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Installation of the new Seagate drive went smoothly in Sept. 2012, but started to give Smart Status Bad in Oct 2012. I had been in the process of transferring files from my old PC using DVDs, and noticed abnormally high vibration from the internal DVD drive. I plugged in a USB external DVD re-writer and stopped using the offending internal DVD drive. Now (April 2013) the new hard drive seems to be working perfectly, although I'm stuck with the Smart Status Bad as this is the HDD equivalent of a criminal record.I regularly backup my files on DVD,though an external hard drive might actually be more convenient. I have not been using the Win 7 backup feature because when I tried to do so, it formatted my blank DVDs and then pronounced them as unformatted, with the result that the DVDs became unusable. When I can afford it, I will try changing the internal DVD drive. In my opinion, the Seagate drive does it's job well, and it's just unfortunate that I installed it in a PC that had a dodgy DVD drive.
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Bought this to use as a backup drive for a muti-boot system.Access times are quick, and as far as I can tell the unit is very quiet in operation (I do have seven fans running in the case).Can't comment on the long term operation, but so far it's doing exactly what I wanted.


A Seagate 2Tb hard drive - um... yes it's a hard drive... it spins and stores stuff. At the moment it does exactly what it says on the tin (sorry... wrapper) So far so good, I will let you about longevity and durability and confidence sometime in the future. Oh for a TARDIS.


Great HDD's for NAs devices or external caddies, when you need more storage solutions than off the shelf products can give you.


Took a wee while to arrive - but works as it should .Can't ask for much more than that.


Item worked just as it should - straight out of the box - Thanks
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