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Scitec has been my preferred brand for protein for a few years now and I still enjoy the taste, mixability and results. This product is no different being a whey isolate I only use it post-workout when the muscles need a fast absorbing protein, whey isolate being very fast acting. It mixes easily just using a handheld shaker as long as you use the right quantity of water. I use a normal whey protein (not isolate) in the morning when combining with a smoothie drink, basically because it is not as fast acting it releases more slowly which is fine for the morning. Its always hard to compare results with all the different proteins but having no sugar,no carbs I find this ideal for those who are cutting carbs or not trying to bulk up.It comes in the same size and style tub as most other proteins but this one is partly see-through so at least you can easily monitor the level so you can re-order in time
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The thing I love about this protein powder is that there is no lactose in it (I am intolerant of it, medically speaking) - as I consider whey isolate to be the best form of protein in terms of results, this is good news for me.As far as the 90% protein content is concerned, I'm not too bothered (most seem to be about 80-85%, so there's not much difference).The strawberry flavour taste is really really sweet, Sucralose style. I found it quite sickly, but I've been drinking protein shakes for a long time, and I can put up with almost anything.As for the price - considering the amount in the jar, it's not as expensive as I first thought - a little bit more than most, but for whey isolate,it's about par for the course.
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My son uses this kind of thing all the time when he's training. He generally has them after a training session. He has tried loads of whey protein drinks and he reckons this one is right up there, maybe even the best he has tried. It's zero fat and zero sugar which is a big plus and the protein content is higher than most and with this he only has to use one scoop. The taste - and that is important, well he says it's just like a strawberry milkshake. Out of all the ones he has tried he reckons this is the one he would reach for if there was a choice.


As I do a stack of exercise I find I need to boost my protein intake, problem is I'm not a big meat eater, so sometimes find it hard to get the protein balance right.I have used SCITEC stuff in the past so was keen to try this strawberry whey isolate, especially as the calorie count is low.Despite no sugar it is a little sweet for my taste, but the flavour is better than OK. It mixes well with my shaker pot and I sometimes have it mixed in with my muesli in the morning.


Tastes nice, I know this brand works well as I’ve had multiple proteins from this manufacturer before so I didn’t need to wait weeks before writing this review. The strawberry isn’t overpowering but it is fairly sweet. I personally like it and if you buy more flavours from the manufacturer you can actually mix with like the chocolate which gives a good taste. My reason for the 4 stars if there is no need for such a big tub, 1/3 is just empty! Make it smaller.


My son uses these training powder mixes. He said this one has quite a nice flavour although it is a bit sweet but he prefers it to the chocolate flavour ones so that is good. The protein is high and that is what he wants after training at the gym several times a week.It is a very large jar and sometimes he thinks that there is no scoop. I always seem to find it though.Highly recommended.


This gives a really good protein boost no sugars or fats and with a very low-calorie count per serving who could ask for more. I really like the Strawbery Flavor easy to blend in my Nutribullet makes for a delicious protein shake. I generally blend me a serving once a day and I feel better for doing so as I'm not much of a meat-eater.


I have been using it for a long time and it's a great product. The flavour is light and delicious, specially for those who are not big fans of chocolate flavour. The seller is very good (Vasuki Fitness), I have requested them twice for faster shipping and they always do it.


Tastes good, mixes well ( I do recommend a blender ) and is packed full of protein rather than sugar and empty calories.One of, if not the best I have tried.


The flavour is good, there is no 'protein' aftertaste, it's really nice to drink, even with just water. Good protein content and low carb per serving.


Great taste and easy to mix. Also mixes well in small amount of water so no bloating of stomach. Sticking with this.


Nice flavouring(strawberry) good serving of protein per shake there’s easily enough in the tub for three weeks worth


good taste and mixes well. will have to wait to see results.


Best taste ever!
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