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I love this stuff. This is my favourite BCAA complex, the apple flavour is great. I use it around work outs and in between meals to burn more fat and less muscle breakdown. I’ve found it very effective and it encourages me to drink more water throughout the day because the flavour is so nice. I have definitely noticed the difference in terms of muscle mass gain!!! And also my muscles hurt nowhere near as much afterwards when I use this. Although i’ve never had a gastric band / bypass I would imagine this would be good to drink after these surgery’s as well, when keeping protien & muscle mass is so important.


Great BCAA and Glutamine mix. It's a very generous amount of BCAA and Glutamine and it's so good to have them together, so, that you don't need to open 2 different tubs to make the same intra workout drink.It came really quick as well, next day delivery.This is my second order of this one and I like it as well. It shakes/mixes well and tastes great as well.To Scitec: Please keep it cheap as usual and we can keep buying it.


Nice lime flavour, though I wish there were a few more options. A bit weird at first but you soon get used to it if you have it every day.Dissolves well and doesn't create any of the weird foam on top or have any grittiness that I've experienced with other brands.Pricewise, it seems the best value BCAA+Glutamine supplement you can get at just over £20 for 600g, which should last 50 servings or the best part of 2 months.


Great product, does the job, i went for apple flavour, expecting it to be really sweet, and it was however quite nice ! sort of like a flat apple tango.Besides the taste good product, used to buy off another website, then found it on Amazon so bang on !


I use this in the mornings To get my aminos in and it also boosts energy levels.i feel the water gives me a little boost to.Better than drinking coffee!can use during training to.Mixes well and tastes great


Excellent product best taken mixed with fruit juice or something similar as taken with water is a required taste not bad just strong and sweet.


Great tasting product. And very easy to mix it in water. Great mix of supplement ingredients will be ordering soon.


Taste I have only been taking for the week since I bought it. I feel that it is a good product


I like the flavours and the fact it totally dissolves.


Working good definitely see and feel the difference .


Whan an awesome price and product :)! Thank you <3


Good quality. Fast delivery. Thank you very mutch.


Amazing flavour, lasts me ages will buy again.


One the best qualities and delivered on time


Very nice taste and good price from amazon
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