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I own quite a few bits of this Sea To Summit aluminium cutlery now – a knife, fork and spoon set, a long spoon (which is great for stirring pans), a different kind of knife with wrench cutouts in the handle which doesn’t seem to be available anymore, and now this spork. A lot of reviewers evidently find the ‘mouth feel’ of the anodised finish objectionable, but I can’t say it bothers me, so I guess it’s a matter of personal taste. The cutlery is incredibly light, being made of 7075 T6 hard anodised aluminium alloy (I’m reading the handle here!). This spork weighs in at a mere 9.6g, according to my digital scales. It’s also well designed – the crease down the handle gives it good rigidity despite the thinness of the metal used.Also, the mini carabiners which come with all this STS cutlery are really cute and dinky – STS ought to make these available separately.
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I bought these cutlery because they are the lightest in the world, I took the 3-piece kit, but after having used and tested them, I would definitely have taken the 2-piece kit: fork and spoon or even the spork, the fork. In a nutshell, the knife is only good for spreading, the cut is disappointing, but the worst is that the shape of the teeth means that they retain food remains stuck, even after washing it. This means the proliferation of mold and bacteria. Here my video review where I do a full cutlery test and clearly show the flaw of the knife. https://youtu.be/ZV9UjSQVjxo Good vision


I already have a number of different makes and sizes of dry bag/sacks. I purchased the 13 ltr S&S for my 26 ltr rucksack, and it fits perfectly inside, as it has to share the space with a hydration pack. I don't think this would last long if thrown in and out of Kayaks or boats. However, it may be tougher than it looks and feels. I will only use it to keep clothes and camera dry in my rucksack. I think its perfect for the task. I will update once I have used it properly though. Again its super light, so perfect if you are looking to reduce the carrying weight.


The spork itself is very good, stable and light. The description is fully correct but unfortunately the images are wrong. I've been looking for a long spork, from a trekking bag. Unfortunately, only a short version will be sent. If you read on the manufacturer's side, the data correspond to those for the small spork. For me it is unfortunately the wrong product but that does not diminish the quality, which is why I still give 4 stars.


Great product and good value at £6.99 from LD Mountain Centre.Really light at 12g and came with a small carabinier, which I'm not sure I'll use with it or for something else. Good feel in the mouth when used to eat Pasta n Cheese Macaroni or Ko Lee Instant Noodles; especially satisfying when used to eat Idahoan Potatoes with Tuna.Would definitely buy again and will purchase the Sea to Summit Spoonwhen the price is right!


This thing was great until I lost it in Yosemite. Perfect for Freeze dried foods because of its length. Feels sturdy despite its light weight. 4 stars because the hole for the carabiner could be a bit bigger to allow the carabiner to move a little easier without getting snagged on the curved parts of the biner. I will buy another before going on another long trip.


Tough, long-handled, and super lightweight - the perfect spork for ultralight hiking / backpacking. Despite it's feather weight, and long length, there is no twisting of the utensil, it remains rigid. Ideal for digging into deep freeze dried packages and with the combination of spoon and fork there's nothing better for eating noodles of any kind.


I only carry it in emergencies, so the small size and light weight are excellent features. I've only got it out once, in windy conditions, so it was handy to have a belt to lock it down. There was enough space to fit over my backpack comfortably. I was very relieved to be able to pack it back in the tiny bag without issue.


If you don't want to spend extra on cuban fiber then you'd find these hard to beat. The ultra sil are the lightweight ones and everyone should have a few in their kit. I've tried most brands and weight to quality shows these a clear winner. I've also got a few cuban and happy to pair them with the sil nylons


I ordered this for my boyfriend to use at his work for meals, as let's be honest, sometimes plastic utensils do not cut it for the heavy duty stuff and trying to pack regular silverware to fit multiple needs is obnoxious. This one piece is perfect for anything he is eating and he absolutely loves it!


I haven't used the spork yet, but my 107 mile hike on the AT is next month. However, messing around with it here at the house, it will be long enough to reach the bottom of my might mo without getting my hand dirty and feels sturdy. It comes with a small carabiner, but I don't think I'll be using it.


The only utensil I need for backpacking. Every manufacturer should stop making the regular size, they are pointless for the freeze dry food. I don't like getting my fingers messy digging in those freeze dry bag for remnants. One star deducted because overtime they start to rust from what i've seen.


I use this every day, light weight, strong and performs as you might expect a Spork would. If the carabiner had a locking mechanism then it might be useful as a way to store it outside the pack, as it is this is a bit too important to risk losing because a simple single movement carabiner.


Well designed. Weighs almost nothing. Great cutlery (have a spork, spoon, knife and long spoon for freeze dried food). Some people prefer shiny heads on titanium handles (I have one of these but it’s heavier and more expensive). Personally I don’t have a preference. Comes down to choice.


I've never been disappointed with anything from Sea to Summit and this spork is no exception. No great for stabbing food, but you can tell that from the picture. It's terrific for getting to the bottom of freeze dried food bags without getting you hand covered in whatever you are eating.
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