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For Sea to Summit Delta Spork, 44 customer reviews collected from 3 e-commerce sites, and the average score is 4.6.

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Addnature has 3 customer reviews and the average score is 5. Go to this seller.
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Trekkinn has 11 customer reviews and the average score is 4.7. Go to this seller.

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Ordered as I have ms and metal cutlery feels cold and heavy, just difficult to eat with. This sporky is great when u have the shakes. Good spines on fork, good serrated knife end which is cleverly angled slightly. Good depth of spoon for beans, soup. Made of nice study material not flimsy plastic. Easy to clean up too. Have a snorky too which is wider but shorter they are both excellent. Everyone needs one of these.


Not sure why and perhaps she is a little bit "special" but my daughter loves this and takes it everywhere with her. She uses it to eat everything and has even called it "Guy Sporks" As a spork its as good as you will get! If you need a spork then this is it guys.....


It works well as a spoon / fork. I have not tried the knife end yet. So I used it * carefully * to stir in the frying pan and it did not melt. The plastic washes well and does not feel like afterwards.


The knife is reasonably sturdy - with a bit of practice you can even slice an apple.Great for short trip where travelling light with cabin baggage only. Has become an essential park of my fly kit.


Very good spork. I think I prefer this arrangement to the combined fork/knife at one end as on the Light My Fire sporks and is more suitable for how and what you're likely to eat when using a spork.


Great spork like the idea of the blade on the handle, no rough edges to put in my mouth. The eating end is deep enough as a spoon and the tines long enough to spear food. All round not a bad item.


A generously sized and deep spoon compared with other "sporks". I like (compared with some other "sporks") that the knife serrations are on the handle end not the spoon end.


to students who take them and don't return them. My high school students borrow and don't return so I have to keep buying them. They work just fine for what I've needed.


To usually carry on and get out of a hurry in those social acts that catch you by surprise and not have to use borrowed or disposable cutlery of low physical resistance.


The product came in on time and is what it described to be. Works well, looks nice, all in all it's a really good product. Would buy from again if the need arose.


We use these as normal house cutlery. Ultra durable and comfortable, they can fill every use. I would not recommend any lightweight cutler over this product.


4 starts, good product, using the knife is a little awkward. but its cheap and ultra light. Would recommend for the basic camper


The only fault is that the fork I find it impractical, but I think it is quite resistant. Everything else great, little weight.


I did quite a bivouac and it is this model that I find most practical. You don't have to choose between a fork and a spoon.
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