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Fantastic. Honestly overjoyed with this. We've used it for around 2 hours and the battery still has charge left! Note this is quite nippy so make sure children wear protective elbow pads etc certainly whilst they get used to it. Really surprised to see that it handles hills very well. The throttle as such is a push button which means you have to use small bursts of power to ride it slowly, if there was one change I would recommend is that this is changed to a variable throttle for ease of use. The battery and motor both appear to be very strong and the unique hub motor design means in theory it should be maintenance free no belts etc to worry about.Note of you are storing this in a garage etc over winter make sure you take the battery out and keep it inside the house so it doesn't develop any problems. Also worth noting that it's quite heavy to lug around and it doesn't fold up so make sure you have suitable space in your car. All in all a fantastic piece of kit I just wish I could use it to commute to the train station unfortunately it is just for kids, so I'm now looking at buying the E300 that I believe is adult friendly but doesn't have the same new motor design etc so I may wait until they launch a new revised adult version of this scooter. Enjoy! You won't be disappointed just make sure whoever you buy it for has good experience of using a scooter beforehand.
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Wow, this is brilliant!. Just got this for my Son who is 11, he's been wanting an electric scooter for ages. Saw this Razor one on the TV the other day & prompted him to start asking to invest his birthday money in one of these. We looked around and decided this Razor was the best of those available under £200. He's not disappointed. Razor is renowned for quality and design, they have thought of everything, it has a great safety feature that means you can't start it by accident. The best bit for me is the clever 'hub' motor which drives the back wheel. This is a totally new concept where the motor is attached to the back wheel meaning no external moving parts like chains etc to go wrong.He hasn't got off it since he got home from School - it's surprisingly nippy. I've even had a go, even though I'm slightly over the max recommended age and weight range! - I had no problem using it at all. Would thoroughly recommend, may even get one for myself
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I usually don't leave reviews but having spent about 18 months umming and arrring about an electric scooter and reading reviews I thought I'd take the time to do so. Ok so we've only had this 5 days. Fully charged it on the first night overnight. Then assembled (instructions are pretty useless but wasn't too taxing). We went away at the weekend and did 2 pretty long dog walks plus lots of little trips. The battery lasted well. It's had a good go on cobbles - and is ok but wouldn't recommend too much bumpy terrains as I'm worried things may come apart. It's nice and quiet on flat surfaces and pretty fast! I went on first so as I could try and then explain how to use it to my son.I suspect had he gone first he'd have landed flat on his face!You do 'push' off, then hit the green button one you are moving and you are good to go! It's great fun!
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My boy loves this, he's 8 years old and it's just perfect for him. Fast enough to get his blood pumping but not too fast that his mum won't let him ride it. Could have done with softer rubber tyres and anything but smooth pavement gets abit rough. It is just a push button for power and you have to get it rolling with good old push power before it goes. Not sure if the battery life is as states longest he had it running for was about 45mins but it showed no signs of running out and it went over some rough terrain so was working hard (even had a go myself and it pulled me, a 15 stone man, along. granted not very fast)reduced by one star for the power button could have done with a twist power as its fast and it's just all or nothing and to reduce speed he has to blip the button when turning round.
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Had already written a review for this but again seems to of disappeared! So here it is again! Bought during prime sales under new/used. Only thing stated wrong with it was the state of the box but it said it would be additionally packed in another box, it wasn't! It turned up in the original box which had holes in it, the charger was missing as were the instructions. Amazon refunded me some money to buy a new charger. Unfortunately I couldn't buy it on here so had to buy it elsewhere. The scooter itself is good fun. Give the ground a couple of sweeps with your foot and away you go! Just be warned it doesn't like grass! Hubby found this out when he kept going but the scooter stopped!Since buying this we have bought 3 more so nearly the whole family can go out together!
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Well what can I say so much fun been had on this goes for hrs and sturdy scooter. Has a weight limit by i go on it as a size 12 women and have great fun whizzing back from school! Got so many comments and they should really do an adult version . It's a little noisy going along but you get used to it. At first we thought we had a dud one as didn't read instructions probably & we thought it wasn't working as stood on it pressed the button and nothing happened! Then realised you have to scoot on it first then press the button and it engages the motor and off you whizz. So a great product which is very reasonably priced product!


When I went to charge this it showed fully charged straight away even though the instructions said to charge for 12 hours so I charged for a few hours anyway, however on Christmas Day when my daughter tried it it was completely dead. Tried to charge again and the same thing happened. Disappointing, I decided to investigate and once I opened the battery compartment I found a spade connector for the battery was not connected, once this was reconnected the scooter took a full charge and has been great since, maybe I got unlucky and this one slipped through quality control.


Awesome bit of kit! Really got some go to it. Takes a fair while to charge but won't work straight away, the child/rider needs to scoot it up to a certain speed where only then when they twist the throttle will it go. And watch out for that first twist as it will catch you by surprise!I found the best way for my Son to learn it was the park grass area where there is lots of open space and grass to fall off onto that won't hurt so much (Theory)Small amount of building but easy enough and comes with the correct Allen key


This scooter was our 8 year old''s Christmas present as a safer alternative to the hoverboard he wanted. He is very happy with it. I would advise parents to make the child wear a helmet due to how fast it can go and only let them use it when you are with them (if it's a younger child like ours, so they don't go near roads). We went to a tarmaced promenade where there are no cars. Our son often shouted whooohooo with delight as he zoomed around and said "This is the best Christmas present ever!"


I found this to be very easy to assemble and charging it is a doddle. The scooter itself is quite fast, but a bit noisy! My only complaints are that some of the plastic makes it look a bit cheap, my second and sadly it isn't collapsible. If it had a hinge on the handle bar and a clip on the base it would mean you could fold down, clip and go. Without this it makes it slightly more difficult for train journeys / carrying in a shop. That is my only complaint, other than that it is excellent.


My ten yr old daughter loves whizzing about the park on it, she feels like a really big girl. Lots of people comment and look.I like the speed of it, the independence it gives and its a fun way of getting fresh air and getting the kids off the screens.The brake is on the handlebar and as far as I can tell, this is the cheapest razor scooter that has this feature - the cheaper ones have a foot brake at the back .You have to keep your finger on a button to keep the scooter going


According to my 8yr old daughter, this is the best scooter ever. Easy to assemble.Took a bit of persuading to get her to try it. It is a push button you have to scoot up to speed then push the button, no gradual control of the acceleration, so you need to be going at a reasonable speed before pushing the button, or it will quickly accelerate up to speed very quickly.Daughter got hang of it very quickly.Runs for an hour on 1 charge.Quite heavy, but seems sturdy and well made.


Is a heavy, big electric scooter not suitable at all for children younger than 8(as it says in description actually), but we bought it for a 6 yrs old. Big mistake- luckly Argos return policy is amazing. I am 35 and I would never go on ride that thing! Is massive and heavy, and the speed is crazy! So, if you are not a pro, I would advice to try some slower and smaller electric scooters first. Other than that, it was quite easy to assemble and looks quality well-made.


Got this for my 8yo as his main present last xmas (he asked for furby connect w/c i thought was a waste of money so igot this instead). Its a big hit! He loves it! Needs 12 hrs charging at first but after that seems to charge fast. The best part is 80mins of continous ride. The only electric scooter that could offer you that lenghty playtime. Very heavy though. He now scoots to school everyday and everyone is jealous of him. He said its the best xmas present ever.


Got this for my daughter for her birthday, had to put it together myself. It was easy but you'd need someone with a bit of muscle to tighten up the bracket holding the handlebars straight.It charges really quickly and when charged this thing can fly - might want to consider a helmet!The charge currently seems to last around 4-5 days of minor use. The little stand is a small thing that has made storage easier too. Highly recommed.
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