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Im 6 ft and weigh just over 100kg and this stool feels solid, its rated at 170kg but I didnt expect it to feel as secure as it does. It is small, the tag says 23cm so you need a bit of balance as you sit down (maybe watch reviews of similar stools on youtube to get a sense of scale as they're probably all about the same size give or take), but once down its very easy to sit on either in the open or next to a tree to lean back against. When closed it even fits in my narrow Camelbak cycling back pack (3L bladder size so its at the larger end of the Camelbak cycling bags) when I was expecting to have to find a way of strapping it to the side some how. And quick delivery!


Lightweight stool that is fine. The compact dimensions (packed) it always fits somewhere in the rukgzak. Because there is a case around it remain the stuff in the backpack clean even though there is sand on the feet. Because the plastic caps, where the stool on it, smallish his pocket you soft surface quickly a few centimeters away. I think personally do not mind because that is the stool slightly firmer.


Absolutely brilliant! I got this for Glastonbury festival and it was perfect! Light weight, small, portable, was hanging from my day pack the entire time. Smaller than others I've seen. You'll never need to sit in the mud with this. It wont totally take the weight off your feet, but it helps. If you're hoping for comfort this is not for you, but it beats carrying a chair.


This stool is really really tiny but ultra-light and seems to be very strong and well made. Imagine sitting on a large bag of flour & you get an idea of the sizing - this is NOT a very large item.Still it seems very easy to use and is better than sitting on the floor - but I'm not sure how long I'll manage to sit in it for before I start to get back ache!! :o)


As a big man was pleased to see this stool was suitable for an increased weight load. Certainly seems stable enough and comes in a great little bag for easy storage in the boot.Lot smaller than I expected which is more my fault than the stool's, as a result it's a bit of a manouver to actually get my fat ass low enough to the ground to sit on it.


Very convenient to take the aperitif after a day of physical activity. Really very light. Very low position, but relatively comfortable when you do not spend hours. In any case for me, who am very uncomfortable on the floor, I find this stool very practical.


I only find one fault, it is too low, if I find another similar version with 10 cm higher I would buy it again, I love how robust it is, its low weight for me was not the determining factor for its purchase (I carry it in my travels on motorcycle)


The stool can be stored and transported very well. Because of the given size he is not very high, of course! But that's what makes it sit in the "yoga pillow position". So while sitting with your knees supporting. Very gentle back!


I am blown away by how light this stool is. Perfect for a day of hiking or sketching. It's so good, I'm ordering a second one for my husband. It seems very robust and good quality. I promise to update if I find any issues.


VERY PRACTICAL, I use it as a stool when I need to change shoes at hallway, and then I can keep it in my umbrella basket, very practical and easy to use:) highly recommand


Yes it's only 8-1/2" high, but it's great for backpacking and kayak camping. It's very light and well made and much better than sitting on a damp ground.


Not as stable as 4 legged similar products, but lighter and slightly taller. Keeps your bum off the ground when backpacking.


Just right ! Excellent ! Just what l needed , backpacking deluxe now , instead of sitting on ground .....


The seat is low but comfortable. I sit there sometimes several hours during the day, without problem.


Sitting a little small and stool a little low, but really super lightweight and compact!
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