this game was a great present for him, and has given hours of enjoyment.It keeps him absorbed for significant periods of time, rearranging the pieces into different designs of his own creation, outside of the box.The puzzle cards are a second activity.He likes looking through them, even though he doesn't try to copy the shapes.It has been a helpful activity for Mum too, as it stops Dad from becoming restless,eg when waiting for food in a cafe, or when she needs to get things done at home.She's even had a go at the puzzles herself!
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I ordered this game for my classroom,and I quite like it. It's great for developing understanding of shape and space. For any teachers who use shape pictures in the classroom, it is similar, but the tray creates boundaries. I ended up opening it up at home first and my husband and i played it while having morning coffee and it really does work the brain. I may order another one so I have more than one for my students.It would have been nice for it to be slightly bigger,but overall a very basic tool/game that kids will enjoy that doesn't require a lot of instruction from the teacher.
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Great game for little humans. I played it with my kids, who are 6 and 3.5 years old.The older one played independently and not needed my help.The younger kid played on his own way - he used the "cheating" side of the card to copy the pattern. He made it color by color, and to my pleasure, I could see him progressing fast.The game is challenging, enjoyable and may bring pleasure to adults as well.The materials the game is made of, as usual for Thinkfun games, are of excellent quality.I much appreciate the closable storage bag.
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My Grandchildren were first introduced to the game this summer (2013) whilst visiting their cousins. It had been a firm favourite of theirs for a number of years. It was brought out to play with and, within minutes it became an absolute hit!!! With ages ranging from 3yrs to adults. Great fun was had by all !!!Taking note, my Grandchildren ( aged 3 and 5 ) received one in their Christmas Stocking this year !!!It is very well made and I'm confident it will provide many happy hours of ' puzzle time'for years to come.
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I bought this pattern puzzle for my 11 year old son, he is very cleaver at maths and loves shape challenges, I was worried at first he would find it too easy but he has enjoyed the puzzle and found plenty of them challenging, he has done all the shapes already but is quite happy to start over again, it is harder than it looks to do and keeps him quiet for ages. Definatly worth the money and it also comes with a bag so he can take it anywhere with him.


I bought this for my children, expecting it would appeal to the eight year old. I was pleasantly surprised to find all ages enjoyed it. The older ones (up to 16) completed all the puzzles, and the four year old loved putting them together with the help of the image. All in all a great buy, many hours of quiet fun. Highly recommended for the type of child who enjoys puzzles and books.
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