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This is the best way I have found to make up this shake. I use 550ml skimmed milk for 1 1/2 scoops. The exact measurements don't matter. What does is how you make it up. This shake is prone to clumping if all you do is shake some liquid and the powder together and then drink after resting. So what I do is put the milk in a shaker first, powder on top, this just helps it stop sticking to the bottom of the shaker. Then shake for 30sec and put it in the fridge, then leave it for a few hours. you can do it the night before or in the mornings for the afternoon, whatever fits your schedule best. Once you go back to it after it has been left to mix in the fridge and give it a big shake it should be thicker and have no bits of unmixed powder in it.I sometimes give it a shake throughout the day several times and it only improves the thickness. If you make this shake this was then it will actually taste half decent. Less so if you use skimmed milk or water because they lack the fat of the skimmed milk and fat makes all food taste nicer. If you want it with fat-free liquids then that is up to you, I did it for a month and it smelt and tasted a little bit like sour milk. One way it is drinkable but not great, the other way it is actually a pretty enjoyable drink.
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I am so fussy with protein powders - the flavour has to be nice so I’m encouraged to drink it. Thankfully after some trial and error, I’ve decided the strawberry flavour of this protein is ‘the one’ for me. I originally got a packet on sale at the supermarket but the packaging was different so I was reluctant to try this one on amazon - having ran out of my original bag, I decided to risk it, and I’m glad I did as it tastes identical! The blend of nutrients might be slightly different but the flavour is the same, so I’m happy! It’s sweet but not overly so, or artificial tasting. Plus it mixes well in a blender bottle so is easy to make.Will keep buying this as it doesn’t make me feel sick or bloated and provides a good portion of protein as a snack or with my oats in the morning
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As whey makes me bloated and windy I needed an easier to digest protein. SCI-MX Nutrition Diet Pro Protein does the job very well, no more stomach issues for me. It tastes much better than most other protein shakes IMO as it tastes more like a fruit smoothie and less like chemical sweetener. It keeps me full and not wanting to snack for a couple of hours. Also as its non dairy I get less "brain fog" after consuming. Its sometimes a bit resistant to mixing so you might want to incorporate battling with your shaker into your workout.


Having used protein supplements for many many years, I can safely say this one is a decent and relatively tasty variation.Since my usual brand currently isn't in supply, I have started using this one again and I am happy with my product.I prefer Banana or Chocolate flavoured proteins but this time I went for strawberry.I always use them with water.With water it still holds a decent flavour and texture and from what my partner said, with milk it is reminiscent of a famous burger chains milkshakes lol.


My boyfriend introduced me to this. Fantastic product. Replaced breakfast and lunch and/or dinner with this. Used twice a day and then ate one proper meal. I have not felt hungry at all. I mix in a blender as it mixes more thoroughly. I have added strawberries (3) and a handful of blueberries (great antioxidants). Mix approx 20 mins before drinking as it makes it thicker. Am continuing to use. Another 1 stone to go!! Target Date: beginning of August.


I got this as I want to cut down on snacking and lose body fat in the "right" way. It increases satiety and does help if combined with sensible eating and exercise. Too early to say more, will update later on. The texture is OK, can be made w half skimmed milk, half water to make consistency better. Tastes fine, same as other similar products. Price and ingredients are good, contains chrome picolinate ,CLA + green tea extracts


What can I say... I'm really pleased with this product. Got the chocolate version. As long as you don't put it in hot liquid, it's fine, as otherwise it curdles.I have a sweet tooth, so I add this to some unsweetened plant based milk, along with some type of cereal. AMAAAAZING!Compared to the amount of protein intake, kcals are pretty low. I'll stick with this for a long time now. I recommend! :)


I started having the sci mx meal replacement shakes and noticed these ones are a similar product but a lot cheaper and I use both side by side.I prefer the flavour of the meal replacement shakes so I often mix them together to bulk it out as this is a lot cheaper. Alone the flavour is still good.


I love the strawberry flavour, this product has really helped me to keep on track of my healthy eating plan, my only criticism is that I couldn't find the scoop which was berried down the bottom of the powder, maybe you could fix it to the lid for easy access, I would recommend it to my friends x


At first I found the texture of this really odd - quite 'gluey' compared to other shakes, but the flavour is lovely - not too sweet and not chalky / grainy. It fills me up too and is a great price so its a winner all round!


This is one of the best diet protein powders around. It is not full of corn syrups to sweeten it and has great taste even though it is mixed with water and not milk and thickens just enough to give that milkshake texture.


Taste (vanilla) is fantastic and really does keep you full. The measuring scoop seems to be different in each tub I get which is odd as they are also different sizes so you have to get to know how much you need by eye.


Good value for what it is, it doesn't quite fill you up but I guess that's expected when u first start, I have previously bought this and it seemed thicker in previously they may have changed the formula slightly


I used the original Sci-Mx Diet Protein Shake.As I got more fitter I changed to the Enhanced Sci-Mx Diet Protein Shake I Look & Feel Amazing.But you must combined with regular exercise & a healthy diet.


Not the best powder I've had in terms of taste, It's a little 'gooey', don't bother if you want to use milk, it's even worse. Definitely drinkable though and of course, great value.
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