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Received item on estimated delivery date 11/13/12. Washed item except for insulation; wiped insulation with alcohol wipe. I'm someone who likes hot beverages "hot"; too hot to drink at first. Added two tea bags and about 15-oz. of boiling water; replaced cap. Indoors at about 70-Deg. F. After 20-minutes tea still at the "too hot to gulp" temperature. At 35-minutes tea still pleasantly warm. Since when one takes a drink from the spout opening, the nose touches (or is very close to) the cap and there is a "rubber/plastic" odor. Maybe the odor will diminish after several washings. The flavor of the tea was unaffected. Seems to function well and is large enough to use as a bowl.Will take-up more space in my pack than the 8-oz. mug I've used for 30+ years but I should be able to store items in it to somewhat compensate for the space consumption.
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Haven't used it yet but I am sure it will hold liquids ? .. someone said it get stained so will see.. for the moment the construction looks good. It's a bit bulky so if you are looking to make space in yoir backpack look for something smaller. But on the positive side of that you can fit things into it and have them handy without the need to open the bacpack for a hot drink (for my Winter hikes I keep a bag of instant soup, hot choclolate and a couple of bags of tea plus a foldable spoon). Other reviews said that the lid is not holding liquids properly. Haven't tested that yet but yes, it does not feel it locks the mug very tightly, however I am not too cocerned about it for the moment.


I bought this mug for a winter camping trip this January. It was nice and kept my coffee warm, comes apart for easy cleaning. I have minor two complaints which prevented it from achieving 5 stars; (1) it will dribble if you are not careful when you drink from it, and (2) it now has a brown stain on the inside. Admittedly, some of the coffee I was drinking was Irish coffee, so maybe that was the cause for the stain.Nonetheless I recommend it. In fact I ordered a second one to use at my office.


I have been using this mug for two seasons of kayak camping (8 weekends). It worked so nicely, that a friend has bought one and he also really likes it. The short, squat, design keeps it from tipping over on the uneven surfaces found around most campsites. The lid seal is still working perfectly. The outer insulation foam tears easily and you have to be careful when removing it for cleaning.I purchased a second mug because I like the first one so much, I lost the first one unfortunately


Keeps my tea warm for a long time-no dribble problems at all as others have stated. Seals very well. The lack of a handle makes it easy to shove in my pack. I hand wash it only and never take off the insulated cover. I expect this to last a while. Added bonus is it's a perfect 2 cup measure and has measuring lines on the inside.


Nice 8 oz. size with the insulating sleeve. Lid fits snugly for a no leak drink. Two will nest w/o the sleeve on. The only down side is the fact that the sleeve doesn't cover the bottom of the cup. This is a definite draw back for Northern winters. Other than that it is a great warmer weather camping item.


Too much $ unless on sale but, it works well. No leaks so far (a dozen or so days) and I'm just waiting for the outer insulator to rip cuz it looks like it just "wants" to so I leave the insulator on during washing and leave it on to dry. I like the size and the color helps me find it in camp.


Light weight, insulated, compact shape without a handle, packs easily, lid stays securely on, holds 16 oz of coffee, doubles as a measuring cup (2 cups), great for dipping water to filter. Cools faster than I like and can't be reheated but stays warm longer than any open cup.


The insul part of the mug tore after 4 months. I loved that part of the mug and they don't sell it as a standalone product. The mug and lid are great but I really loved the insulation. I guess taking it off and on for every clean took its toll on the insulation.


This mug is lightweight and will be perfect for backpacking. It doesn't keep my coffee hot as long as some of my metal travel mugs but the weight makes it great and it keeps my hands warm! Inside of mug is stained from coffee after about a dozen uses.


We've loved this cup for lightweight backpacking. Be careful when removing the insulating layer to wash - a bit of it tore off when I was pulling it. That was after about a year of use, and another year later there has been no further damage.


I like this cup. It's a nice size and seemed to insulate well in very cold weather (In fact I burned myself on my tea several times thinking it had cooled off when it hadn't).Sea to Summit makes good quality products, so I'm not surprised.


Great cup. only thing I do not like about this cup is the bottom of the cup gets really hot when using it for coffee. just make sure you don't set it on anything that doesn't like heat and you will be fine. I would recommend it for friends.


Bought this mug to fit inside of my Mytistax large pot (1200ml) along with my stormin stoves cone and stove, the mug is great quality and insulated to keep my drinks hot while I cook a main meal, The no spill lid seems to work fine.


This is a replacement for a previous one just like it I wore out. Don't count on drinking through the cup lid. I don't want to drink through the lid so leaking around the lid is not important to me. It is destruction proof.
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