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The Wastemaster is far better constructed than the Wastehog it replaces. Though a lower capacity, the Wastemaster is easier to move with wider wheels- much easier to empty (everything drains- the Wastehog could never be emptied fully) and just feels so much more robust. The included bungee cords allow either a loo tank- or in our case the smaller galley waste tank- to be moved at the same time. Wish I had bought one to start with rather than a Wastehog which broke after five years- and no spare parts (like wheels!) available. I like the fact that the Wastemaster has spare parts available if required and a long guarantee as well. It’s much easier to use and slimmer fit under the ‘van.A good purchase and delivered earlier than stated- very impressed.
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I bought mine because every site you go on nearly everyone has the hitch man waste master and everyone can't be wrong very well made rugged and strong construction yet slender and pleasant to look at I don't think I will ever have to buy another in my life time would recommend this product to any one and of course great service from Amazon as usual.


A little expensive for what it is I feel, but does the job well. It replaced a waste water container that was heavy and awkward to carry any distance. This has wheels and is relatively easy to empty. I like the cap holder which stops the waste water colliding with the cap when it is removed, a nice design feature.


This is a quality product, slips under caravan OK. Only problem is, it is very heavy when full, getting it out from under caravan is difficult as the handle is now to far away to reach! Once out lifting the handle end is very heavy ; the wheels are right at the end and so do not carry much of the weight.


A genuine Wastemaster Economy 38 litre; that is what I needed and that is what came, I could not be happier, what more is there to say? If you need one of these things, as I did, and you're looking for a helpful review, I hope this helps.


Very fast delivery. Looks the business. You see so many of them that it obviously works.Not really looking forward to trying it out - getting rid of waste water is not the best part of a holiday, but at least this will make it easier.


Excellent. It's no wonder you see more of these on caravan sites than other brands.Remember to close the bottom screw plug as I didn't realise it was open and when I came to empty it, I just saw a trail of water from my caravan. Lol


Absolutely delighted with this product and even more thrilled to see that it is made in England. I wish we had more information about country of origin before ordering - given the choice, British is always best!


replaced a deeper waste water carrier we had, much better for going under a motorhome and great to use in conjuction with toilet waste cassette to empty, the elastic cords with the wastemaster are very strong.


Bought this to replace a leaky other make, this is slightly smaller in size but therefore lighter to pull when full, should have got one of these when I got the other make, it is easier to use aswell


Bought this for my son who has just started caravan nine already own thisMyself as have caravan need all our lives hitchman products are great and good price on amazon


exactly as expected soundly built and easy to use. purchased following recommendation and am not disappointed. Would recommend to any body looking for similar product.


The product whilst very effective is very heavy when full but that's to be expected. Otherwise the product is well constructed and should prove very durable.


Simply the best on the market. Effortless to use. Just wish I'd have bought one years ago! Wondered why you saw so many on all the camp sites!


Does exactly as you expect it to.It does scrape a little easily which is disappointing, but never the less, that does not affect its usage.
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