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It is amazing. Need to use every day. But need to eat every day is well. So if you realy use it, that is realy working. Give a natural power from the vitamins. And this a best important. Finish the tired felling, leazy felling, keep wake up all the day. And the same time opening the mind is well. After the first week you start to be feel it. Does not matter if you don't do any sport. The vitamins is inportant for the body, every day.Perfect formula with a high quality.You know, just do it.


I’m a big vitamin / mineral junkie, have a drawer in the kitchen just for the different supplements. But being busy and sometimes lazy just keep forgetting taking them. This one solves the problem, just take a packet out and have all the vits and minerals ready to consume:)I think the quality is good. The only thing I’d change is some of the capsules are printed on, I’d prefer plain, undecorated ones.


Great product, all your daily intakes in one sachet, intake then every other day as it's a lot every day to be taking as i have a sensitive stomach but every other day works a treat and with my gym building I feel the benefits


I haven't read the description properly so didn't know that you get packets of several capsules. Still I would highly recommend it. Good quality and I don't think you can find better value.


Found these very good,actually seemed to get even thicker hair after 3 months,down side is there’s a fair few pills to swallow,but all in all very good


Now on pandemic time this is the best defense from the virus. I feel more energy from this. Just the price is too high, that is why just 4 star.


Great product! Purchased several times. The dosage of the vitamins are high, gives you a real good energy boost. I can recommend.


Packs a punch, have to sit down after taking, I take other vitamins as well, and they work well in the Gym. will buy again.


I find it expensive all the time, still I buy it, because I feel, it gives me more energy.


All the right vitamins and minerals well balanced I feel amazing on these packs


Быстрая отправка, до Санкт-Петербурга меньше недели. Качество товара на высоте


Amazing after w few days of taking these I have so much more energy


I feel better and believe it’s making the difference!!


There's quite a few vitamins in a pack - great value


Fantastic vitamin formula, highly recommend
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