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If you do any camping at all, you soon discover the need for something that holds water. Sometimes it's for washing dishes, other times it's for moving water up to camp so you can filter it, sometimes it's just for washing the dust off your face. It's always for keeping "dirty" water away from otherwise clean water sources, unless you're into making someone else sick or messing up the environment.Packing a bowl, even a plastic one, is a messy nuisance. Why not pack a collapsible bowl! Well, in the past, collapsible bowls tended to collapse when you didn't want them to. They also didn't collapse that well.The Kitchen Sink is a different matter. It stubbornly refuses to flop over when full,and yet it packs down into small when empty. It's built bulletproof. I have the 5 liter version, which is perfect for "personal" use either when you're car camping or backpacking.Remember to use this item responsibly, please! Don't do your dishes in a water source, and toss dirty water far from water sources so the earth can filter it and decompose it. Thanks!
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This worked well as a kitchen sink for rinsing dishes while camping in CO/WY NPs. Not sure I'm folding it up right to put it back in the bag, but I just got back and have to wash it out before stowing it for our next adventure.It does hold water best when full. One night I left it in the bear locker half full, and in the morning it had collapsed.I made sure to empty my dirty dish water into the toilet or wash sink, and I'm glad I had this because not every campsite has a wash area or allows washing in bathroom sinks (if it even has sinks). It was also convenient to wash something I needed immediately (like a knife) at the campsite.Well constructed,and I'm eager to figure out how to return it to its tiny little bag for future trips!
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Kitchen sink, dog bowl... you decide. This packs up small and does exactly what the product page suggests it does. Folds up to about four inches. Super lightweight. Used it on month long camping trip. It has a spring coiled wire around the rim to keep it's shape. Once filled it holds liquid well. I was a little worried that it wouldn't hold liquid as the only firm part of the item is the wire coil around the lip. But it worked great. Next time I might choose the larger size, but this one was perfect for smaller dishes. I did not use it as a dog bowl, but know some folks who have and they love it for that purpose as they say it is super easy to stow.


Such a useful item. It folds very small and is very compact. I used it on the West Highland Way (100mile trick in Scotland) and it was very good for washing clothes, plates (with environmentally friendly bio degradable washing liquid of course) or to transort water for boiling on a stove. Can get water from stream/lake water very easily and can be transported easily also. The holes on the outer packaging allow for the sink to be attached to a backpack whilst still wet if one is in a hurry to get hiking.


This might be good for a hiking sink, but for your base camp, you might want to go old school with a large container. One big problem we found with this is if you put something larger up against the top rim, the water spills out. Since the water keeps the form of the sink, that's a pretty bad thing to happen. As long as your plates and pots can clear the opening, you'll be fine. Maybe get the larger sink, but keep in mind, you have to fill it to use it!


This one man tent has enough room for 2 person with gear. It's heavier then some backpacking tents but is alot cheaper and is absolutely stormproof. It is possible to pack it smaller then the original packed size. The is very robust and absolutely stormproof. Due to colour availability and height is perfect for stealth camping. Yes its heavier but you won't tear it up easily. Oh... almost forgot, the sims have a waterproof stripe over them.


I bought this item for my daughter for the D of E Bronze trip. She said that others thought it a weird idea ...... but when all the other groups were crowded around the single tap trying to wash up etc and her group filled the sink and moved away and were able to complete their jobs quickly , it was soon realised how useful the sink was ! It was very useful , light and compact !


This is a handy item to put in your pack. It's a little tricky to put back in the carrying case, but after a couple of times it gets easier. I don't wash a lot of dishes in it. Mostly I use it for a warm sponge bath after a long day on the trail. I've also used it for laundry....You can only pack so many clean socks!


Turns out that I don't use this as much as I thought I would; however, it does exactly as you would want it to. It's still a wonder how it hold water just sitting there, but it does! It's like magic. Seriously. You should just buy this just to see the simple engineering that it took to make it.


This "sink" is pretty nifty. It is easy to fill and transport. The more it is filled with water, the more sturdy it is laying on a table. We had no problem with it leaking with less water, though. It dries quickly and folds back up tiny for storage. I would definitely recommend!


I was impressed with how lightweight and yet big this camping sink was! Worked great for our recent overnight backpacking trip. My only issue was getting to fold back into the small zippered case it came with...... but that seems to be an issue with all things in life. :-)


The 5 ltr bag is really a bit too small. It's a great idea and it kind of works. If you have to bring the kitchen sink, bring this one but go for the larger size. It will ship a little water if you leave water in it too long. Beats a washing up bowl though. Not horrible.


Great for multiple used during backpacking. I took the 5 Liter on a week long backpacking trip and was happy to have it. I used it for washing up dishes, cat baths and carrying water. It worked well for those purposes and appears to be durable.


Awesome camping accessory. I used it on an overnight backpack trip. Had no issue holding water, super light, it takes a little practice to figure out how to get it compacted back into the case but no issues. I'm very happy with the purchase.


Basin already used on a long course, perfectly fulfills its function while remaining compact on the other hand the "hoop" which carries the water ended up deforming it in the long run.
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