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I have tried alot of different brands, reflex nutrition comes out on top for me. I actually mix this forumal partly with powdered oats to increase the slow release carb content and dilute out some of the maltodextrin.The probiotics and vitamin and mineral content seems to really help my digestion, this formual is great as a post workout shake, I have it when gaining weight or just maintaining weight as a meal replacement.creatine content is perfect if taking the full 300g serving every day, which mixes very easily in a standard shaker with water, i tend to take 200g though, and my pre workout has creatine in it to boost up to the 3g - 5g per day.you can pretty much tailer the dosage of this formula to suit your calorie requirements,personally i take 50g - 100g powdered oats with 150g - 200g of instant mass and it works amazingly well
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Excellent value for money weight gain protein shake. I use 1 full scoop in the morning and evening mixed with 300ml of milk and it mixes very well in a standard shaker cup. I do however find the taste a bit on the rich side. Its not too thick and goes down well.My previous weight gain shake was the optimum nutrition serious mass. I do prefer that but it is more expensive, and considering the price difference this is extremely good value for money. I would definitely recommend giving this a try.


Such a good mass gainer I have taken many before this to test and see which I like the most, but this is definitely one of the best I have had it taste great and it’s mixability is good, since I started bulking since about 8 months ago I have put on 13kg obviously some of that is from actually growth because I’m a teenager, but a lot of it is muscle mass. I used to be very lean but ripped but wanted to gain actual muscle mass and now I have. Great product absolutely love it????❤️


Tastes like an angel's tears. The only protein shake I sort of use bar an extra impact whey during the day. I struggle to find a product that tastes as good or is as filling as this product. I'm yet to start on the full servings, I only take half and that fills me up and has benefitted me greatly in the pursuit of gains. Recommended if buying also get a reflex or another brand 1000ml shaker.Will definitely be buying again when this runs out.


I had tried this product before in a smaller tub and it was great.... Saw a increase in my size and weight in 5weeks having 1serving a day along with training 4times per week(must eat normal meals aswel.) Great flavour and smooth texture very gentle on the stomach as I have IBS. I looked everywhere for bigger quantity and match the prices altogether aswel. This was the best price and quantity I got overall. Top notch product!


Product is good. If you do 3 shakes a day it only last 4 days. So you need to buy on a weekly basis. This is my second and after 1 week Iv put on 5 pounds. I struggle putting weight on so this has helped massively. Only critisim is the container it comes in is only filled half way. Why the massive container if you only fill half way?Do cardio and workout or your belly will poke out. Crunches, leg raises, planks and so on.


This weight gainer does exactly what it says. It will put weight on you when you're on a caloric surplus. This product put weight on me fairly quickly. However, the chocolate peanut butter flavour is DISGUSTING. I wanted to throw up every time I drank it. Vanilla is much more tolerable but VERY sweet.I'd recommend this product but they need to fix up with their flavourings.


Ive always had bad gas with other brands, i used bsn syntha 6 edge for some months before deciding to up my game and take a weight gain instead, definitely helps and I'm not thundering out my rear end every 2 minutes so thats a bonus too! Taste is ok its not as good as bsn but it mixes well and isn't too thick i take mine as 2 scoops 3 times a day with milk


This product is the business. I have bought my partner a few of this ultimate mass whey power and performance and not until he switched to this product the results were fast. His stamina and his physical appearance is being noticed by everyone. It is pricey but it's worth every penny. Highly recommend to those who want faster results.


Another reflex brand supplement. This one packs a good punch with dietiary needs of a workout. If your a beginner to weight workouts and need the mass (weight gain), then this is a good product to start. The chocolate perfection flavour does taste like chocolate. Do have in mind that this can be filling, so wean yourself on to this.


We love buying this for my body building partner, as he cannot fit in all the mini meals he needs to eat in a day for his work out regime. A tasty product compared to others, in paper/card style packet, so no plastic to recycle in large tubs, and easy to mix and digest. Prompt delivery always from this supplier.


For me its the best stuff on the market in its catagory. High, quality amounts of protein and clean carbohydrates with minimal amounts of sugar, so great for adding muscle without adding fat to your body. The amount you get for the price you pay won't be beaten.


Very good product. If used consistently whilst going to the gym and eating correctly, this product really smashes the calories. Super low on sugar too. Yet still tastes great! (I've always had the strawberries and cream flavour) The ideal mass gainer.


Great taste and mixes well ,ive already put on weight ,on my second tub now ,bear in mind a 2kg will only last about a week ( big scoops ) i used 1large scoop 3 times a day instead of 2 scoops 3 times a day ,lasted longer and put on weight


This protein is great.Firstly it soya free which I can't stress enough is very very important.Soya is the enemy in the world today for men.Stay away from the stuff.Seriously I mean it.This is the Best protein a man can buy
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