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Buying again to replace one lost to rodents... The mice found a way into a sack (suspended on a rope) where a _clean_ x-pot was stored folded and shredded it to pieces. This may be due to the fact that the silicone part retains some food smell. Just beware this may be a problem.Good: Aluminum bottom seems to spread the heat a little better than a stainless pot of comparable weight/side. The lid doubles as a strainer which is very convenient.Cons: Other than being liable to be eaten, lid developed some cracks and warped slightly after first few uses. This didn't affect the function though.


So happy we bought this! We had 2 adults and 2 teenagers in our group for a 11 day hike of 70 miles. Limiting food weight was critical and having this pot allowed us to package meals in a family size and cook with one pot thus limiting the amount of gas used for cooking, and the amount of trash we had to carry out. It sat well on the burner surface and cleaned up very easy. We also used the pot as a sink when we needed to thoroughly clean anything. We ended up with lots of extra fuel at the end of the trip and attribute it to having this pot.


used this pot for various treks, cooking pasta and soups, we are impressed Perfect for up to 4 people, I recommend this over the 1.4L since the is same size is just taller when opened. After first use (we do not have any kind of stress) we've had some little cracks on the lid, we hope they will not widen. After a couple of weeks of use, we are very happy of it, it is like new and silicon did not catch odor from food.


This thing worked like a champ! At one point I panicked because I'd remembered to pack pasta, sauce, Parmesan cheese, but thought I'd forgotten a strainer until I remembered the drain holes incorporated into the lid design. I actually had campers at other sites asking about my pot and lid and where they could get one.


I don't know what the others are doing to damage theirs but mine is holding up fine. I have the collapsable plate set as well and these saved me so much room in my camping gear. Seems to heat stuff about the same as a regular pot so no issues there. Brilliant idea. Can't think of anything I would change on it.


I actually haven't had a chance to put this baby into action, but I am already IN LOVE with it. I can't believe how awesome this product is! It collapses down to be so compact. I love that the lid can be locked on and has the collander-holes. It's so lightweight too. Did I mention I'm in love with it already?


Excellent I am from Argentina and I get everything very fast, highlighted the fast and neat service, as for the pot a spectacular brand simple and practical to be able to keep it comfortably in the backpack and not occupy space I recommend it


good so far, will have to prove itself in long-term use. Unfortunately I read that the lid turns out to be brittle due to the heat development. We are watching this. But so far, processing, function and packing size are top!


Light but sturdy and flexible. I was able to boil water for 4 people using an MSR pocket rocket. This pot is great for bigger camping groups who still don't want to lug larger pots for dinner.


Bought this for camping - survived a few summers' outings. Easy to clean material, collapsible, strainer on the lid. Only used on camping stovetop. Would be a 5/5 if usable on an open fire.


I bought this for a backpacking trip I'm taking to Arkansas over New Years. It is very lightweight yet feels very durable, silicone doesn't buckle and feels sturdy when expanded.


Pedi is pot and I was delighted. It's not heavy. It does not take up space. It is ideal for a person or two. Highly recommended the product. Greetings from a Colombian in Mexico


I took this pot on a recent backpacking trip, & it was a joy to use.it was somewhat difficult to clean. I still think it is excellent for my purposes.


My daughter and son in law loved this for hiking the AT. They had other cookware that was very nice but took only this pot and said it was great


I waited to comment after the actual uses and the pot is very good. Compact, lightweight and easy to use. Quick growth. Good bargain.
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