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Just a little background about me. I've been doing shaun t workouts for about 2 years. Insanity first and at present T25. I've always been pretty motivated to do workouts but have been ill for about 8 weeks. I bought this in anticipation of needing a 'kick up the backside' for when I recover and get back into it. Tried this for the first time this evening, and my god it really gives you a buzz. It makes me feel so pumped up. The side effects include itching and tingling sensations. I get really itchy ears! But tingly in arms and legs. It is okay once you get stuck into your workout. So basically I've done no exercise for about 8 weeks and jumped straight into T25 Beta Speed 2.The whole 25 minutes done with 100% effort and no resting. Whether it's the sci mx or my sheer motivation is open to debate but I really got such a buzz from this drink. The drink itself is soluble. I used my shaker without the actual shake ball and it mixed fine. Taste isn't exactly great but bearable. I drank this about 30'mins before the workout on an empty stomach. I'm also drinking RSP nutrition ReGen as my during and post workout shake. It's not too expensive compared to other brands. Take what you will from my review but it definitely gets a thumbs up from me.
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I have been going to the gym for about 1year and ahalf 5-6days a week and i would usually have a red kick (high caffiene gym energy drink) and they would definetly help me perform better but the amount i drink of them and pay made me think of a better option, something stronger with a more muscle fomular; thats when i saw this pre-workout, i was abit sceptic as i have bought other supplements and found them revolting or not giving me any gains, so i researched sci-mx xplode and the reviews all over the web definetly made me make up my mind.Anyway about 20mins before my workout i took 2 scoopes and then when i got to the gym, i felt more motivated and it was like i just felt the erge to lift,i did get abit itchy on my ears and neck but aparently thats the beta-alanine. i felt more driven and alert just like i could run and keep on going. between sets i was resting maybe 15-20 secs, instead of 45-60secs, i was dripping with sweat but i just keep on going the energy carried on after the gym for a couple more hours. This xplode really does work and help, if your feeling sceptical dont hestitate just buy this product and P.S. Orange flaour is the best.5/5 product much recommended.
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I really like using this product, it's not loaded with a whole lot of unknown chemicals like many other more popular pre-workout products on the market. This product doesn't have creatine in it either, which is what I was looking for. I use creatine occasionally but I don't want it in my pre-workout. The taste isn't bad, I've had worse and I've had better, has an orange flavor to it sort of like the old Tang used to have. For the price, you can't beat it. Take it about 30 minutes prior to your workout and get down to business!! On those tired mornings, two scoops gets the blood flowing and clears the cobwebs from your eyes!!I will make a personal note and say I do not consume caffeine at all outside of this product so perhaps that's why it works so well for me. My wife uses this and claims it doesn't work as well as other products, for her. So keep that in mind if you consume a lot of caffeine throughout the day as this might not make the cut for you.
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I've been using this for about 6 weeks now, about 15 minutes before I hit the gym and it definitely gives you a good kick and boost. Caffeine content is 185mg per serving which wakes me up first thing in the morning.The tingling you get when you use this is from the Beta Alanine and the first time I used it I thought I was going to itch my face off whilst I was on the stationary bike! It was not pleasant actually but only lasted about 20 minutes and now that I am used to it, that tingling and itching is barely noticeable. I ran out of this last week and noticed that my workout suffered slightly in that I missed the lift that Xplode gave me.Not sure how much of it is physical or physiological but it's now an established part of my training.It's not too expensive either, only has 75 calories per serving, about 13g of protein - just a word of warning - the black currant flavour is absolutely hideous! Orange is way, way more pleasant.
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I have been going to the gym for a year now and been trying different products for the past 7 months. I only use pre workout once a week - chest session for a longer and intense session. I have used a fair few other pre work outs and to start with this one did nothing for me, until I tried different amounts of water and "level scoops". After the third session this stuff works great, I found the ideal amount (2.25 scoops with 250ml of water which is just over the recommended amount) I have found it lasts a good hour - depending how intense you go. I would recommend this to anyone but mainly to individuals just starting to take pre work out.I have had no negative reactions with this and will be buying it again specially as iv broken a few PBs since using it.
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This is the first pre workout I've ever used so didn't really know what to expect. Itching all over was almost instant, and kind of strange but it pushes you in a way to do more excersise as when I was doing cardio the itching went away then as soon as I stopped it came back. I did feel a lot more energised and definitely worked out harder than I had before. Only side note is DO NOT take in the evening unless you want to be up all night; this is something I didn't know about, took about 5pm and was in the gym for an hour, got home and later that night couldn't sleep at all!!! Guessing it's because the caffeine content is so high or I didn't work hard enough in the gym I'm not sure??Overall good product, nice taste, would reccomend.
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Hi everyone,Products received yesterday. So I have do my daily workout of 2hours today. And I see the difference...I have tried famous brands ( I don’t mentions here ) but there was always a combined element that gave me nausea after each session.For those who are hesitant! Start with a scoop dosage. Taking pre-workouts or any other stimulus requires a healthy balanced lifestyle. Better to do a checkup with your doctor before. I’m a 190cm woman with 15 years European level basketball experiences I know well the limits of my body and 2 scoops of this product focus me, flying with my legs and I felt its effectiveness and no fatigue.*** Please note we all have different metabolism the experiencecan variate.#peace??
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As I am new to pre-workout supplements, I started with half the suggested dose and then upped it by 25% each time after. I didn't really feel much of a change until I took the full dose, after which I got a good buzz with an increased motivation for training, with a slight increase in performance. The beta-alanine did cause some very mild tingling/ itching in the face but I doubt I would have thought anything of it if I hadn't known about it beforehand. Good flavour (although I suggest mixing it with a little more water than suggested), easy to mix and no intestinal/ stomach upsets. Only downside is that the high caffeine content means if I take it after about 4:00 it'll stop me sleepingproperly.
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On the way to the gym (10 mins after taking it) my head was tingly and I felt like this was going to work. However, after using it four times now, I've felt little pump or surge of energy. The taste is very pleasant (compared to other pre workout drinks). The ingredients are great too (even 13g of protein). I've put a vitamin C tablet in it the last couple of times, and still no success. Like I say, it's got the right ingredients for training and should contribute to muscle growth/repair. Sci mx are a trusted brand, as far as I'm concerned, and I have many of their products. However, this did little to give me that surge needed. Still four stars for ingredients and taste.


I'm something of a caffeine addict, routinely skirting 700-1000mg a day from a mix of pills and pre-workout.Recently changed to this from Optimum Nutrition's 'PRE' as my actual pre gym drink, this has more caffeine per serving but isn't as nice to drink. The orange flavour I can only describe as "that typical orange-ish flavour that gym drinks have". On the plus side, this is about £6 cheaper for the same number of servings.I don't do cardio, I'd probably die if I tried with all the caffeine, but this made me itch and provides the typical intensity on heavy lifts. That and I couldn't sleep til 2 hours past my normal time lets me know this stuff works.


Great stuff this! good buzz, helps out epic for long workouts and also if your going to lift heavy. it works as it is needed. it works that good, this is the 3rd order i have made for this one, and i have been using it for the past few weeks. might try a different flavor later...fyi - this will make your face feel itchy etc, but if you ignore it and start your workout, you wont notice it after a few minutes. also, don't take after 4/5pm (ish) as you wont go to sleep easy that night... i know haha! don't get me wrong this might not work for a few people as i personally have tried others, some worked, some didn't but this was a good one.


excellent supplement! The two things you need to know about this pre workout a) works and works well. b) has 12g protein per serving which as anyone keen on building or maintaing muscle goes is a huge added bonus.The effect or the supplement kicks in soon and stays a course that last upto an hour.it delivers and and thats why i won't substitute this product, i recommend this to any gym going enthusiast with hectic lifestyle or unsociable job hours as this will give you the kick up the arse you need to get crunching and repping those bicep culs.....


Purchased both the blackcurrant and orange flavours and both were excellent. Some pre-workouts tend to get it wrong with very bitter flavours, but these ones are very natural, not too sharp and taste pretty good! My personal choice is 2 scoops of powder (20g) with 700ml water, which is much more water than recommended but I find still gives a really nice flavour. Has slightly more caffeine than your standard energy drink and also has amino acid - a nice bonus over some other cheaper pre-workouts. Would definitely recommend!


Initially I didn’t expect much from this product but I do enjoy cycling it on and off as a part of my nutrition regime. It provides a quick dose of energy when I am rushing to the gym and don’t have time to get a proper meal in. It doesn’t make me crash and my body can do without it as well, it’s just gives a nice boost to my performance when I do use it. It also tastes great to me, isn’t too sweet, isn’t too bland or gross in general. I have been repurchasing it regularly ever since trying it for the first time months ago.


I'm currently on a cutting diet so I often feel like I'm lacking in energy and focus. This preworkout doesn't give me the "blistering energy" like some others do, but I feel very zoned-in and focused when I use this. If I was on a higher calorie/carb diet, I imagine I would feel very energetic too.The orange flavour tastes pleasant, not too sweet and it mixes very well with water. It has stained my shaker a light yellow, which is not a big deal but I wonder if it would leave a bad stain on white clothing.
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